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Balancing Motherhood, Relationships & Life While Feeling Sexy with Diedre Barksdale-Garcia

It’s about damn time you met this girl face to face! You’ve heard me mention her a KAZILLION times and you may feel like you already know her through her raw and real articles where she takes us through the truth of what it means to be a mommy to a three and eight year old. If you haven’t had a taste of her stories… GIRL YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Check them out here!

These articles will leave you crying laughing and feeling like you aren’t alone with your problems… She just has a way of making you feel understood, while giving you tips to make any situation better.

Yup, that’s Diedre! Our very own author, coach, soul-sista, and now, the host of our FIRST podcast, “Let’s Just NOT…

She’s all about breaking down the taboos and peeling back the beliefs that are causing us to live inauthentically.

She has a no bullshit type of approach and every word that comes out of her mouth is pure gold. She also has the ability to make very BIG problems seem digestible.

Here are some of the things we chat about today:

+ Story of how we met… FYI: I might be a creeper.
+ How to maintain an identity outside of motherhood
+ How your body and emotions change after having a baby and how to help your man support you
+ How to communicate effectively in a relationship
+ Sex, how to keep intimacy alive after years of marriage
+ Is it easier to be friends with other moms?
+ The one thing she wishes all women could feel most
+ … and of course Housewives and guilty pleasures

Throughout this interview we go through a wide range of topics as shown above, but since she is our in-house author… you KNOW she has some great resources to back them up!

Here are some articles that relate to today’s interview:

Operation: Get Laid
Is Mommy Guilt Controlling Your Alone Time
The Four Seasons of Marriage
“F” it Forty: The Age of Confidence
Men Can Juggle Balls Too… and They Should

Work with Diedre:

+Are you struggling with connecting in your relationship?
+Do you feel like you’ve lost your identity?
+Does intimacy feel foreign to you?

Diedre works with women to help them feel more connected to who they are so they can bring the best they have to their families. Sexuality and relationships are at the core of what Diedre is passionate about! Want to work with her?

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Enjoy and as always, please let me know what you think below!

About the author

Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and BREATHES her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life WITHOUT mastering the art of relationships!

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  • Such a great video about how to balance everything going on in your life! Such good advice as I just moved out to Las Vegas aswell, away from my family. My husband and I just had a baby last year too, so this was all very helpful! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  • I’m still waiting for my body to bounce back after 4 kids 🤔
    I love love listening to you two!! Diedre we would so get along great.. well except for the part where I may talk about scrapbooking 😂

    I love the pulse checks and the fact that you want to know and connect with your husband it’s so easy as parents to lose your connection with each other and then when the kids leave the nest… what do you have?? A man you don’t know anymore.

    I am totally coming to Vegas one day for a housewives marathon with you too!! I promise I won’t talk about Jesus or scrapbooking

    Kristy xx #MVP ✌🏻

    • Hi Kristy ,
      I have no doubt we would be fast friends !! Some people confusing “bouncing back after baby ” as simply being our physical body. Mentally we have to bounce back as well. Sometimes you have to accept that your body has done something so phenomenal that you can’t ever expect it to be the same. Think of it like this , do you think that once an astronaut travels to space that they ever look at the earth quite the same ? It’s the same with pregnancy and childbirth. Your body does something so amazing that you shouldn’t look at it the same. Be amazed at what you can do and live in that amazement!
      As always , thank you for all of your support ❤

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