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How Can I LOVE Myself When I Don’t Really Like Myself?

Inside of each and every one of us is an ongoing conversation. It’s a conversation that will last a lifetime and the vibe of that and the flow on effects are all up to you.

You get to lead the sassy conversations, you get to decide where to go on this epic adventure and you get to ultimately win every fight.

I have to ask you something though.

What team are you on, and why is there a war to attend in the first place?

The way you talk to yourself matters sweet pea because this is the narration for your life’s movie. Are you cheering the lead character on or are you heckling from back stage?

Are you supporting your leading star or are you keeping her playing small, judging her, berating her and waiting for her to fail?

Are you picking her beautiful body to pieces or are you seeing her miraculous rig for all it can do?

You get to decide what story you attach to every single situation in your life.

So what if your jeans don’t fit amazingly today? That only means that your jeans are to tight, it doesn’t mean that you are unlovable, undesirable or worthless.

So what if your skin has some blemishes today? That doesn’t mean he is going to think you’re a beasty and not worth loving, it only means that you have a little extra hormones running through your system at present. Let’s decide to think of them as youth spots. Problem solved.

So what if you stumble over your words at a big presentation you had to do. It doesn’t make you incompetent, it means you are human and you just got a little tongue-tied.

It’s all about perspective and the conversation that you choose to have with yourself. Don’t give the situations in your life a back-story.  See them as neutral, until you are ready to see them as awesome.

Life is far too short to spend another day at war with yourself.

So where do we go from here?

This negative mindset is like an old haggard mixed tape filled with the worst of the 90’s remix, so it’s time to tape over it.


It’s a one step at a time, one thought at a time cha-cha for the rest of your days.

It’s a decision to start seeing the good stuff. It’s a decision to see yourself and the world through loving eyes, and if you aren’t in full love muffin mode yet, lets start with acceptance.

What if today you started to accept yourself for the amazing creation that you are, the beautiful compilation of all things magical and wondrous and decided to get back on TEAM YOU?

Steer the conversation to support you sweet woman.

The world is ready to see you shine again.

Live WILD.
Be Brave.
Live TRUE.

Love Katie.

About the author

Katie Dean

Katie Dean

Katie Dean is a CHANGE MAKER, motivational maven and all round positivity junkie. She is the woman behind the words of YOUR WILD LIFE, is a freestylin, Motivation and Mindset Coach, put on this earth to shine a light for women seeking confidence and clarity. As a sassy motivational speaker she is here to help you find your brave.

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