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Have Fun AND Stay Fit on Vacation

Traveling is something that I’m fortunate enough to enjoy most months of the year and whether it be a couple of days traveling for work or a well deserved long holiday – keeping fit is always high on my agenda!

Why you ask?

For every week of effort you put into working out, it takes only half that time to lose it! In other words, taking 2 weeks off from your workout routine while enjoying that sunny holiday can actually take up to a month to gain back again (and let’s be honest, perhaps a little longer if we indulged in our favourite food and drinks a little while we’re away – yikes!). My best advice is not to go crazy with finding the best hotel gym in your destination of choice, but instead to work with the amazing location you are visiting!

Use whatever resources is available to you, as even just 30 minutes can keep you well on track to enjoy your holiday (plus earn those treats too!) I Love using Fitness Blender and BeFiT on YouTube for great equipment-free workout ideas as well as a quick 10-minute Sworkit workout to keep my core in check! Remember to enjoy the great outdoors – walking is such a great way to explore a new city – hire some bikes or jump in kayaks – find an active way to get about!

Finally, I think it’s so important to remember to look after your mental health as well as your physical health while you’re away taking a break – so enjoy that well deserved sleep in and you can walk your way to the gelato stand ?

Enjoy! xox

About the author

Claire Sobolewski

Claire Sobolewski

While Tony Robbins calls me 'the anti-therapist', I call myself Physiotherapy Coach and Business Leader. Claire is a specialist fitness physiotherapist + founder of PHYSIOlogical training. Specialise in: Transformation of Body and Energy

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