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A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, MD

As someone who personally believes the power our gut health has on our emotional state, I’m in awe of the candidness Dr. Kelly Brogan shares about the lack of education most doctors, especially in the psychiatric field, have around nutrition. Yet, most “mental issues” normally prescribed, are caused by the bodies reaction to inflammation. It’s actually a beautiful defense mechanism caused by the intelligence of our own body.

This book couldn’t have come at a better time for me actually. As we are at the start of summer. This time of year brings more social activities, long days, and an unhealthy but FUN lifestyle…(aka drinks, desserts, and bad foods) that after too much of this, I tend to experience brain fog…

Wikipedia’s definition of Brain fog: “Clouding of consciousness, also known as brain fog or mental fog, is a term used in medicine denoting an abnormality in the regulation of the overall level of consciousness that is mild and less severe than a delirium. The sufferer experiences a subjective sensation of mental clouding described as feeling “foggy.”

For me, brain fog causes me to lose my train of thought, focus and my memory could arguably be worse than Dory… Not to mention I have ZERO attention span. Needless to say, this is not something that works for a person running a business and giving life advice to thousands of women. So it’s important I get this shit on lock.

Thankfully I’ve trained myself throughout the years to be as in-tuned with my body as I possibly can, so I don’t get too far off course where my emotional state is affected. What’s sad is that so many women are being diagnosed with “diseases,” and are given prescription meds to numb the problem rather that get to the root of it. Many of the root issues can be found within the bodies ability/inability to process the foods we put in it.

Dr. Kelly Brogan dives deep in her newest book, “A Mind of Your Own.” She discusses the truth behind our belief of common diseases plaguing us and how to go about reclaiming our power over our mental and physical health.

Is depression a disease, or a symptom of a greater problem?

In her book, she also gives a 30 day “Plan of Action” for anyone who wants to completely transform their life from the inside out. I’m proud to say it’s definitely a plan I mostly implement, but after reading this book I REALLY want to adhere to. Especially if I want to support optimal energy.

… OH honey, you don’t want to miss reading this!

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