Relationships = LIFE

That’s what we believe! And the most fulfilled people in the world agree with us too.

This site is filled with tools and inspiration for you to make your relationships more powerful whether it’s professionally, intimately, personally or spiritually we bring the best of the BEST to help guide you!

When Christal Fuentes first Founded TLC, her intention was to change the meaning of what people normally think of when they hear “relationships.”

As a “Relationship Coach” it was really hard for her to get around the stereotype of what relationship coaching actually meant for people. A lot of people would shrug their shoulders thinking that she was no need for them since they weren’t in an “intimate relationship.”

That’s when she KNEW something had to be done!

Her mission is to help people (particularly women) understand just how important RELATIONSHIPS are to their life, and why this understanding aids to their overall fulfillment, passion and purpose!


If you are here, you are a vibrant woman who knows there is something beyond yourself you’d like to connect to. You are curious of different ways of doing things, and you are NOT for mediocre… you want that PASSION!

And we are here to help make that happen for you!

Passionate Relationships for a Passionate LIFE!


Meet The Team

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Christal Fuentes



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Chrissy Dreyer

Creative Manager


Audrey Robl

Content Manager

About Christal

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and BREATHES her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life WITHOUT mastering the art of relationships! Coming from the hospitality industry, Christal always loved being able to service people and finding ways to cater to each guests individualistic need…. with that said, she wanted to do more than catering to guests spending MILLIONS of dollars in the casino! … SO she QUIT and followed her curiosity of the coaching world and what she found was truly amazing!

While taking on clients one-on-one, she noticed that not only were they mostly women, but no matter what goal they wanted to achieve, or problem they wanted to resolve, it ALL came down to “A” relationship. Whether it was the relationship with themselves; with others; or a belief they had physically, spiritually, or financially.

Upon figuring this out, she wanted to be able to reach more ladies because the truth is… WE ALL are connected and go through the same problems and she felt she could best do this online.

FAST FORWARD… (finally, to end this novel)

She Founded The Ladies Coach, which in short is TLC. It truthfully just sounded cute to her as most people think of Tender, Love and Care which is EXACTLY what she wants to give each and every lady who comes onto this site.

With the help of her CAREFULLY selected team that’s just what they will be doing!

About Chrissy

Chrissy is the Creative and Relations Manager of The Ladies Coach. Initially starting out as a graphic designer, Chrissy’s talents now spread widely across the entire TLC platform. Chrissy LOVES to find ways to make women feel good and inspired which she does any where from the images you see throughout this site to the relationships she builds with our audience. If you are a follower of TLC, you will definitely be speaking or interacting with her at some point or another… and you will LOVE her!

About Audrey

Audrey has been an essential part in TLC’s growth. As a heavily curated publication, Audrey is in charge of finding & contacting some of the amazing Authors & Experts that we feature. She’s a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Her love for all things health and wellness led her to share her passion for living a more fulfilled and balanced life with others. She hopes women will find it within them to laugh more, love more, and live more!