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Your July 2017 Horoscope

Theme of the Month

In July, we are deeply influenced by the energy of Cancer. During this month, you may find yourself experiencing some emotional highs and lows. Don’t let this throw you off your game! Instead, use this opportunity to address how your feelings have been influencing your actions in ways that are not helpful, and do something about it!

In the Zodiac, Cancer provides our emotional foundation, how healthy that foundation is, determines how trusting, secure and happy we are. This month, the energy is right to see how conditioned emotional responses might be causing reactions in your life that are less than attractive. For instance, does conflict cause you to withdraw emotionally or do you express and explore your feelings? Do you trust yourself to be emotionally vulnerable or are you being emotionally protective at the slightest little upset? Take a look at how you are choosing to react to situations in your life. Do you have a lot of fear and anxiety? If you do, chances are you are reacting emotionally to deeper conditioning that is not your truth.

July Horoscope Overview

This month the planets are influencing the balance of masculine power and feminine nurture. Therefore, your challenge this month is to see where in life you might be overly sacrificing yourself in hopes that you will receive love in return. If so, you have a wounded feminine-self manifesting. Are you being controlling or demanding that others respect you? If so, you have a wounded masculine-self manifesting.

Cancer symbolizes the Mother. Capricorn symbolizes the Father. Capricorn along with Cancer, plays a big role this month, as the Full Moon on July 9th is in Capricorn. Both aspects are engaged in an energetic dance this month. When they are in balance, the mother aspect of yourself nurtures without neediness and the father aspect of yourself flows with integrity and strength.

The Best Crystal for July This Month

The crystal of the month for July 2017 is Moonstone!

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Aries (March 21-April 19)

Aries, this month might find you experiencing a few emotional ups and downs. You are usually great at not letting things get to you, but this month you are feeling emotional Cancer’s influence. Don’t worry; take advantage of the rush of emotions to do some healing work and use your “ups” to get some productive work done at achieving your goals!

Aries, in the area of love and relationships, emotions have you on a roller coaster! You are not sure if you are in love or just swept up in the romance of a situation. Either way, go for it! Experience it fully and express what you feel!

Aries, at work this month, emotions play a factor in possibly throwing you off your game! Use these mood swings as a wake-up call to fine-tune those emotional triggers that catch you off guard. As you notice your emotions, acknowledge them and see why your boss or co-worker is really getting under your skin, release it and move on to improving your skills at work and achieving your goals.

Aries, overall this month, take advantage of the emotional month of July to express how you feel and to take charge. This is a month that teaches you to not let emotional setbacks stop you from getting what you want and achieving your goals. If emotions overwhelm you, don’t repress them! Express them! If it gets a little rough, get some good workouts in to alleviate the pressure!

The Best Crystal for Aries This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Aquamarine!

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Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Taurus, this month your will to succeed is strong! Go with the energy of success in both work and romance and you will knock it out of the park! However, it is important this month to step away from ambition-oriented endeavors and spend time with friends, have coffee and just talk about whatever comes up!

Taurus, this is a great month romantically for you. You may be challenged, however, to express your feelings in a deeper way than you have before. Dig deep! The payoff will be worth it and the romance will be more intense. Toward the end of the month, you may be craving time with your friends. You may also need to seek their advice if you get a little too starry-eyed or freaked out by this new sense of closeness with your partner! Let what they have to say ground you and you should be right back on track!

Taurus, the best policy for work this month is honesty with yourself and others. You have a choice of how you want to progress in your career this month, ask some friends for advice to get an outside opinion and a fresh set of eyes on the situation. This is a month for winning at your job. Be a gracious winner if you happen to beat someone else out for that promotion.

Taurus, overall, it is the perfect time for you to spend time with friends and enjoy the outdoors. You may have found yourself working hard at love and work and need some relaxing playtime with friends to keep you emotionally healthy and happy.

The Best Crystal for Taurus This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Hematite!

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Gemini (May 21-July 20)

Gemini, you may still be high from all the leftover Gemini energy of June so watch yourself in the area of finances! You might find yourself still in party mode and in the mood to spend money you do not have. Instead, roll it back and focus on your relationships and some in-depth conversation with friends this month.

Gemini, this month, take time for love. Do not be so wrapped up in your many projects that you keep putting off your partner until later. Take time for them now if you want to keep them around. On the other hand, take the time to ask yourself the question you may have been putting off. Are they a good fit for you? If they are not, let them go. If they are, stop the presses and nurture that bond.

Gemini, you might be tempted at work by some old negative impulses. If you are feeling underappreciated, take a look at where those impulses are really coming from. It probably is time to do some inner reflection, heal it and come out stronger and more secure!

Gemini, overall this month, you are ready to go! There are certain people that you have been waiting on to get themselves together. The time for waiting has passed. Get yourself moving on your own steam and get things done!

The Best Crystal For Gemini This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Zebra Jasper

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Cancer (July 21-July 22)

Cancer, this month you should feel amazing! You are in the height of your glowing energy this month and should focus on feeling content, happy and social! It is time to revel in that confidence and positive attitude that you have worked all year to achieve. So enjoy it! Others will feel your energy this month and want to be around you, just make sure to give yourself time to rest, daydream and reset. As you do best, speak your feelings and enjoy the companionship of your loved ones and friends!

Cancer, in the area of love, you will have some very clear ideas about a certain person, and they are amazing! Resist the urge to doubt yourself or get distracted from bringing those ideas to life.

Cancer, this month at work, you might be reaping the rewards of the hard work you have put in over the last several months. Take some time to socialize and celebrate. You deserve a little break! Be prepared for an unexpected extra boost for your career by the end of the month!

Cancer, overall this month, there may be change. It could get a little wild for you, as you crave stability, but go with it and see what happens. Take time to socialize with friends to stay grounded and to reward yourself for the successes of the past year!

The Best Crystal for Cancer This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Crazy Lace Agate!

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Leo (July 23-August 22)

Leo, this month relish in the joyful discovery of new things! Try new things, meet new people and explore! You will emerge at the end of the month with some new perspectives and new ideas that will serve you well in the coming year! Resist the urge to argue with someone this month!

Leo, this month watch for potential conflicts with your partner. You might both be feeling pent up and need a change of routine. Explore your conflict together and talk about some ideas to venture into something new, then do it, enjoy each other and relax!

Leo, this month, work as in your love life, is about changing things up and watching for conflict. Keep in mind that conflicts at work might be a reflection of some internal need to move forward and expand. Shake things up, take a serious look at your discomfort and see where you can change and improve. Try taking up a project with someone you have never collaborated with and see what happens!

Leo, overall this month, take the time to create some peace in your environment to counteract the busy activity and push-pull energy of the month! Try rearranging a room or really focusing on your yoga practice.

The Best Crystal for Leo This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Ruby In Kyanite

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Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Virgo, this is a month to both socialize and organize! You might have some intense family obligations to attend to so do both to stay grounded and at peace this month. Leave time for deep conversation, you may be expanding your thinking as you work through some changes in routine and in your family situations.

Virgo, on the romantic and social front, it is time to sync up with friends and lovers. You may be meeting new potential friends or love interests this month. Socialize and enjoy the adventure of new possibilities.

Virgo, at work, keep an open communication about what you need with your boss. Keep your ideas flowing for efficiency around the office and, you do not have to tell a Virgo twice, declutter!

Virgo, overall this month, you need to plan a getaway! Make it spontaneous and inexpensive, the idea here is to unwind and have some fun! As family obligations might get heavier than normal this month, be sure to squeeze a few workouts in, eat healthy, and relax!

The Best Crystal for Virgo This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Carnelian!

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Libra (September 23-October 22)

Libra, this month plan on rolling with the punches. Life will go a lot smoother if you do not let sudden changes to your schedule rattle you. Do not let those sudden changes divert you from what is important either. Set your priorities and get them done, but listen to your body when it says, “relax”!

Libra, in the realm of love and relationship, expect the same disruption! Do not let it shift you, take the opportunity to be spontaneous and make a change of plans. Keep cool! It is the company that is important, not the event you thought would be perfect. Meet for coffee instead of an elaborately planned dinner, it might turn out to be more fun!

Libra, at work and in career, things may not go as planned. Use this as an opportunity for growth to move beyond uncertainty and think on your feet. The new skills that arise from your flexible and open-minded approach to setback will serve you well in furthering your career!

Libra, overall this month, you may be in the spotlight! Do not be afraid to share it with your team! Whether that team is your partner or people you work with, remember that loads can be lightened if you are willing to share the burden!

The Best Crystal for Libra This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Snow Quartz!

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Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio, this month, take care of a relationship situation that has been bothering you. You may have let things slide for a while, but the longer you let it stand, the more you will feel off kilter. Once you resolve whatever is out of alignment in your world, the rest of the month will flow smoothly; your intuition will be on point and your imagination will be intense.

Scorpio, in the area of love and relationships, it is a month of deep self-reflection. Filter out friends and lovers that are out of alignment with your life goals and open your heart to new possibilities. Your creative side will draw in new people this month, but do not get too distracted by socializing. Focus on work if you find yourself too tempted by your inner party animal.

Scorpio, in work and career issues for July. Resolve anything that might be uncomfortable with a colleague and focus on the bigger picture. Where would you like to be in career ten years from now? Is what you are currently doing serving that goal?

Scorpio, overall, this month, get clear on your ultimate game plan, revise priorities and do not let outside influences throw you off your game! Take breaks for exercise to maintain clarity of mind!

The Best Crystal for Scorpio This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Clear Quartz!

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Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sagittarius, this month, your keyword is authenticity! Follow your feelings in the moment but do not let them overwhelm you. This can be a moody month for everyone, not just you, so be aware that you might not be the only one that needs some chocolate, or some wine!

Sagittarius, in love and relationships this month, express what you want. Do not expect others to read your mind, otherwise, you may find yourself getting irritated for no good reason. Plan some fun with friends and family to loosen up!

Sagittarius, this month in work and career, focus on knowing yourself and what you really want. Again, it is the month to tune into what you are feeling and honoring those signals. Watch irritation at work with others; give everyone a little extra patience this month and you will find the entire team working with more efficiency. You may get some extra attention by the end of the month. Enjoy it!

Sagittarius, you are a natural social butterfly, but overall this month, it is best to separate business and social life. Most of all, do activities that calm and center your emotions! Whatever emotions come up, honor them and be authentic without being abusive or snappy with those around you.

The Best Crystal for Sagittarius This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Amazonite!

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Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Capricorn, this month you are experiencing a curious mix of wanting to take a vacation and being on fire at work. Do both! Your research skills are the best, so why not take the laptop to a café by the beach and satisfy both needs? While you are out, you may run into an old flame or an old friend. It is all right to visit for a while; it will probably spark some new creative ideas and a possible new partner in crime!

Capricorn, in love and relationships this month, you might be feeling restless in the area of romance. Throw some change into the mix to spice things up, socialize to let off steam and do not be surprised if a new friendship turns into a new love interest!

Capricorn, work may find you spontaneously daydreaming. Give yourself enough breaks at work to stay productive. Are you losing interest in your work or do you just need a break? You won’t know until you actually take one! Then your awesome research skills, creativity, and unique perspective will pay off in spades when you refocus.

Capricorn, overall this month, the word is rest, relax and take some breaks. Exercise to stay loose and get some extra sleep if work stress is beginning to overwhelm you. Stay balanced and you will stay productive and peaceful.

The Best Crystal for Capricorn This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Rainbow Fluorite!

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Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Aquarius, this month you may experience some mood swings! You can turn things around very quickly if you give yourself a boost! After all, you are in charge of your own happiness! Express yourself this month and spend time with family. Beware, though, situations might find you having to declare or reaffirm your independence. That’s important, so take a moment to breathe and reset your boundaries.

Aquarius, this month in love and relationships, you may be tempted to cancel dates with lovers and meetups with friends. Don’t! You need the break. The social time will be just what you need! If they are good friends or a great partner, they will take time to listen to you, let you vent and help you unwind. After that, you will be in the full swing of feeling romantic again or ready to enjoy time with friends and family!

Aquarius, in work and career you might feel like you want to run away from your job. Take care to see what your emotions are really telling you. You might not actually hate your job but are feeling the emotional push-pull of emotional Cancer this month. Ride out July and do some centering for yourself before you pack up your desk. If after this month you have done the work to get back to your healthy emotional center and you still feel like it’s time for a change, take your time and explore your options!

Aquarius, overall this month, spend some quality time with family or friends that just feel like family. You might be tempted to help someone out a little too much. SLOW DOWN! This very well might be a situation where your loved one needs to go it alone. Be prepared for a moment of Tough Love sometime this month.

The Best Crystal for Aquarius This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Peridot!

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Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Pisces, this month think a little more about self-care! Do not skip meals, yoga or sleep as this month might present a little more stress than usual in the form of others pushing your boundaries or bullying you. Your best friend this month might be the word “no”, so use it! Some great things might happen because of teamwork with a friend or colleague this month so do not be afraid of a little collaboration.

Pisces, in the area of love and relationships, have some fun but be wary of those that might bully you or push you into something that does not feel right. With lovers or friends, keep it light and fun this month and romance might be in the stars for you either in your current relationship or with a new love interest.

Pisces, at work, this month, you might be getting a little burned out. Stress might be getting to you, so take a short break for a mini vacation. In the end, this will make you more efficient. You might find yourself snapping at a colleague for pushing your boundaries. Step back, take a breath and address the situation in a more emotionally stable mindset.

Pisces, overall this month, your focus should be on releasing friends, people and situations that no longer serve you. If there are demands that do not fit or you feel uncomfortable with, do not be afraid to cut ties. Do not let emotions rule you; they might be more intense than usual this month!

The Best Crystal for Pisces This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Red Jasper!

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