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Why You Don’t Want Stress out of Your Life

by Christal Fuentes


If I were to ask you if you’d like stress to be banned from your life for good, what would your answer be? My guess would be a BIG. FAT. HELLLLL YESSSSS! Wouldn’t it be? Most likely, right?

With the advancements in technology… there might even be a time where we are able to adjust filters to our everyday life… Kind of how we do on Snapchat! And we all know I love me that snap life! Oh yes, technology is moving forward and before you know it, virtual reality will not just be something we play with here and there… cough cough… Pokemon GO. It will be a way of life. I know! That sounds crazy right, but as much as some of us would like to resist it, resistance doesn’t make it go away, plus, why would we want it to?

What do you think generations before would have thought about the technology we are currently using? They laughed, they resisted and they even had the same concerns as we may have now,


That’s a question I even ask as a woman whose mission is to help others build organic and fulfilling relationships. But here’s the deal, so far technology has actually helped with the connectedness of our society… what? Yup! It actually has. As much as we’d like to tell our kids to get your face out of that phone and into “real” life, in our generation, we are going to see that virtual reality, and “reality” are actually an extension of each other and we might not even know when one ends and one begins… That’s a huge discussion for another time but I felt it was important to throw that in there to freak you out a bit haha!

But here’s what I really want to talk to you about. Since virtual reality is where our world is heading, what if we had the ability to turn on a “Stress-Free” filter that would completely eradicate all stresses from our life? Again, that sounds amazing huh? But the truth is, you might also eradicate the parts of your life that add to your overall joy and fulfillment. What does that mean? Well, press play and let’s take a look at what a stress-free life would actually look like and what it could ultimately cost you. Then maybe, you will see the stress in your life a little differently.

As always, please comment your insights below and let’s start a deeper conversation about this. I LOVE learning from you!

Happy TLC Thursday my beautiful babe!

Christal Fuentes

about the author

Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.

Natasha SAYS:

I am currently feeling very stressed about work, and it’s stress I definitely don’t think I need. It’s leaving me stewing for days and making see my life currently very negative witch I HATE! it’s all down to my manager and the way the shop is run. It’s coming to the point I want to find a new job but I earn really good money and my main aim is to travel so my job is helping me save money to pursue my dreams.
Love Natasha x

Kristy Petersen SAYS:

Ok at first I was like WHAT??? Christal has lost her marbles of course I want all stress removed from my life!! But then I kept watching and ok now the video has left me GRATEFUL for my stresses, yup you read right! I’m not changing a thing.
Kristy xx

Yuliana SAYS:

Spot on, my stress is daily,uni, my children, my mum my friends (or lack of supportive friendships) but I couldn’t be without any of it! ❤️????

Melanie SAYS:

Work is currently my biggest stress. I am constantly tired and overwhelmed with the amount of work I have. Steps have been put in place to help but I may not see an improvement for another month or so. Til then I’m having a hard time being happy about going to work. Another stress is my anxiety. I would be fine staying inside and not going anywhere any time. I know this is detrimental. It is hard at times not to panic when I learn that i have a certain oiting to go on…. Work in progress. Third stress… Well… I could say I put unneeded stress on myself trying to be what I think others ‘want’ me to be rather thN allowing me just to be me. This is another thing that is a work in progress.

Jenna SAYS:

I’m currently stressed because I’m an Australian with a working visa for Canada that is about to run out. I’m stressed because I don’t want to go back to my old life, my old job and living with my parents again. But most of all, I will have to part ways with the guy I’ve been seeing for the last 7 months. It has been giving me anxiety counting down the days I have left with him.
Jenna xx

Tracy SAYS:

My young adult daughter is my biggest stress right now however it has been bringing out the best in my and helping me to evolve into the best version of myself so I can be a conscious and loving mother to her! I certainly agree I wouldn’t want it any other way! XO

Lisa shields SAYS:

Trying to make a relationship work out is stressing

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