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So many people ask, “Christal, how do you know all this stuff? Did you go to school for this? Was psychology your major?

Well.. I dropped out of college, and truthfully, I didn’t even last a full year, so I can’t say that’s where my interest or “education” in self-development started. I definitely believe life experience does wonders but life experience alone doesn’t give you the tools necessary to thrive in key areas.

There was one thing I’ve always done and still do to keep up with my education, and that’s READING!

Reading has always been my go-to. Especially books that are easily digestible, relatable and have a powerful message. I truly believe the best way to elevate your game in different areas of your life is to pick up a book.

The times in my life I’ve felt the most stuck and alone, I was able to pick up a book and instantly feel there were people who not only understood what I was going through, but was able to give their tools on how to push through it. They also become “pocket mentors.”

No matter what area in your life you are trying to develop, there’s a book for it! So let this be your very own TLC Reading Corner where you can browse the books that have made a difference in different areas of my life.

Relationships / Intimacy / Sex
Spirituality / Personal Growth
Confidence / Trust / Self-Help
Health / Body & Mind Healing
Creativity/ Art/ Passion
Business / Money / Purpose
Social Sciences / Psychology
Feel Good / Inspiring Stories


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