Your November 2017 Horoscope

by Zen Rose Garden

Theme of the Month

In November, we are deeply influenced by Scorpio in the areas of emotions and personal vulnerability. The energy of Scorpio observes and seeks to understand the behavior of others. Sometimes they do this out of fear so they can understand a potential enemy and sometimes they do this out of hope that a potential trusted friend or lover might be in front of them. Either way, the exercise of observation is a test to see how vulnerable they feel safe enough to be.

November Horoscope Overview

This month is about reaching out in new and vulnerable ways. It is about connection, networking, sharing and vulnerability. It is about knowing that in order to push through boundaries we must be willing to let down some of our walls. The energy of Scorpio this month is deep, contemplative, perceptive, emotional and deeply intuitive. This month, the energy is right to challenge yourself emotionally to let people in without fear of being judged, criticized or rejected.

Take the opportunity this month to expand your emotional horizons. The reward of vulnerability is the realization that there is strength in letting go and being with what you are; fully and completely, without fear of what others think.

The Best Crystal for November

The crystal of the month for November 2017 is Garnet!

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Aries, this month, take stock of goals you have accomplished and set some new ones. Then spend time with your tribe to get deeper with the people you love.

Aries, in the area of love and relationships, it is time to explore emotions as well as physical aspects of your relationship. In other words, get closer, increase intimacy and investigate some deeper places.

Aries, in work and career, step back from the frenzy of work and look at goals you have set for yourself. Are they still in line with your truth? If they are not, cut them out and start fresh. Listen to your gut, get some professional advice and trust yourself.

Aries, overall this month, focus on time management. Are you getting enough work/play balance? If not, make some adjustments.

The Best Crystal for Aries This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Rhodonite!

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Taurus, this month is about observing where power struggles arise in your life. That might be among friends, colleagues, lovers or even within yourself. Instead of just jumping in, take a deep breath and observe what is really happening. This might be a challenge for you Taurus, as you like to jump in and fix things. Trust me, it will be worth it to take time to see what is really happening!

Taurus, in the area of love and relationships, love is complex, power struggles might arise but do not need to be damaging and might actually be helpful! Use any friction between the two of you as a clue to improve connections and go deeper. This goes for friends, family and lovers!

Taurus, this month in career and work, power struggles have nothing to do with you so don’t make them personal. Instead, focus on goals and optimizing work time to be super productive. This way, you will be ahead when everyone else comes up for air.

Taurus, overall this month, focus on planning and follow through. Keep it simple to get things done!

The Best Crystal for Taurus This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Sardonyx!

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Gemini, this month is a “think tank” month! You will be full of brainiac ideas. Be sure to share them as well as brainstorm with friends!

Gemini, this month, in the area of love and relationships, you might be feeling like your head is not in the romance game. You might be going over business strategies in your head instead. Take time to focus on simpler things, like long talks and slow candlelight dinners.

Gemini, in work and career this month, you have the opportunity to use that famous wit and puzzle solving ability! There will be conundrums to resolve that others may not see the answers to! Follow through and you will get it!

Gemini, overall this month, watch for times you feel underappreciated; use them as opportunities to value yourself more.

The Best Crystal For Gemini This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Rose Quartz!

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Cancer, this month for you is about taking stock of your health in all areas; mental, emotional, spiritual, social, financial and physical. See what you need to improve and make promises to yourself to do just that! In the meantime, express gratitude to yourself for areas where you have done a great job!

Cancer, in love and relationships, clear up misunderstandings right away, communicate openly and look for ways to improve. Resist the urge to brush things under the rug; confront them and find new ways to communicate!

Cancer, this month at work, lighten things up with laughter! There may be one or two people with issues at home who are difficult at work. Instead of reacting, find ways to bring levity to the table!

Cancer, overall this month, you might be feeling a little moody as the weather begins to change. Take a few minutes to step out into the sunshine to think about things you are grateful for!

The Best Crystal for Cancer This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Green Aventurine!

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Leo, by the end of this month, final pieces will fall together on a project you have been trying to finish, so, celebrate achievement! Then, get ready because the month has a few more projects on deck than

Leo, this month, do not bite the hand that feeds you. In other words, do not give in to irritation and push people away that might otherwise be allies. Things are more positive than you might be allowing yourself to feel. So feel it!

Leo, this month in love and relationships, you may be having a hard time being nice. Quite simply, something deeper might be bothering you. Take it to the next step and think about some deeper issues. Be honest with yourself and explore. Have the hard talks with your partner but also have them with yourself. What is going on might not just be about them.

Leo, this month, at work, your biggest challenge is patience, staying calm and being kind when you feel like lashing out. It really is simple. Do not shut people out just because you need to focus on a particular issue. Dig in, do the work but ask others on your team to help you problem-solve.

Leo, overall this month, surround yourself with friends and enjoy some time off. Do not let yourself stay irritated and annoyed for long; you are probably making a mountain out of a molehill.

The Best Crystal for Leo This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Snow Quartz!

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Virgo, this month, get creative and experiment but go slow to go fast. Do not rush things but be willing to let things go that no longer serve you.

Virgo, on the romantic and social front, organize your thoughts about people in your life. Do they fit? Are they helping you? Reassess relationships and clean house if need be.

Virgo, at work, get organized and get creative; it is time to sweep away the cobwebs and let some new energy in! It is time to bring some shape to the chaos of the past few months! Do not be afraid to experiment and think outside the box.

Virgo, overall this month, be prepared as you travel around. There will be people who need small things from you. This could be a Kleenex or directions. Smile when this happens, it is all about the connection.

The Best Crystal for Virgo This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Moss Agate!

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Libra, this month is about beauty and romance. Enjoy it. Get lost in the little things and get silly! You deserve it.
Libra, in the realm of love and relationships, things are going great between you and your person. Relish it because this month is particularly blissful. You will stop once or twice for some serious talks. That is romantic too and will take you deeper as the days get colder.

Libra, at work and career, you are naturally bringing fun along for the ride. This is a perfect way to bring joy to the often-stressful holiday season. Enjoy your co-workers and appreciate them. You are feeling so much love this month that it is overflowing!

Libra, overall this month, you have observed that the entire planet is having a rough day that has, well, lasted a couple of months. Take a deep breath. You do not have to save them all at once. In fact, all you have to do is follow your bliss and healing will follow for those that reach out for your guidance.

The Best Crystal for Libra This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Clear Quartz!

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Scorpio, this month, take a life assessment about your state of harmony. This goes for all areas of your life. See what is causing disharmony and do what you can to change things for the better!

Scorpio, in the area of love and relationships, take a look at your emotional patterns. Are there areas you could improve with your significant other? Are you communicating clearly? Ask questions and be open to change. This is not time to be stubborn, but time to listen to what your partner is expressing.

Scorpio, in work and career, you may be a little tired as you work things out at home. Do what you can. You might want to try some engaging conversation at work to get new ideas started. Try talking about systems that are not working but that no one wants to address.

Scorpio, overall, this month, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Take a day this month and do a life review. See how far you have come and see where you want to go next. Get excited and make some plans for the upcoming year!

The Best Crystal for Scorpio This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Zebra Jasper!

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Sagittarius, this month is about new connections, communication, and new ideas. You are in for some new possibilities that just might blow your mind!

Sagittarius, in love and relationships, you are open to talking to just about everyone! Use your natural tendency to be chatty to meet some new people! Especially someone cute! The stars are definitely right for romance!

Sagittarius, in work and career, communicate your way to success! If you have a great idea, talk about it! Some people might be going too slow for you (as usual) but keep going and find some higher-ups with bigger vision!

Sagittarius, this month your patience might be tested! Rely on your sense of compassion to get you through rough patches!

The Best Crystal for Sagittarius This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Rainbow Fluorite!

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Capricorn, this month, you have seen the future and it is a nice picture. However, it might not turn out that way if you do not get your finances organized. This is the month to get it done! Then, do some dreaming about what you want the next year to look like.

Capricorn, in love and relationships, spend time talking about the future. Make plans with your loved ones and friends to make some dreams come true in the near future. If it is in the love department, do not be afraid to readjust priorities. What is it you really want in a mate? Have you been asking for the wrong things? Have you been getting the right things?

Capricorn, work and career-wise, you are worried about money. It is time to rethink and save a little. Be creative moving things around. Do not panic and think you have to change jobs to make things happen; there might be something else you can do as a compromise!

Capricorn, overall this month, stay active and release some stuck or pent up tension. Stress can become a factor as you ramp up for your birthday season.

The Best Crystal for Capricorn This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Pyrite!

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Aquarius, this month you are on top of the world! Things are going great for you at the start of the month. Then, it will be time to work for a couple of weeks. Slow down at the end of the month and take time for conversations. You are about to learn something very important from an unexpected source!

Aquarius, in love and relationships this month, you are exuding love! You are feeling light, filled with energy and it is contagious. Use this energy to learn more about yourself. After all, relationships reflect yourself back to you in unexpected ways!

Aquarius, in work and career, stay focused and disciplined as you put in the long hours it is going to take to get your project off the ground. Look for partners and be willing to compromise as new ideas come in!

Aquarius, overall this month, when things get rough it is because you are not present with yourself in the moment. Stay focused and centered and the month will flow smoothly!

The Best Crystal for Aquarius This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Carnelian!

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Pisces, this month you will have a strong desire to help others. Do it, but take time to recharge your battery. There is a good chance for you to get lost over-empathizing.

Pisces, in the area of love and relationships, you might be getting discouraged about love. Do not be. Spend some time with a friend who has a great relationship. Resist the urge to be jealous and listen to their story. Ask them about the mistakes they have made and then do not be afraid to make your own on your way to finding true love!

Pisces, at work, this month, do your best to be helpful but do not overextend if you cannot get your own work done. Learn from your mistakes. You will make one or two, but do not worry. Ask someone higher up in the company if they have any advice for you.

Pisces, overall this month, if you are feeling a little oversensitive, it is no surprise as we are moving through watery, emotional Scorpio! Stay centered and grounded. Recharge and do not give away every last drop of your energy!

The Best Crystal for Pisces This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Amethyst!

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