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They’re Portable! Teaching Our Children a Love of Wanderlust

My husband and I are travelers. We enjoy taking in the sights and sounds of a new environment, immersing ourselves in the local culture, and going off the beaten path. We traveled quite a bit before children and made it a goal to continue once we became parents. Quite honestly, it never crossed our minds that we would stop traveling once we had kids. Isn’t that why we buy all that baby shit to carry them around?

So, in the spirit of wanderlust, we have decided to embark on a cross-country road trip with our kids.

Yup, you read that right! We are loading up the Garcia Family Truckster and driving from Nevada to Florida and back. In all of our adventures with our little ones, we have always flown which, depending on the length of the flight and my daughter’s mood, could be considered a form of torture. No, I am not one of those parents that hand out packets of snacks with a letter of apology if my daughter gets into a mood. Why? Because…LIFE. That’s what happens on public transportation. Don’t want to deal with other people or their kids? Get a private plane! By the way, since we’re friends, I am going to need to borrow that plane from time to time. Cause we’re cool like that, right?

This road trip is new territory for us, but the fact is that we are embarking on this epic adventure so that we can spend more time with our kids.

Truthfully the time that we have with them is ultimately so short that my husband and I just want to spend as much time with Roman and Sigourney as possible. Yes, as a family we are together quite a bit. But, often that family time is mixed with laundry, dishes, homework, or activities. This trip is a great way for us to spend uninterrupted time with one another.

Being stuck in a car for hours, and hours, and hours… well, you get my point, is a terrific time to learn more about the little people we’ve brought into this world. Hanging out on the road will be time for us to discuss music, landscape, history, food, and anything else that is running through their thirsty little minds that they are dying to know. Will it become too much? Will we get on one another’s nerves? At some point during the trip will I contemplate jumping out of a moving vehicle in the middle of nowhere just to escape the sounds of Peppa Pig? AB-SO-FUCK-ING-LUTLEY!

But, I am sure that years from now when we are looking through our pictures on our iPhone 42 that we will remember this time fondly. That my children will remember seeing one of the largest meteor craters in the world and that they will remember us stopping to watch cows graze in the field. Also, that time we were all a little concerned about the creepy (in the middle of nowhere) gas station where I was convinced that the attendant was trying to keep us.

They will also remember beignets at Café’ Du Monde, live jazz in Jackson Square, and don’t forget the Alamo. All of these memories will make us laugh (and realize we may have dodged a bullet at that creepy gas station!) and when my children decide to drive across the country with their babies, I hope that a song comes on the radio that reminds of the time that they drove from Nevada to Florida with Mommy and Daddy and the love of wanderlust continues on.

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  • OMG I love your stories and adventures!!! I always have to make sure I’m not eating or sipping a drink because I literally choke from laughter!!
    I loved/hated haha driving 35 hours across my country with the kids… hated mainly because we slept in the car when we had a flat tyre the day after Christmas and absolutely NOTHING was open!! I did love on our journey showing the kids the kids our country and boy did they have some fun car games where me made weird names for each other lol I was mummy dearest then there was madi wady lol. Oh and petrol/gas station attended… I have a similar story because that’s where we got a flat and the following morning when we woke up all hot and squished in the car (I have photos) he kept offering for us to go to his house for a swim and cool down (it was a super hot day) and I kept saying to my eldest daughter why is he so keen to get us to his house… I think he wants to wolf creek us 😱😱 turns out he was just a really nice guy with a beautiful wife and daughter who were a god send. Love love your stories, sorry for hijacking with my story lol.
    Ps iPhone 42 😂😂

    • Great story ! I read the Wolf Creek reference to my husband and he literally laughed out loud !!


  • What amazing memories you guys must be making. I listened to let’s just not and I just love the relationship you and your husband have with your children. What a gorgeous family. Enjoy your trip!! X

    • Hi Laura,
      Thank you so much ! It truly means the world to me. The experience of traveling with our children has been amazing. My husband and I have cherished every moment <3


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