The Ladies Coach presents a podcast squashing all the taboos women have about motherhood, relationships, sex and life in general. “Let’s Just NOT…” with the guilt, shame, and perfectionism. Let Diedre be the wise best friend you wish you had.

Episode #13: Diedre is finally back home after a long road trip with her family. She discusses “pulse-checks” in her relationship, what goals you really should be making as a couple, how traveling showcases the state of your relationship and when she realized Chris was the one.

Episode #12: Diedre and her husband take their kids on a cross-country road trip. She discusses why they chose to drive instead of fly, aliens in Roswell, New Mexico, introducing kids to the classics, and how to sustain intimacy during family travels.

Episode #11: Diedre talks about why sharing may be delusional, and how important it is that we teach our kids how to exercise their right to say “NO.”

Episode #10: Diedre gets real about body confidence, and how to start loving your body for where she is. She also shares a tough lesson she’s had to learn this week, and how to overcome the haters in your life.

Episode #9: Diedre gets real in today’s emotional episode about not wasting time, setting priorities, teaching people how to treat you, and the relationships that are the hardest to say good bye to.

Episode #8: Diedre welcomes back Founder of The Ladies Coach, Christal Fuentes, for a little behind the scenes of their typical Tuesday nights. In today’s “Girls Night In” episode, they leave no stone unturned talking everything from Big Little Lies and Housewives to friendships and sex…

Episode #7: Bullying, emotional swindler’s and how to identify energy suckers. Diedre get’s real about the qualities she finds in a real friend and her weekly guilty pleasures! … (cough cough) #RHOBH!

Episode #6: With a busy week of doctor appointments, Diedre discusses body changes, the importance of taking care of yourself, and how to effectively educate your kids about their bodies. Let’s just NOT with the “fluffy” body parts talk.

Episode #5: Diedre answers questions from The Ladies Coach community about sex after childbirth. So many women feel a lack of confidence with their body postpartum that it may almost feel like losing your identity. Diedre is here to shine a little light on why this happens, and what you and your partner can do to get back on the sex train.

Episode #4: Diedre doesn’t hold back discussing how she “invests in her pleasure.” This episode is definitely for a mature audience, who values a no BS approach to sex! Prepare to get real, raw and a little steamy in today’s episode of “Let’s Just NOT…”