Ashy Bines on Living a Balanced Life

by Christal Fuentes

There’s not enough I can say about this GORGEOUS #bossbabe! I am so lucky to call her a dear friend and can honestly say that she has been TLC’s biggest supporter. She has an incredibly big heart and is constantly promoting people who have the same mission, which is to empower our fellow ladies!

She has a following of over 1 Million women and has allowed her life to be as transparent as possible for women who look up to her. If you follow her on Snapchat, you will see her highs and lows and how she fabulously balances life with being a new mommy, a business owner, and a sexy wifey. With that said, there’s a lot she has to deal with day to day but I don’t know anyone who could successfully handle it as she does.
Ashy Intro

TLC: At what age were you when you started ABBBC and how did that come about?


AB: I was 20 when Steve and I started to run our ABBBC challenges together, it started so small but the results our girls gained were posted online as we were so proud and they went viral. We were swamped with requests to bring ABBBC to every city and town in Australia. So we slowly started to expand when we found the perfect trainers to look after our girls.

TLC: What has been your greatest experience running your own business?

AB: The look in girls eyes when they tear up and say “ because of you I didn’t give up “ or “ because of you I now want to get out of bed and live my life.” “ Because of you I am now a better mother and wife,” comments like this light my whole world up.

TLC: What has been the toughest experience you’ve faced running your business?

AB: Media are extremely tough sometimes and just the general public who decide to question your intentions and accuse you of not having girls best interests at heart.

TLC: Life has greatly changed since the birth of your son but somehow you seem to find the time to balance being a wife, mom, business owner, your health AND your relationships. How have you been able to do it so far and what advice would you give new mommies who struggle with time management?

Ashy Fam
AB: It can 100% be such a struggle and every day as much as you plan it can always change, but time management and being clear on what’s most important to get done each day is super important. Also, I try not to be super mum and do it all myself. I reach out if I need help and be kind to myself on the tough days. It’s ok to cry and break down but make sure you don’t live in that state. You can have a bad hour or bad day but always pick yourself up and go again. Surrounding yourself with the right people is KEY.

TLC: Let’s talk friendships. You happen to have some of the closest relationships I have ever seen with your girlfriends. I absolutely love how close, supportive and loving you-you all are (I know this because I know you all) and I can honestly say they are relationships I truly admire. What are your keys to a sustainable friendship?

Ashy friends
AB: Sometimes I honestly think I just hit the grand jackpot. I feel SOOO lucky to have my friends I cannot even explain how lucky I feel. I feel the best thing about us as friends are we are SO open, there are no boundaries and never any judgment. We have created the safest environment for us to always be ourself, laugh every day, be open honest and completely real. Being able to be yourself and be 100% loved for who you are is the best feeling in the world. My girls are incredible.

TLC: Being in the public eye must be a gift and a curse. I see you inspiring THOUSANDS of women a day to not only change their health but also their lives! However, with that comes some straight HATERADES… How do you let go of judgment, critics, and people who spread the wrong message about you? How do you continue to do your thing knowing there could be a backlash?

AB: I use to react and sometimes still do. Not often but yes, it can be very difficult as I mentioned before, it’s very hurtful when people not only accuse you of things but also make up rumors to create a juicy story. When people question my intentions is just feels horrible. At the end of the day, as long as I KNOW (110%)  that I always have the best intentions is most important. I also know I’m doing the BEST I can to be there for my girls (worldwide), my son, my family, and friends.

People sometimes forget I’m just a normal girl and they give me no room to make mistakes. They expect me to be perfect 24/7. As long as I look in the mirror every night and I am proud of who. I’m so appreciative for those who want my help and have connected with me – that’s AMAZING. Those who don’t connect with me, that’s OK as well.

TLC: Since you and your hubby work together at home, what are some rituals you both like to do together to keep intimacy and passion alive especially with a new baby in the mix?

AB: Date night once a week is a MUST. And also allowing each other to do our own roles in the business without questions. Separating work can be difficult and we sure have had some hard times but are always learning and supporting each other the best we can.

TLC: Becoming a new mom can be intimidating and unfortunately comes with a lot of people wanting to give their harsh “opinions” on what mothering looks like. What would you like the new moms to be, to know that could ease their spirit?

AB: Always follow your gut, and if people are giving you a hard time, smile and nod – you don’t have to take any advice on and try to see that their intentions are only to help. Don’t waste energy on getting frustrated as hard as that is. I even find it hard when I have hundreds of comments every day of what I’m doing, right or wrong, but take big breaths and follow what you feel is right for YOU and your baby.

TLC: If you can condense all of life’s lessons into ONE that has been most relevant to you, what would it be?

AB: Every day counts. Every action matters. Every word spoken can make love or do damage. Trade expectation for appreciation and be the change you want to see in the world. It all starts with YOU.

TLC: If you could wave a magic wand that could make women feel anyway, what would it be?

AB: Passionately ALIVE.

Christal Fuentes

about the author

Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.

Katelyn SAYS:

I absolutely love her quotes “Every day counts. Every action matters. Every word spoken can make love or do damage. Trade expectation for appreciation and be the change you want to see in the world. It all starts with YOU.”

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    Isn’t she amazing Katelyn! I loved that too!

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