Abundance, Manifestation and Wealth Creation is an Internal Game

Abundance, Manifestation and Wealth Creation is an Internal Game

by Alissa Buttiglieri

You know that financial freedom, lifestyle, relationship, success and happiness you SO crave? You know how you keep trying to figure out what exactly you need to DO in order to manifest and create your dream life?

You invest in coaches, courses, programs, events, books, you name it! And it all helps for a little while, but nothing seems to really TRANSFORM.

That’s because 99% of human beings, are doing it all wrong. So many people run around, looking externally, like, I’ll get this job or I’ll start this business, or I’ll do this to have this partner, or I’ll invest in this course so I can learn how to make more money….the list goes on and on.

What I want you to understand is, it’s not about the strategy. In fact, strategy is only 20% of it. So what is the 80% you ask? MINDSET. Shifting your internal state.

You need to find someone who is teaching you how to transform your INTERNAL game.

If you are actually serious about creating wealth, abundance, and manifesting your dream life, then it is all about your internal game.

I don’t just mean, if you love yourself you will create the life you desire because even though loving yourself is imperative, it isn’t enough if your mindset isn’t on point!

Get aligned with creating, internally first.

You can take all the action, invest in all the courses and execute the strategy, but ultimately what you will find is, it won’t last, it won’t happen, or even if you do have some success, it will happen really slowly.

Hands up if you know you need to work on your internal game? Because really, if everyone just followed the strategy, everyone would be literally living their dream life. So it really does come down to creating it, internally first.

All these people whom you see, that are super successful, and living their dream life, created it, simply because they were dedicated to cultivating the mindset to back it. And they worked on it, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. There is nothing they have, that you don’t. Other than maybe a mindset that is ‘on fleek’.

Yep, you read right. This is not something you can do one week, or for one day, skip it for 2 weeks, then pick it up again.

You need to create your own daily mindset practice and commit to it every day, for the rest of your life.

I want you to ask yourself, how much time are you spending HONESTLY, working on your inner game to succeed?

If what you want isn’t manifesting then you have limitations internally, you have blocks.

You then need to work on manifesting what you want. How? By showing your mind the reality of what it would look like if you already had it


If you want XYZ, but you don’t internally believe you can have it, you won’t have it. The thing is with limitations, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, fears, negative self-talk, and doubt, if you don’t address THAT, you will manifest THAT.

This is why so many people struggle, and the scary thing is most people aren’t even aware of their blocks and limitations.

BUT, you need to go deeper than that!

What are the blocks under the surface that aren’t so obvious? Really think about this because this is what will show up if you don’t address it.

Here are three steps I want you to start, to begin shifting your internal state:

1. Write out your obvious blocks, limiting beliefs, habits, etc. 

E.g. Money is hard to make, I am unlovable, I am not smart enough for success, I am not worthy of happiness etc.

Now let’s find your SURFACE BLOCKS. Your blocks beneath the blocks. Normally this is something you DO.
A default habit or belief.

Eg. You believe you are worthy of money, and that’s great. You have worked on that, but maybe you believe you can only earn money in a certain way. That’s limiting, and that is your ‘block, beneath the block’


This step is why 99% of people don’t manifest what they want, even if they have addressed their limitations and blocks.

E.g. I am going to make X amount of money this year, and I am going to do it by doing this and this and this.

The truth is when you focus on HOW you are going to achieve something, (remember the ‘strategy’ is only 20% of it) you are setting yourself up for challenges and blocks. When your internal state and mindset it right, the HOW, will figure itself out.

Think about your soul mate if you have one, or a good friend. You didn’t have a plan in place to meet this person along with the exact steps. They appeared into your life. You manifested that.

Does this require a leap of faith? Yes, and that leads on to my next point..

3. Take massive ACTION and TRUST!

ACTION creates RESULTS, which creates BELIEF.

When you can create certainty in your mind, and allow yourself to visualize and create your reality, before it’s yours, and you take action from that space, that is a great space to be.

Meaning, if you WERE living your dream life, if you WERE earning lots of money, if you WERE pursuing your passion, what would you be doing? Do THAT.

Taking MASSIVE aligned action as if it has already happened.

You have to shift your mindset in to a state as if you have already achieved the result.

If you want 10 million dollars, but you are acting like you don’t even have $10, the world will not give it to you. Think about it, the results you have created in your life to date, is a result of all your choices, beliefs all stacked up in to this present moment.

Every single moment is released from one second to the next, to the next, to the next, and you cant change it, you cant go back, its gone.

The world is CONSTANTLY trying to give us what we want, but we get in our own way. So BE ready, by turning inward, and working on your internal game first.

Alissa Buttiglieri

about the author

Alissa Buttiglieri

Alissa is your no BS Mindset Coach, Speaker, and Writer. Her mission is to help anyone, build an unbreakable bond with themselves, to manifest the life they deserve, and fearlessly pursue their passion with hustle and heart. Now, having mastered, self-acceptance, and her MINDSET, she is determined to live a passion fuelled life, creating her own rules, away from the ‘norm’, and it is her absolute mission to help others do the same. She achieves this through her extremely powerful and interactive live events and masterminds, online VIP TRIBE, and online programs.

Sage Mage SAYS:

Your blog is more a sales pitch than anything else. If you truly knew how to massively manifest you wouldn’t
be selling your services online. You wouldn’t have to work anymore. Just sayin’.

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    Hi Sage, manifesting is all about CREATING and shifting the limiting belief we so often create about why we aren’t deserving of (x,y & z) which was conveyed brilliantly in this article. Manifesting is not “wishing” wealth into existence but shifting negative and limiting beliefs and taking ACTION on the things you want most and making money through services you KNOW you can offer is apart of the manifesting process… they are not separate. I would give this article another read 😉

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