Christal Fuentes, the founder of The Ladies Coach, is getting real about love, life & relationships for the modern woman. In this podcast you can expect discussions on all things relationships, sex, body image, self-love, confidence, purpose / passion and so much more! Got a question you’d like answered on a future podcast? Simply email us at


  • #70: Long Distance Relationships, Why We Stay In Love with People Who Aren’t Good For Us (Questions Pt.2)

    Christal sits down with Chrissy in London, to discuss how to make a long distance relationship work – Why we stay in love with people we know aren’t good for us – How to deal with a parents significant other – Picking up, starting over and dealing with a fresh breakup.

  • #69: My Ex Seems to Be a Better Man in His New Relationship! Is There Something Wrong With Me?

    Do you ever look back at your Ex and see that in their new relationship he is finally doing everything you wanted him to do when you were both together? Only this time, he is doing it for his new girl? This week Christal answers an email from the TLC community and gives some advice on why this happens and what to do.

  • #68: How to Get Over Someone Who Doesn’t Want a Relationship & More TLC Community Questions

    Christal sits down with Chrissy (Director of Operations for TLC) to answer your questions! – How to get over someone who doesn’t want a relationship – Family Estrangement – How to deal with small talk – How much should your significant other stand up for you… and more.


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