Who’s Love Would You Lose if You Were Unapologetically Yourself?

by Christal Fuentes

AUTHENTICITY: What does “being unapologetically yourself” mean and why is it easier said than done? Christal discusses what’s REALLY stopping people from living their most authentic life, and the important question you need to ask yourself.

Has anyone kept count of how many times you heard the word AUTHENTICITY? Probably not because it would be close to the TRILLIONS … like seriously, on this site alone, we’ve probably had 20 articles on authenticity so, we get how overused this word could feel…

But as I was in the shower the other day this word popped up. Yup, right in the middle of scrubbing my armpits, “authenticity” flashed before my eyes. Which made me wonder, WHY IS IT SO DAMN HARD FOR US TO BE AUTHENTIC?

Even the people who say they’re so “real” are usually the ones with the biggest masks. So, if this is one of the most talked about topics, why are we still not getting to the root of why we don’t feel safe enough to be our true selves.


Most people don’t even know who their “true self” is.

So, back to the question: Why do we struggle with authenticity?

My insta-response was FEAR…

Ok, duh! But what is it that we actually fear though?

And this is when I had a soulful realization that made me think back to most of the relationships I’ve ever had. The relationships that I have lasted years and years all have one thing in common, I don’t fear losing their love.

What does this mean? It means that I can be who I am without having a mask that represents a false ideal of who I am. Masks are the way we hide who we truly are for fear of LOSING LOVE.

This mask keeps us tip toeing, keeps us having shallow relationships with people, keeps us from true fulfillment in life because we are afraid to “rock the boat” with people.

But how can we begin to honor our authentic self without worrying about losing love? That’s exactly what we discuss in today’s podcast.

But first let me ask you, who’s love would you lose, if you unapologetically yourself?

What did you take away from today’s episode? COMMENT BELOW!


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Christal Fuentes

about the author

Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.

Kellie SAYS:

Love this! ???????? I know exactly who’s love I’d lose and I believe it would be the best thing ever but at the same time taking that massive step is tough ????

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    What’s the one thing you fear losing from that relationship? Also, sometimes the relationships we think we’d lose love from, are the relationships that get expanded deeper if we allow it to and that means, showing our true self.

Chris SAYS:

Thanks Christal. I definitely think I sometimes act out of fear of losing the love of a partner instead of acting with authenticity of what I would do in a vacuum. I’m curious how you draw the distinction between authenticity and selfishness? I agree that authenticity is something to strive for in relationships, but I’m having difficulty resolving the internal conflict I feel with doing things that I know will make my partner feel marginalized but are consistent with who I think I am… Appreciate the thought provoking post.

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