The founder of The Ladies Coach is getting real about Love, Life & Relationships.
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#23: Why You’re NOT Ready for a Relationship

Christal gives you 5 reasons why you’re NOT ready for a relationship and how to begin prepping yourself for the right one.

#22: The Two Extreme Beliefs You NEED to Balance for a Fulfilling Life

Today, we talk about the two opposite belief systems women have that are keeping us stuck in life, business and relationships. Christal shares what recently made her anxious, and how she quickly checked herself, as well as what we can all do when we find ourselves getting worried.

#21: Jaiya Ma – What’s Your Erotic Blueprint?

Christal answers all of your questions in this sit down session with Jaiya! They talk Erotic Blueprints and why it’s important to know who you are sexually – The taboos behind masturbation and self-pleasure – The do’s and don’ts of open relationships – and what to do when one partner has a “low sex drive.”

#20: Christal & Andrew Valentines Day Special

Christal and Andrew’s love story – Chrissy (Creative Director of TLC) interviews Christal and Andrew about, The #1 thing they fight about – How they turned a friendship into a relationship – How to keep the connection while your partner travels – and what it really means when people say “opposites attract.”

Episode #19: Split Family Tension – Recovering from an Affair within a Family Dynamic

Split Family Tension: Recovering from an affair within a family dynamic – Keeping the peace when one parent won’t let go of past hurts – 3 tips to gain leverage in relationships.

Episode #18: Monsters, Procrastination & Rejection

Christal discusses the rebrand of TLC and what her biggest fear is – Where procrastination comes from – and how to get over the fear of rejection.

Episode #17: Setting Boundaries after Relationships End

Are you someone who doesn’t like to rock the boat? Are you afraid of standing up for what you really want for fear of confrontation? Today, Christal helps one of our ladies establish boundaries after a betrayal.

Episode #16: Christal Takes Costa Rica

Christal shares what she learned about herself during her family trip this past week – How standup comedy has been her greatest outlet & Why being offended is such a waste of time!

Episode #15: Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. – How to Connect to Your Authentic Self

Christal sits down with the incredible Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.. Taken from a past interview on The Ladies Coach site, we wanted to share with our Podcast listeners!

In order to live a connected and fulfilling life (your dream life) there are a few things we need to stop doing in order to know what’s real and that’s EXACTLY what we discuss today.

Episode #14: Am I Dating the Right Guy?

Christal gives you eight questions to ask yourself to tell if who you’re dating is the right guy.

Episode #13: Dynamics of Dysfunctional Relationships

Zen Rose Garden and The Ladies Coach discuss dysfunctional relationship dynamics – Red-flags in relationships & How to know when a friendship needs the boot.

Episode #12: If You Were to be Unapologetically Yourself, Whose Love Would You Lose?

AUTHENTICITY: What does “being unapologetically yourself” mean and why is it easier said than done? Christal discusses what’s REALLY stopping people from living their most authentic life, and the important question you need to ask yourself.

Episode #11: Douchebag Guys – Do Opposites Attract? – Breaks in Relationships, REAL or NO?

Christal discusses how we need to find the courage to break away from douchebag guys like Kate Winslet did in the movie The Holiday – How she feels about “breaks” in relationships – and if opposites really do attract.

Episode #10: 5 Ways to Heal from a Breakup

Breakups are hard. They leave you feeling chaotic, confused, and wondering if you did the right thing, or, if there was something you “could’ve” done. Christal gives you 5 ways to not only cope, but to gain some peace during this tough time.

Episode #9: Finding What Gratifies Your Soul with the Creator of Gratified Soul (Lacey Jones) 

Christal sits down with the CEO of Complete Skin Makeover and Creator of Gratified Soul. They talk about their time living in Asia – Being a woman in the poker world – How our biggest pitfalls end up being our greatest blessings – How to cope when people don’t support you.

Episode #8: Single or in a Relationship – Why You MUST Have a Relationship Vision

Christal discusses why having a relationship vision is important in order for us to understand who we are – Why we should ditch the words, happy, passion, and positive – How self-awareness might come from having the AUDACITY to make shit up.

Episode #7: How to Discover Your Life Values for Flourishing Relationships

Today Christal discusses the differences between your CORE values and your PERSONAL values – How your life values show you the tempo of your life – Which set of values is important for you and your significant other to have in common.

Episode #6: The #1 Cause of Your Relationship Problems

Christal discusses what kills relationships most – How to let go of expectations and raise our standards for a more fulfilling life – What being a people pleaser REALLY is and what would’ve been the breaking point of Christal and Andrew’s relationship.

Episode #5: How to Get Started on Something You Want to Do, but Feel too Overwhelmed on Where to Start

Chrissy (the Creative Director of TLC) channels her Barbara Walters when she interviews Christal about how she started The Ladies Coach – what she dislikes most about what she does – They also discuss the Pros and Cons on starting your passion – and tips and tools that will help anyone get started on something they love.

Episode #4: What Happened in Las Vegas and Where Do We Go From Here?

Christal and special guests, Zen Rose Garden, discuss what happened in Las Vegas – What terrorism really is and how to navigate from traumatic events – What our reactions to these events say about us, and why it’s important we check our emotions.

Episode #3: The Problem with #RelationshipGoals

How Christal and Andrew met and why it WASN’T love at first, second or third sight – Why LIKING the person you are with is more important than LOVING them – And what kind of “crazy” is ok in relationships – Also, TEQUILA shots for Christal’s bday! CHEERS!

Episode #2: Is Technology Ruining Relationships?

Christal gets real about technology and the state of our relationships – what social media addiction really is – why people should chill on bashing millennials – and what we can do to open up our relationships without technology.

Episode #1: Dating in the Modern World

Christal sits down with TLC’s Creative Director to discuss single life, how to get over a breakup, new and obnoxious dating terms you need to know, 1st date deal breakers, and where people go wrong with dating.