A Symphony of Sensuality & Spirituality – Your June 2019 Horoscope

by Heather Kim Rodriguez

Theme of the Month

A Symphony of Sensuality & Spirituality

June 2019 Horoscope Overview

June is the season of Gemini and that means a month of dichotomy and opposites attracting. Feelings, emotions, senses and possibly more than a few hormones are strong among many of the signs this month, especially those who have strong Gemini influences in their charts. Gemini is a thinker, an analyzer and a philosopher but also a sensualist, an adventurer and sometimes just plain freaky. Who knows how these opposing forces will show up for you this month?

Stay on your toes, as Gemini can be playful and unpredictable, especially in birthday month. With Gemini at play, it is time to dig deep into whatever experience you happen to be in at any given moment. That could show up as an unexpected deep spiritual conversation with a super hot new love interest. Get ready for the script to flip at any moment this month. The trick to surviving to the end? Hold on for the ride and enjoy!

JUNE QUICK TIP: Get your freak on if it feels right, but balance it with a yoga class or a retreat to the ocean for some communion with your soul!

The Best Crystal for June

The crystal of the month for June 2019 is Labradorite, to stimulate the richness of experiences, to maintain a balance between sensuality and spirituality and to protect you from overindulging!

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Aries! In an odd twist of planetary fate, you have NO direct planets in your sign this month. This means you might be feeling a little UNDER stimulated. Lucky for you the Sun is in Gemini and that means extra stimulation from the playful twins! You normally LOVE to motivate people, but this month, it is time for you to seek some outside stimulation! If you find yourself staring at a wall when you really need to get that room painted, call some friends, buy the pizza and wine and have a party. Trying to do it all this month is not the right move. Reach out to your people, connect, laugh and get some practical things accomplished at the same time!

ARIES QUICK TIP: Resist isolating and racking your brain to find the answer or do it all yourself. Call some friends, pick up the tab for the wine and get it done!

The Best Crystal for Aries This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Crazy Lace Agate to stimulate connection with friends, tribal support and communal laughter medicine!

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Taurus! You are usually so grounded and practical, but this month, your head is swimming with affection, thoughts of love, warm feelings about life and some possible naughty thoughts about sex, sensuality and getting a little freaky with your love interest! Why? Venus is running amuck in Taurus this month and things might get a little hot. As long as your intentions are good, this should not be a problem. Instead, you might just create some amazing memories not only with your lover but also with more platonic communions with those you love. Have some fun, connect and worry about being more practical and grounded NEXT MONTH!

TAURUS QUICK TIP: Let loose, create some memories with friends, get your freak on with your honey and enjoy!

The Best Crystal for Taurus This Month

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Carnelian to stimulate deep compassionate connections with your Soul Tribe!

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Gemini! Happy Birthday! Your intuition is ON POINT this month! Gratitude for life itself is strong, take some time to honor that, as you are celebrating another journey around the sun. Your quick wits and speedy intellect are on fire and ready to start something new, even though you might not yet know what it is. However, be mindful of wasting energy because of overexcitement and burning out before mid-month. Toward the end of the month, you may be just about partied out and ready to channel your energy into more serious projects (I know, it is always multiple projects for you, Gemini!) Harness your birthday magic for the months to come as you reap the rewards of that gratitude you started off with at the first of the month.

GEMINI QUICK TIP: Maintain the balance between party time and serious thought. Play hard but be motivated toward a new project once your birthday week is officially over.

The Best Crystal For Gemini This Month

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Sodalite to help stimulate amazing conversations, creative flow and peaceful balance!

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Cancer! The stars this June are aligned to help you think clearly about just about everything in your life. This also means that it might just be the right time to take action. That might be a direct move in your love life, career or in your family situation. It might be the right time to move out if you are still living at home! Normally, you need more time to process those flowy feelings, but this month, the seed is germinated, full grown and ready to harvest. Do not hesitate, MOVE!

CANCER QUICK TIP: “Feel it, think it, DO IT!” should be your mantra this month! There is fire in the water so use that energy to Make It Happen!

The Best Crystal for Cancer This Month

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Rainforest Jasper as it suits your need for the flowy watery yumminess of nature but encourages you to never stop growing!

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Leo! You are an intense powerhouse of world changing energy this month! However, you just might irritate everyone by trying to get them onboard with your mission, as most of them will be more focused on themselves at the moment. You are feeling altruistic and are ready to start a petition about ANYTHING that makes the world a better place. That being said, this is a good month to practice your sensitivity!

You know how you get when a cause of some kind becomes all there is in your world for a while. Do not get angry with those who have something else in mind. We all have different missions, skills and motivations and they do not always line up at the same time. If that mission is a new love interest, check the reasons you are attracted. Are you motivated by your current inspiration or are you seeking a companion that suits you outside of just the moment?

LEO QUICK TIP: You are a motivator. Be sure you are trying to motivate those that actually WANT to be motivated. Slow down and allow others to join your cause if they are moved to do so!

The Best Crystal for Leo This Month

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Blue Goldstone to inspire you to make improvements and send positive energy out to the world as only you can!

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Virgo! This month, the more you give the more you receive. Your job for the next several weeks is to focus on being happy and feeling joy. I know you crave organization, Virgo, so maybe keep a happiness journal where you can write a daily journal note on what makes you happy that day. This is really important for you this month to stimulate good energy, as there may be the temptation to overextend right now with your energy and over give to others. Bringing the focus back to your energy in an organized way is going to pave the way for a huge burst of creative power in the months to come. Trust me Virgo; it is time to be the mindful custodian of your happiness.

VIRGO QUICK TIP: Take daily notes on your happiness to stimulate a crazy cascade of deep satisfaction for life, love and the people you care about in the months to come!

The Best Crystal for Virgo This Month

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Green Aventurine to stimulate Self Love and Appreciation for Life and for those you love!

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Libra! The planets are aligned this June to lend you massive support from afar. Even though this might not be a month of massive change and huge movement forward, it is a month where slow, steady and balanced wins the race! Go slow and embrace some moments of quietude, as that far off support from your planets will probably come in the way of insight, inspiration and ideas to fine-tune most of your projects already in play. That includes your love life by the way!

LIBRA QUICK TIP: Go slow; listen to your inner voice. Take time out to help a friend or family member with something unexpected. Balance your energy with periods of movement and rest.

The Best Crystal for Libra This Month

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Amethyst to help you balance the higher needs of your community with your inner spiritual bliss!

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Scorpio! Let’s talk about your passion, AND your control issues AND your impulsive nature. First of all, this month you have an abundance of energetic love mojo going on. However, as we know, sometimes this can get you into a disastrous situation if you are around other people who well, just do not get your intensity. Do not hold yourself back or change yourself for anyone, just be mindful of your own expectations. If someone does not get it, does not vibe with your truth or gets shocked because you are a little too direct, brush it off (in a loving manner of course) and seek those that do get you!

SCORPIO QUICK TIP: Overall, be mindful if your control issues get, well, out of control. Be in love with your energy, keep dancing with those that get it and give everyone else the loving brush off!

The Best Crystal for Scorpio This Month

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Hematite to help you clear the way to what you want and need to amplify the passionate positive dynamo that you are!

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Sagittarius! Your feelings are powerful this month! This may start to irritate you after a while if you spend too much time in the feels however. By mid-month you might be so irritated that you grab your keys and head out for a night of loud music, overstimulation and dancing till dawn just to shut your feels down for a bit. That’s Ok! It just might be what you need to reset the over feeling you are experiencing. Once you get the agitation out of your system, you might be ready to think more clearly and make decisions about love, life and career from a less “feely” place.

SAGITTARIUS QUICK TIP: You feel inspired and powerful but a little too EMO for your own good. Organize those feelings as if they need their own day planner and do something explosive to get back to center!

The Best Crystal for Sagittarius This Month

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Rhodonite to help you tap into your feelings from compassion and higher wisdom so decisions come from inspiration not desperation!

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Capricorn! It might seem that this month you are not hearing any messages from the Universe telling you what to do next. This is not the time to seek for signs. It is time to go within and do some inner contemplation, self-guidance and self-trust work.

If you feel like you are under stimulated, it is a better time to give to others to get that feel good stimulation rather than to go out and indulge for yourself. Which is a good thing, because this month, Capricorn, you are more likely to give in balance to others but more likely to OVERBUY for yourself on stuff you really do not need! So, buy something lovely for your mom, your sweetie, your friend or the lady behind you in the Starbucks line! Next month, the universe just might have your back with some return on your good deeds!

CAPRICORN QUICK TIP: CTFO and think before you just go out and blow your retirement funds on that Lambo! Instead, do something nice for someone else!

The Best Crystal for Capricorn This Month

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Mahogany Obsidian to help you go deep within to access what is needed to strengthen yourself and your tribe!

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Aquarius! This month you are filled with visions and an inclination towards the spiritual (even if you normally are one of those very practical Aquarians). In a very interesting juxtaposition, you are also feeling VERY sensual. Here is the trick this month: be aware of which mode you are in. Are you more sensual in this moment or more spiritual, or, a unique blend of both? In order for things to not get messy, you need to keep a finger on where you are operating from.

In general, it is great be social this month, enjoy and be a butterfly, but, it might not be the month to land on one flower for too long as your senses and pleasure centers might not be sending you the exact right signals. Do not try to control the outcome of any encounter and be mindful of trying to manipulate even if it seems like you are trying to “be spiritual” as you might be leading with your hormones and not your higher senses. Step back and go light this month. Because going too deep and getting a little obsessed might not work out the way you think!

AQUARIUS QUICK TIP: Play, vision and imagine but keep your desire on a leash if it gets greedy!

The Best Crystal for Aquarius This Month

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Lapis Lazuli to help you access the truth of where you are operating from and to be clear about your spiritual intent!

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Pisces! Like the Leopard in the jungle, you are positioning yourself to pounce on whatever it is you want this month. However, keep your contrary fish in check that wants to change direction and swim upstream! You have a lot of energy that might want to run amuck and your mind wants to swim in twenty directions. That is all good for imagining and playtime.

However, when your eye is finally on the prize, SLOW DOWN, match your prey’s movements and POUNCE! Keep your sensitive, introspective times separate from your “hunting” times. Swim in the ocean of dreams to stay in that vision as long as you want. But, when business presents itself, be about it!

PISCES QUICK TIP: You are feeling inspired. Feel it and dream it but then be all business when it is time for action. Take it slow and make sure your aim is true.

The Best Crystal for Pisces This Month

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Leopard Skin Jasper to stimulate focus when you need it and cuddles and snuggly naps when it’s time to dream!

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Heather Kim Rodriguez

about the author

Heather Kim Rodriguez

Heather has a PhD in Spiritual Counseling & Holistic Healing, a Masters degree in Comparative Theology, is certified in CranioSacral Therapy, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Mediumship. A lifetime scholar and expert in the field of Personal Development, Metaphysics, Comparative Theology, Dream Interpretation, Mediumship, Shamanism and Mythology, she is passionate about helping others feel empowered to be their authentic self with total freedom.

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Thank you so much for the monthly insights. I also love the added golden nugget of crystals.

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