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Are You Driven by Fear or Love?

Have you ever wondered what you love the most and what you fear the most?

How about this then, do you know what you like to feel most and what you’d like to feel less everyday?

Have you ever wondered what you’re most passionate about and what your true purpose in life is?

You’d be surprised that many believe they don’t know what their purpose or passion is all about. But that’s ok.

We’re here today to clear all that confusion up for you and help you understand self love and, most importantly, help you become aware of your fears so you can overcome and eliminate them and cruise though life happily.

Knowing your values well can bring you closer to answering the above questions; in other words knowing what you love and fear the most have a very strong influence in how you make your decisions and live your life today.

Shall we get started?

Watch the video above and take the time to answer the questions I have in the activity sheets below.
Worksheet two

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Tandar Tanavoli

Tandar Tanavoli

Tandar Tanavoli is a certified motivational & lifestyle coach of both Anthony Robbins' Mastery University & Erickson Coaching College. Her work helps with all aspects of life: health, relationships, career, etc.
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