Christal Fuentes, the founder of The Ladies Coach, is getting real about love, life & relationships for the modern woman. In this podcast you can expect discussions on all things relationships, sex, body image, self-love, confidence, purpose / passion and so much more! Got a question you’d like answered on a future podcast? Simply email us at


  • #56: How to Deal with Negative People Who Are Addicted to Problems

    In today’s episode, Christal discusses her ways of dealing with “negative” people. Problems are inevitable but attachment is a choice. She shows some productive ways of assisting people without getting attached and what our negative emotions can be calling out in us.

  • #55: 6 Relationship Questions Answered on Commitment, Friendship Relationships, Your Tone of Voice and More!

    Christal and Chrissy sit down together to answer questions from the TLC Community. Is it ok to fantasize about people when you’re in a relationships? – How to know whether to make a friendship into a relationship – What to do when your tone of voice comes off offensive – How to gauge the commitment level in relationships – Can you change a boy into a man?

  • #54: don Miguel Ruiz Jr. – How to Cultivate Healthy and Happy Relationships

    Christal sits down with best selling author don Miguel Ruiz Jr. again to discuss his latest co-authored book called “The Seven Secrets to Healthy, Happy Relationships.” – Is unconditional love attainable in intimate relationships? – Can freedom in relationships exist without compromising boundaries? – Can a couple heal from betrayal? – The forgiveness ritual that brought Christal to tears – PLUS Christal and Miguel answer questions from the TLC community!


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