Your Taurus June 2017 Horoscope

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Taurus, you may start the month not feeling like your normal confident self. This is normal as we are in the airy month of June where Earth signs might feel a little off their game. Instead of freaking out, take advantage of the energy, try being a little more flirtatious and seeing things from new perspectives. You may start the month feeling scattered but end it feeling passionate, excited and full of fresh ideas!

Taurus, take advantage of the flirty energy of June and do things you wouldn’t normally do in your relationships. If you are usually predictable, be spontaneous! Play and try new things, don’t let dating upsets rattle your cage, just change directions and do something unexpected! By the end of the month, you will have solidified some things you would like to change in your relationships. Then, the time will be right to make plans for moving forward into a more serious phase.

Taurus, because of the unusual energy of the month for you, it is time to be bold at work. Dress bold, speak up and offer new ideas. This is also the time to be confident and set boundaries when it comes to uneven exchanges of energy at work, such as taking extra workloads without compensation. Stay calm and centered this month as the airy energy can stress out an un-grounded Taurus!

Taurus, overall, it is the perfect time for you to combine your Taurus get-it-done energy with the fresh ideas of Gemini. The energy is right to put finances and budget in order; this will help ground you during a very airy month. Use the energy of this month to give you courage to reveal hidden desires, bring to life ideas you have up until now, just thought about and to amplify your wisdom on how to get it done.

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