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3 Easy Ways to Make Decluttering Less Overwhelming

Decluttering, minimising and organising can sometimes seem like an overwhelming, never ending task. One of the biggest challenges people face is their paperwork because you just don’t know what may or may not be important down the track. Do you need to keep that warranty (And if you do, is it likely you’ll find it again in your mess of papers?)? Are you pulling receipts out of every nook and cranny come tax time? If these are things you struggle with then this video will help you get on top of your paperwork once and for all. The best part is that once it’s set up, it’s ridiculously easy to maintain.

1. Reduce what comes in
  • Get yourself a “no junk mail” sign for your mailbox
  • Ask to have your bills sent to you via email instead of in the post (If you have kids ask your child’s teacher to email you directly instead of sending notes and permission slips home with your child)
  • Say “no” to flyers, brochures, business cards etc. Take a picture on your smart phone instead and file them away.
2. Minimise what you have
  • I recommend programs such as Evernote to organise your paperwork. Snapping a photo of what you already have allows you to get rid of the hard copy (shred and add to your compost!) and keeps everything organised and accessible from anywhere.
3. Reduce what’s going out
  • Ask yourself if it’s absolutely necessary before you print something. Get creative!
  • Sign contracts or fill in paperwork using computer programs or apps such as Cuda Sign.

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Sandra Zwick

Sandra Zwick

Sandra is a writer and holistic health counselor on a mission to help 20-something year old women figure out how live simply, passionately, freely, consciously and abundantly.

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