Passion TLC Thursday

How Your Language Reflects Your Relationship

This week on TLC Thursdays, I wanted to discuss the importance of LANGUAGE, and how it directly reflects the relationships we have in our lives, especially, intimately.

In this video I will be guiding you through some interactive practices for you to do on your own… NOT while you are driving or at work, but maybe on break or safely OFF the road.

Before you start the video, start thinking about your love language. What type of things do you say about your partner, or yourself for that matter? What I find is the language we speak creates meaning that directs our lives. What’s worse is sometimes we speak a disempowering language about our self; our relationship; our spouse and wonder why we aren’t living a life of passion.

I encourage you to share your insights on what you’ve discovered about your love language. Do you often times find yourself talking negatively about your partner, either to them or others?

If you are not in a relationship, even BETTER! What types of things do you say to yourself? How do you build rapport with others by belittling yourself? Write down the words you use mostly when you talk to yourself. Are they empowering or disempowering? Think about it and WRITE IT DOWN…

 Now press play!

About the author

Christal Fuentes

We believe everything we do is a part of a relationship. We’re not just talking about the kissy kissy, boyfriend girlfriend stuff… although we LOVE to talk about that. We’re talking PASSION… which starts from the relationship you have with yourself and ultimately leads to the relationships you have with others.