Episode #6: With a busy week of doctor appointments, Diedre discusses body changes, the importance of taking care of yourself, and how to effectively educate your kids about their bodies. Let’s just NOT with the “fluffy” body parts talk.

Episode #5: Diedre answers questions from The Ladies Coach community about sex after childbirth. So many women feel a lack of confidence with their body postpartum that it may almost feel like losing your identity. Diedre is here to shine a little light on why this happens, and what you and your partner can do to get back on the sex train.

Episode #4: Diedre doesn’t hold back discussing how she “invests in her pleasure.” This episode is definitely for a mature audience, who values a no BS approach to sex! Prepare to get real, raw and a little steamy in today’s episode of “Let’s Just NOT…”

Episode #3: You show people how to treat you, and today Diedre discusses why it’s important to have clear and effective communication in your relationships and how to start speaking up for what you need.

Episode #2: Diedre brings on a special guest for Valentine’s Day (her husband Chris) where we get a man’s perspective on how to keep intimacy alive, and why it’s important to do “Pulse Checks” in your relationship.

Episode #1: Diedre and Christal Fuentes (Founder of The Ladies Coach) drink cocktails and discuss Valentines Day plans, the truth about confidence, why sexuality is important and how the “Let’s Just NOT…” Podcast will be your new audio BFF.