How The Modern Mumma Overcomes Anxiety

How The Modern Mumma Overcomes Anxiety

by Kristy Petersen

A while back, we asked our TLC ladies who were the people making positive differences in their life, and The Modern Mumma was amongst the top! We are so excited to meet women who are sharing their light in the world. Mel’s blog speaks the truth every mom NEEDS to hear.

Today she discusses what lead her to her mission and creation of her blog – how she copes with anxiety – the best parenting advice she’s ever received – how her and her husband sustain intimacy and connection while being full time parents – And of course, GUILTY PLEASURES. 

Ladies, meet Mel Watts, Creator of The Modern Mumma!

TLC: Take us back to 2014 when you started The Modern Mumma, what was the build up to the creation of this blog? We’d love to hear your journey.

MW: Back in 2014 I was working as an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse at my local hospital. With me having to do shift work and Nolan leaving for work at 4:30 am we found it hard to find someone to watch the kids that early so Nolan would start later or I’d have to cancel my shift. I wasn’t really coping with working so much and dropping Ivie at preschool super early and Ayden to before school care. So we sat down one night and went through our expenses and culled everything we could! Foxtel was gone, internet plans decreased etc what ever we had to. So I was able to stay home with Ivie all day and Ayden. I was laying in bed one night and I was thinking what do I want to do. Whats a hobby for me and writing is definitely a hobby. I love writing. So that’s how I started, The Modern Mumma.

TLC: A lot of ladies struggle with different types of anxiety and we know this is something you discuss quite a bit on your blog, but what are some practices you would suggest to our fellow ladies, that have helped you?

MW: Oh man anxiety is my life! It has been since I was a little girl I can now recall moments in my life that I found really distressing and found myself remembering how anxious I was. Since becoming an adult I’ve learned to talk to someone. It helped me so much. I’ve also had hypnotherapy as well for anxiety which crazily enough I think worked for a while. I use the app smiling minds as well.

TLC: Here at TLC, we are ALLLL about relationships, with four kids, how do you and your husband sustain intimacy and connection? What practices have you had to create in order to make time for each other?

MW: At the moment we struggle with giving ourselves the time. I find it hard to juggle four children and by the time he gets home I’m shattered. But I know it’s just a phase and we’ll get back there soon. We have a strict bedtime here with the kids 7/7:30pm every night. And then we have the rest of the time to ourselves. Since having Indie and Sonny things have changed, but we used to shower together all the time. Not because there was crazy sex because there wasn’t but because you are literally standing there in the same spot and you’re able to connect and talk. Sounds strange I know.

TLC: What was the best parenting advice you ever received?
MW: It’s just a phase. Everything really is just a phase. They grow out of waking up, they grow out of biting and hitting, they grow up out of all those bad day things and one day it’ll all just be a memory.

TLC: What is the best advice you would give to expectant mothers?

MW: Believe in yourself and ask for help!

TLC: What’s ONE thing you do every day that adds to your overall fulfillment and joy?

MW: I’ve just started back up at the gym. I initially wanted to go to lose weight. But now I go because it helps my mind. It also makes me accountable for myself.

TLC: What is something you would say to your 16-year-old self?

MW: Don’t wish to grow up too quickly. Have fun and enjoy the life you have at sixteen!

TLC: What is your ultimate mission?And what are some of the daily practices or rituals that help you center yourself so you can tackle your purpose and mission?

MW: I pep talk myself. Often I’ll say to myself “you’ve got this.” We forget that sometimes we need to remind ourselves we’re important too.

TLC: If you could make women feel anyway, what would you want them to feel

MW: Happiness. I think a lot of women really don’t feel the happiness they should. Sometimes it’s all to stressful and exhausting that we forget we need to enjoy that moment.

TLC: Now a fun one!… What are your guilty pleasures?
MW: Chocolate. I’m so bad with it. I love chocolate and scrolling on social media for hours.
Kristy Petersen

about the author

Kristy Petersen

Kristy is a Master of Manifesting! Once something goes on her vision board, she works tirelessly to make it happen. Hence the reason she is TLC’s Content & Relations Manager. As a mother of four from the Sunshine Coast Australia, she never gave up on her dream to work with The Ladies Coach and help women from all over the world make their own dreams happen. 


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