Hi beautiful! I’m so happy you are interested in spending some time with me to develop who you are first, and what you bring to the relationships around you.  

As you probably know, It’s been years since I’ve taken one-on-one clients, as I wanted to focus strictly on the platform. I get an absolute THRILL connecting with women from all over the world guiding them with their love, life and relationships.  

BUT… I am missing the personalized sessions with my babes. So I’ve decided to start opening up sessions for anyone who is ready to do the work and invest in their personal journey.  

For years I’ve been able to tackle some of the hardest issues surrounding relationships and find ways where we can:  

  • Expand the scope 
  • Attack issues with confidence and class  

Here’s what I can do for you if you’re ready:  

  •  Identify your strengths and how to use them in your life and relationships 
  • Relationship Mapping: Who are you, what do you want to feel and what types of people would you match with?
  • Let’s dive into your feminine / masculine energetic presences within you and how they interact with the relationships around you
  • Discover your core / personal values and how they may be in conflict and how to start honoring them  
  • Learn what pleasures you and how to begin honoring your sexuality
  • How to heal from betrayal’s in past/current relationships
  • Learn how to navigate the difficult relationships in your life (i.e family, friendships, intimate)
  • What it means to OWN your self and ways to build self-confidence
  • Identify emotional triggers and what you can begin doing to resolve and heal so they don’t show up in your relationships
  • Find daily routines and rituals that will help you feel energized and productive  

These are just a few things I like to build upon as we tackle the everyday issues that arise.  

I am here to go deep with you while making it fun girl! Life is heavy enough, so our sessions don’t have to be either. We are not here to dwell, I am here to see where you are, where you want to be and what we can do together to fill that gap.  

Does that sound good?  

We will begin sessions May 17th, but you will need to reserve your space now as there are limited spots available on a first come first serve basis.  

All sessions will need to be paid for at the time of booking. Your first session is 90 minutes at $450 USD. All following sessions are 60 minutes and $300 USD.  


Want to work more closesly with Christal?

The Exclusive Experience Includes: 

  • 8 weekly online sessions (If local in Vegas, in person sessions available)
  • In person personalized ONE DAY Intensive in Las Vegas with Christal (flight and accommodation not included)  
  • Personal welcome package with specially handpicked gifts that will help you on your journey
  • Priority access for online booking
  • Weekly email support, homework and objectives
  • Private line to Christal via Text 
  • ROI (return on investment) specifics indicated prior to coaching 
  • Access to other experts Christal trusts that may be applicable to your sessions (included)
  • Session(s) with spouse or family members (included when appropriate)  

Contact chrissy@theladiescoach.com for more information and pricing.