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Get RICH Slow

This week’s TLC Reading Corner comes from my good friend/ Financial Advisor/Founder of Wealth Enhancers, and Author of Get Rich Slow, Sarah Riegelhuth!

Wheeew! This girl seriously does it ALLLL!

Anyway, I really LOVED how she squashes the belief that Wealth comes QUICK like most people want you to believe, but don’t let the “slow” part disappoint you because this book will help you STEP BY STEP to get into an empowering belief about your money and what it means to you.

Let’s be truthful, money and finances aren’t the most fun topic in the world (trust me I know) but Sarah tackles our most common beliefs about money in a light and constructive way.

Just a few of the MANY things she talks about:


Come on! Who doesn’t want to learn this stuff? We all do right!? But so many “financial” people have made it EXTREMELY hard to follow (yawn) NOT my girl Sarah Riegelhuth, she will have you feeling empowered to change your financial situation starting today and thats what we want!

Be sure to get a copy of her book today!



What has been your most common belief/story behind money? Has it always been something you thought you’d never understand so you’ve always put the conversation aside? Are you someone who is absolutely in LOVE with money conversations but want to learn more ways to grow? COMMENT BELOW!



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