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Moving on from a Relationship? How to Say Goodbye in a Sacred Way

Are you ready to move on from a relationship in your life? Maybe that relationship is a person, or maybe it is a job, geographic location, habit, mindset, philosophy, religion, thought, or something else.

When it is our intention to let go of a relationship, it can help to create a formal goodbye.

I invite you to use the following letter as a template for your own goodbye ceremony. Insert the words that make sense for your particular situation. Print out the letter, so you can hold it in your hand. Create a sacred space for your ceremony: light some incense, play healing music, or go out into nature and sit underneath your favorite tree. Speak this letter aloud, slowly, making sure to allow the energy of each word to fully absorb into your being. Take as much time as you need. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to take a five-hour bath or totally just chill and relax for the rest of the day, please give yourself permission to do just that.

Once you have read the letter aloud, slowly tear it up into tiny pieces and, if possible, burn the letter. By burning the letter, you signal the conclusion, the final release.

Of course, if the relationship you are ending is with a person or with a job, then you will need to soon have some conversations. However, it’s so important to do your goodbye ceremony first, as it sets the stage for clearer, more conscious conversations later.

The ceremony allows you to move forward with ease and trust. With resolve.

In the days that follow your ceremony, if any doubts, sadness, or negative feelings arise, simply acknowledge them, feel them fully, and then allow them to naturally and gently flow through and out of you. If you allow yourself to feel, you will find—quite amazingly!—that the feelings will dissipate on their own. It is only when we try to resist the feeling that the feeling persists. So, do not fear the feelings. Allow them, feel them, and watch them move away.


Dear [insert name of person, place, situation, habit, etc.] ,

The time has come for me to say goodbye to you.

You have been a beloved companion, a wonderful presence in my life for _____ years/months. I am so grateful you have been in my life because you taught me how to_____. Also, you helped me to _____.

However, I now realize that our relationship no longer serves me. I have reached a stage of my personal evolution where I am ready to peacefully and gratefully release you. In so doing, I allow space in my life for something new, which will better serve me.

I am ready to move on from you.

Therefore, as my intention is to move on, I ask the Universe to now cut the cords of attachment that may linger in my energetic field. I ask that my spirit guides, angels, teachers, and/or beloved ancestors to be with me at this time and help me, as I make this much-needed transition. I ask that I be surrounded by a protective shield of light. I ask that my mind be clear of doubts, and I ask that my heart be free of negative emotions regarding this change. I also ask that my body be strong and healthy, as I undergo this shift.

It has truly been a wonderful journey with you ____. I am now releasing you, freeing you, and allowing you to dissolve from my life.

Thank you. Farewell.

With Love & Gratitude,


About the author

Anya Light

Anya Light

Anya Light, PhD, is a healer and lightworker. She is the author of Opening Love: Intentional Relationships & the Evolution of Consciousness. Anya is also the creator of the growing blog community AWAKENING WITH at

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