Your Scorpio June 2017 Horoscope

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio, this is a month to reassess your life in many areas and decide what it is you really want! Take time to figure things out and make changes but be prepared for one or two misunderstandings along the way. Handle those as they come up with clear communication!

Scorpio, this is a month of making big decisions for you. With love, try to get clear on your relationship. Do you both want the same things? Are you on the same path? It is time to take a good look at what is working and what is not and make some changes. On the social front, it is time to play, party and have some fun!


Scorpio, it is time to get serious about your career. Consider how fears have been getting in the way of your ultimate success and tackle them! Reevaluate, reassess and face your biggest mental challenges!


Scorpio, overall, this month you are in the perfect energy to explore sensuality, pleasure, and passion. Explore your desires and be bold! You will be surprised at what happens!

The Best Crystal for Scorpio This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Carnelian! Click here to learn more!

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