Your March Horoscope (2018) – The Month of Acceptance and Global Healing

Theme of the Month

This month Pisces is here to help us reconnect to truth, see past corruption and prejudice to the core of what connect us rather than what divides us.

March Horoscope Overview

As the ice melts, the focus will be on compassion, unconditional love, acceptance and global healing. The world is beginning to see through corruption and oppression and with change on the horizon, the energy of Pisces is here to help navigate us in a peaceful and loving direction toward the future.

The Best Crystal for March

The crystal of the month for March 2018 is Angelite!

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Aries (March 21-April 19)

Aries this month if your wants are conflicting with someone else’s needs, be willing to work out a compromise. Necessities outweigh desires, so if you cannot find a way to make things work for everyone involved you may find you are the one missing out on what you want.

Aries, in the area of love and relationships, Lady Luck is on your side as things seem to be going your way romantically this month. If there is a special someone you’ve had your eye on, there is no time like the present to finally let them know. You won’t know if you have a winning hand until you put all your cards on the table.

Aries, in work and career, don’t be afraid to use your charms to help you get a bit ahead. A positive compassionate attitude goes a lot farther than any negativity or quick irritation.

Aries, overall this month, be diplomatic and charismatic and things will quickly be falling into place for you.


The Best Crystal for Aries This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Zebra Jasper!

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Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Taurus, this month, if you feel your routines are getting dull, don’t be afraid to change them up. You don’t have to make big changes to freshen things up: play a new game at game night or try a new restaurant for date night. Mix things up!

Taurus, in the area of love and relationships, if you are feel lazy or lack energy, especially in your love life, take time to rest and come back energized so your partner isn’t the only one putting in effort.

Taurus, this month in career and work, bring some newness to work routines with something as simple as driving a different way to work or taking a different lunch. You are the only one who has the direct ability to make things more exciting for yourself.

Taurus, overall this month, shake yourself out of your routines, freshen things up and get the rest you need to stay motivated.


The Best Crystal for Taurus This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Watermelon Tourmaline!

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Gemini (May 21-July 20)

Gemini, this month stay open to opportunities and new ideas. Tap into your creativity and play around with it a little. Also, be ready for some flirty and intellectually stimulating conversations.

Gemini, this month, in the area of love and relationships, you have a tendency to get excited and start lots of different projects so just make sure your partner isn’t the one getting stuck finishing them. You can always ask for help but don’t forget that your loved one may have projects of their own they need to get done.

Gemini, in work and career this month, you may find yourself a little distracted by your personal life. Make sure you take a little extra time to focus and concentrate on the basics so you don’t let distraction cause unnecessary mistakes.

Gemini, overall this month, enjoy the new but make sure to keep focused. Don’t get too scattered trying to enjoy everything all at once.

The Best Crystal For Gemini This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Clear Quartz!

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Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancer, this month if you find yourself in any debates take a step back and evaluate if they are important. Do you need to be involved in the conversation? Does this need to be negotiated or can you just make the decision yourself? Communication is important as long as you know why you’re doing it in the first place.

Cancer, in love and relationships, don’t be intimidated by bumps in your relationship. Obstacles don’t mean you are doing something wrong; its normal to run into them. The truth is, working through those bumps with your partner will bring you both an even better understanding of each other.

Cancer, this month at work, if problems from home are following you into work and playing on your mind, find ways to set them aside. Work can be your break from thinking about your personal life for a bit. Just don’t use work to completely avoid the issues: address them once you’re off the clock.

Cancer, overall this month, face any issues you come across head on with open communication, clear intention and an honest clear dialogue.


The Best Crystal for Cancer This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Tiger’s Eye!

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Leo (July 23-August 22)

Leo, this month, love is in the air along with some great combinations. You may find someone that you work or play with very well. Just make sure that they are showing their true self to you and not a false front.

Leo, this month in your love life, be willing to share your deep feelings with your person of interest and you may just find those feelings reciprocated. If you take the leap to be deep and open with your feelings, it allows them the freedom to do the same.

Leo, this month, at work, you and a co-worker are a great combination and are really at the top of your game. Working together is a great opportunity for you and your creativity is in high gear so go ahead and tap into it.

Leo, overall this month enjoy all the romance and the feeling of connecting with others at a deeper level.


The Best Crystal for Leo This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Carnelian!

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Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Virgo, this month, if you are looking to make a purchase with a friend, partner or family member make sure you think about it before you jump in. Have some fun adventures this month and make sure you finish current projects before starting new ones.

Virgo, in love this month if you are feeling frustrated, take time to have a conversation with yourself about where that frustration stems from. Does it even have to do with your love life or is it really more about your feelings toward yourself than toward someone else?

Virgo, at work, continue those good conversations with yourself about work; focus on things that really matter and get back in touch with why you’re doing what you are doing and what you job adds to the world as a whole. Every job has importance to either your journey or the world.

Virgo, overall this month, do some self-reflection and really get clear with your feelings. Once you are clear with your feelings and desires you can start taking steps toward action.


The Best Crystal for Virgo This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Crazy Lace Agate!

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Libra (September 23-October 22)

Libra, this month you may have lots of luck and rewards coming your way: enjoy it, you deserve it! Enjoy all those good vibes this month and go with the flow if plans change up.

Libra, in the realm of love and relationships, this month is starts off with a super romantic kick. Enjoy every minute of it and do the things you need to keep enjoying it. Don’t miss out on moments with your loved ones in order to fit in extra work.

Libra, at work and career, there are a lot of good things going for you right now, so it is the perfect time to think about long-term career goals and dreams.

Libra, overall this month, things are going great for you, so take the opportunity to enjoy every minute!


The Best Crystal for Libra This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Flower Amazonite!

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Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio, this month, when faced with decisions of what path to take on your personal journey, consider both options thoroughly, make a pros and cons list, sit down and take the time to think it through at your own pace.

Scorpio, in the area of love and relationships, face your romantic issues rather than avoiding them. Avoiding them will just make you numb. In order to feel love, sometimes we have to get through the pain; both are important parts of relationships. Don’t shy away from the hurt: face it, work through it and look forward to peace and pleasure on the other side.

Scorpio, in work and career, if you have the sense that something is off, don’t write it off. Keep yourself aware, tapped into your intuition and be observant. You don’t necessarily need to take action or get involved but listen to your own awareness.

Scorpio, overall this month, think through your choices, work through the hard parts and keep those impressive instincts handy. Trust yourself.


The Best Crystal for Scorpio This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Indigo Kyanite!

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Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sagittarius, this month your friends are really ready to show their appreciation for you. If you are feeling exhausted don’t ignore that, get the rest you need. If there are miscommunications with someone you are working with, pause, get clear and approach things calmly to get back on the same page.

Sagittarius, in love and relationships, your partner trusts and appreciates that you will always do what is right and just. They love that you are willing to take responsibility when needed and also draw your boundaries too. They see you for who you are and love you for it.

Sagittarius, in work and career, there will be lots of fun and laughter at work this month. The environment is definitely jovial and sunny: enjoy it, let it motivate you and keep you in that positive productive place.

Sagittarius, this month, you are being seen for who you are and appreciated for it! Soak in the love and the positive vibes and remember them if you ever feel down in the future.


The Best Crystal for Sagittarius This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Rose Quartz!

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Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Capricorn, this month try new things, initiate ideas you’ve had and order that new dish at your favorite restaurant! New adventures and experiences are at your fingertips and it is time to freshen things up by exploring possibilities.

Capricorn, in love and relationships, don’t overwork yourself and miss opportunities for romance. Take needed breaks and allow yourself some fun. Share your new ideas with a partner; they will enjoy your enthusiasm.

Capricorn, in work and career, it may seem like you are putting in a lot of effort for not a lot of results right now. Be patient and take breaks. Let things take their time and come about as they are supposed to. Some things take time and putting in more effort is not necessarily going to make it happen.

Capricorn, overall this month, take time for yourself and your loved ones and trust that the work you’ve put in IS putting things into motion: just have the patience to let it happen.


The Best Crystal for Capricorn This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Brecciated Jasper!

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Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Aquarius, this month your brain is in high gear and your intellect is shining, just make sure you also take the time to tune into your heart. After all, some questions you may ask yourself aren’t intellectually based and some puzzles can’t be solved with just the mind.

Aquarius, in love and relationships, now is the time to have some conversations with your partner about what you both do or don’t want for the future. It’s important to see where your desires are in alignment. Also, don’t let minor disagreements get in the way of your relationship if you really like the person.

Aquarius, in work and career, if someone approaches you about an opportunity or asks for a favor; make sure you know the whole story before you jump on board. Do some questioning if you need to and investigate the situation before you give them your help.

Aquarius, overall this month, use that intellect of yours but don’t let it silence your heart. Ask the tough questions this month and lead with your heart while your mind does the analysis in the background.


The Best Crystal for Aquarius This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Green Jade!

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Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Pisces, this month if you find yourself buried under a pile of relationship issues then maybe it’s time for a new start. Whether that’s cutting ties with something in the past that’s hurting you or starting anew with a different perspective, either way, a new beginning is needed.

Pisces, in the area of love and relationships, you may be feeling tension from unmet desires and expectations: it is time to have a conversation about it with your partner. Take time to really think out what it is you want to say and get across to them. Then just take a deep breath and start the conversation, blurt it out if you have to; just don’t keep holding it all in.

Pisces, at work, reevaluate your work relationships along with personal ones. If something isn’t working, take steps toward changing it and starting fresh. Awareness of both the situation and your own feelings will be key.

Pisces, overall this month, stop avoiding and bottling up the emotional and relationship issues you are aware of and start taking action. Be the phoenix; light the OLD on fire, watch it burn and let the NEW rise from the ashes. Oh, and make sure you take time to pamper yourself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PISCES!


The Best Crystal for Pisces This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Fire Agate!

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