How to Manifest More Love and Abundance in Life

by Danijela Jokic Vaislay

Practicing these seven things can help you in manifesting what you truly desire:

1. Write down your goals

Dr. Gail Matthews, a professor at the Dominican University of California in her research study about setting goals has discovered that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them! writing down your goals on paper is like an official declaration to yourself and the Universe that you are committing to manifesting your dream and that you believe it is possible for you!

2. Use your phone as a manifesting tool

We spend so many hours in a day with a phone in our hands, so why not use it as a manifestation tool? Creating a vision board as a visual reminder of your life vision, dreams and goals is helpful, but the truth is that we can’t spend too much of our time during the day looking at it. But unlike with the vision board, we are staring at our phone screen a lot!

There are many ways you can use your phone as a manifestation tool:

-Take a picture of your vision board and set it as a wallpaper.

-Create a daily reminder with powerful affirmations, which you can read in the morning.

-Create a reminder with congratulations to yourself for achieving your desired goals (every time you see it on your phone screen, cultivate gratitude in advance like you’ve already achieved it).

-Have guided manifesting meditations to listen on your phone, every time you have a small break throughout the day.

3. Create a manifesting diary folder

For manifesting what we truly desire it is essential that we cultivate the feeling of being happy, in love, prosperous or healthy. Depending on your goals, you can create a folder named: “I feel so rich,” “I feel loved,” “I feel successful” and so on. Your task is to take pictures or screenshots throughout the day of every little thing which makes you feel like you are already symbolically or on the small scale living the life you are dreaming of and store it in the belonging folder. For example, if you desire to manifest more money you can take pictures of an expensive watch or jewelry piece which you’re wearing, a meal in a fancy restaurant, donation or charity you gave, flight ticket, or whatever makes you feel abundant and store it into the “I feel rich” folder.

If you desire to manifest a romantic partner, then you can take screenshots of a loving message from your friend or family member, or a gift that you received, or your self-care routine, whatever makes you feel loved. Once you start doing it, open the folder every day and take a look at that collection of moments and all the things that make you feel a certain way, to cultivate the powerful and positive vibes, which will help you to manifest what you desire. A creative visualization is a great tool, but seeing something you’ve already experienced has a much higher power as it was real and you know it IS your REALITY already!!!

4. Give away more of what you want to receive

Whatever you want to receive and manifest in your life right now, make sure that you give it to other people around you. If you give it will be given back to you! Give more love to your pets, your friends, and family members and yourself (self-care, buying a gift for yourself, reminding yourself how special you are, treating yourself to a favorite dessert). Give more money to charity (no matter how small you can afford, it is essential to give it away). Donate clothes and other belongings you no longer use or need.

Invest money in education for your dream job or on working with a coach to build your business, leave a tip at the restaurant, buy gifts for other people from the heart and wrap them with love. Buy a lunch or a cup of coffee to someone random.

No matter how small, you will give away every time that you do; you will feel abundant (how can you give something you don’t have already?). You will show your faith in the Universe that there is more where that came from and that you are always taken care of financially!

5. Let go of envy!

You cannot manifest what you truly desire until you let go of envy. Let’s take a look what envy is. Envy is a negative feeling of frustration, sadness or anger (we all feel it differently), which pops up when another person has what we want! We feel sad because we think it’s just not fair, we feel angry because we feel like we are a failure and we are less than, or we can be frustrated because our desires are not being met and we feel a lack. Now, all of these negative feelings are creating very negative vibes. Feelings of lack and “not having it.” Cultivating these feelings is suicidal for manifesting what we want!

Every time you see or meet a person who is living the life you want to live or has accomplished what you want to achieve, congratulate that person, and instead of being envious, be happy because that person is living proof that you can make it happen too. Let that person be your inspiration and role model. If you sabotage people to get what you want and feel they’re like a competition, you will not get fortunate with manifesting, either.

Make your competitors a driving force which will inspire you to keep high standards for yourself and keep on improving. You should feel respect for your competitors and silent admiration: if they want(ed) to achieve the same as you do, then deep inside, you are alike, and you share similar visions!

6. Strengthen the power of your beliefs

Our belief system is like a watchman on the door of our life, which controls what experiences and blessings will enter into our lives, and what will stay outside of our reach. The part of our brain, called Reticular Activating System (RAS) serves as a filter between our conscious and subconscious mind, and it helps us filter the information that we receive throughout the day. Our brain will select and filter only 1% of the information that we collect from our external environment, and that 1% of data will solely consist of the experiences and information matching to those which we have already seen, heard, experienced in the past, and which are aligning to our belief system. So, we do see and experience the world around us as we believe it is like! It’s the science! It’s how our brain works!

Make sure that you eradicate disempowering beliefs and replace them with positive and empowering ones. Once you replace your disempowering beliefs with new, empowering ones, you will suddenly start “noticing” people, ideas, ways, creative solutions, opportunities… to manifest your desires which you never seemed to notice or “see” before!

To manifest what we desire, we need to take aligned action towards it and cultivate the feeling that we already have to change our mindset and start believing that all those great things are possible for us! Make sure that you do something every single day that will represent you living your dreams (even symbolically).

If you desire to become a writer, start blogging or writing articles, or start writing an e-book, sign up for writer’s workshops, and so on. If you desire to travel around the world, start going locally more often or visiting nearby cities. If you desire to be so rich that you can afford a super expensive branded bag, buy a cardholder of a wallet in that same shop (every time you look at it, it will remind you that you can afford the luxury items.)

Take yourself out for a romantic dinner or buy yourself flowers, go for a walk in nature, where you would love to come with your romantic partner once he shows up into your life. Cook a “five-star” dinner at home, have a candlelight dinner with a glass of champagne to cultivate the feeling of being abundant. Don’t wait for your life to special “one day” when your dreams come true, but instead, start living your dreams today and you will see them manifest beyond your wildest dreams!

7. Have in mind that anything you think or speak is an affirmation!

We cannot transform our thoughts and beliefs into positive and empowering ones, and raise our vibes higher if we keep on complaining all the time about the things we are not happy with our life!

Affirmations are not just spoken for five or ten minutes a day when you are working on your mindset and doing creative visualization. We affirm things from the moment we wake up in our bed, to the moment we fall asleep. Everything that we are thinking and speaking throughout the day is affirmations!

Make an intention to avoid complaining about the things and people that are frustrating you, and start speaking and thinking more about positive, empowering thoughts, and the topics you are passionate about. Rumours, complaints, criticism, negative talk, they all are lowering our vibes and reducing our overall happiness. We need more positive energy and more positive vibes to create the life we will love.

Noting down all the things you feel grateful for (gratitude journaling) will help you to shift your focus from what you lack in your life, towards what you are abundantly blessed with. According to WHO, 12.9 percent of the world’s population (over 1 billion people) is undernourished and will probably go to bed hungry tonight. Millions of people around the world do not have access to clean running water and electricity, which in Western countries we usually take for granted. Note down every day at least three things you feel very grateful for and let the feelings of being blessed and abundant take you over!

Have in mind that your “vision board” will become your reality only once you train your mind to think, talk, behave, and act like the person who lives the lifestyle you want to live!

Danijela Jokic Vaislay

about the author

Danijela Jokic Vaislay

Danijela Jokic Vaislay is a life coach and motivational speaker from Europe, based in India. Her tips on happiness, success, Law Of Attraction were featured and quotes in many international magazines and personal growth publications, including The Huffington Post, COSMOPOLITAN, and Mike Dooley's blog. Her mission is to help people all over the globe, via her articles, live events, and private 1 on 1 coaching via Skype, to get unstuck in life and manifest their wildest dreams into reality.

Kristy Petersen SAYS:

Love this Danijela!! I’m a vision board advocate, I swear by them so powerful. Another amazing inspiring article by you.
Kristy xo

    Danijela SAYS:

    Thank you so very much, Kristy! You are really Master Of Manifesting! <3 You manifested the job from your vision board! :)) I'm so glad that you liked the article, I love being part of TLC family and I write every article from the heart, with joy and intention to inspire TLC ladies to live their best life. Love <3 <3 <3

Samantha SAYS:

Thank you Danijella!!
I couldnt have read this at a better time/day in my life!! Will definitely take these tools and tips along with my for my journey!.! And i am happy to know i practice most of these daily!! I look forward to manafesting my dreams into a reality! ! ????????

    Danijela SAYS:

    Dear Samantha, Thank you very, very much for leaving a comment! I am happy to know that you are practicing many of these tools and that you are also in love with Law Of Attraction, along with me and Kristy <3 Once we are ready to receive guidance and help and make some positive changes, and when we decide at the heart level, Universe sends us the right article, book, quote, teacher, event, or a person to help us in our journey. Loads of love!

Aakansha SAYS:

Dear Danijela
Thank you so much for these inspiring words.
It is something I needed to read the most today. I still do not know how much will I be able to actually incorporate, but I know for sure that I will try.
Happiness still looks like a far away project but I will keep trying.
Thanks once again.

    Danijela SAYS:

    Dear Aakansha, thank you for leaving such a beautiful a comment! The first step on the journey to happiness is deciding that we must make some positive changes in life and become happy! The second is that we search for resources and people who can help us in that. I can see that you are already doing both so you can be sure in time, that you will experience more happiness in joy in your life. <3

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