Why Hating on the Kardashians is a Waste of Time

by Christal Fuentes

I think it’s time we retire the narrative that the Kardashians “don’t do anything” for their fame. Hate them or love them, there’s no denying the work it takes to manage the companies they manage on a day to day.

“But Christal, they have tons of people who do that for them… They don’t do shit!”

Too often in my own field of coaching and women “ empowerment” I witness first hand the contradiction that exists. What does that mean? That means the very women who say they promote ALL women, unconsciously bash women who are not like them.

“You can’t say you stand for women, when you selectively bash certain women.”

What are we teaching new generations that are meant to be raised as a strong support system for future women, if we ourselves are bashing women who choose to do things differently.

In my book, I talk about how personal attachment to the lives of celebrities, stops us from creating abundance in our lives. I know you’ve heard this before, but I will tell you again, there is no one who can dim your light but YOU. And one of the most major ways we do this is by trying to dim the light of others.

There’s no reason for it, and it does more harm than good. Another thing is, no celebrity or influencer is meant to be your role model. I am so over hearing people degrade others in the name of a “role model” meter.

I’m sorry but, Kylie Jenner did not sign up to be your role model. She is a young woman simply living her life and doing what feels right for her. What the hell were we all doing at 19? Actually… I’d rather not say, but I think we can all agree that putting a “role model” meter on our 19-year-old self probably makes no damn sense does it? Not to mention, we’d all fail miserably.

With that said, just recently Kylie Jenner became the youngest person on Forbes list for her cosmetic line. There were several reactions…

“That’s awesome!”

“I don’t care”

“It’s a disgrace”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion obviously, but as someone who studies human behavior, I’m intrigued with responses that generate so much energy either way. Especially if it starts to get in the way of our emotional stability like… (cough cough) this past election.

I guess this is where I’m going with this, is NO ONE should have that much power over you. Agree or disagree with someone’s life choices, the world could use a little more support and understanding. Your hate does NOTHING, but dim your own light. If you are coming from a true intention to serve, then it would be delivered in a loving supportive matter.

For my “too judgmental” babes:

Here are the lessons I would give for anyone who struggles with a “fear-based” emotion of any kind because that is ultimately what judgment is, FEAR.

1. Be AWARE of when these feelings happen.

2. Acknowledge and Forgive when you are having a fear-based emotion. It happens to EVERYONE. We are human but we must forgive ourselves first for having it. Because again, ultimately, we are just saying “we are not good enough” to ourselves.

3. Tell the truth! Is the story you just made up about someone REALLY true? Even if it was, that is THEIR story NOT yours. So you have no right to tell it.

4. Give yourself love! The act of judging, jealousy, and insecurity is a restriction of love and appreciation for YOURSELF which in turn hurts another person. So giving love to yourself not only says I am enough, it also heals that feeling of jealousy and the “fake” story disappears.

Now together, let’s do more congratulating than hating!

Christal Fuentes

about the author

Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.

Kristy Petersen SAYS:

So perfectly said babe xx

mandatorymindfulness SAYS:

Hell yeah! Love it xxx

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