Signs Your Relationship Won't Last Long Term Pt. 1

Signs Your Relationship Won’t Last Long Term Pt. 1

by Christal Fuentes

This week Chrissy and Christal were haunted by a ghostly presence in the studio that did not like the topic they were covering – they go into the signs your relationship won’t work in the first part of a two part series – how to know you are dating a magician – conflicting values in relationships.

So today, we were visited by a spirit friend in the studio. Well… I wouldn’t call it a friend as it kept shutting our cameras off right when we were discussing critical topics. Maybe it got offended that we were calling out all the Magician’s of the world.

What’s a Magician? A “Magician”  is an archetype that has been around for centuries. I definitely did not create this archetype but I have developed this archetype in my own practice to define a particular masculine energetic presence (energy embodiment) in relationships.

The Magician: 

Visionary; Romantic; Intellectual; Charismatic

Healthy: A magician sees the possibilities in life; Doesn’t get stuck on insignificant matters; knows how to “woo” his partner; very passionate about life.

Shadow: Creates a life of illusion. In relationships they will only let you see what they want you to see, but secrets lie behind the curtains. An out of balance Magician likes the chase and will usually only stay until their partner is completely enamored with them.

For my ladies who have ever been in a relationship with a Magician. You may have fallen head over heels for someone who made you believe they were serious about you and the relationship. They romanticized all these grand plans about your future together, marriage, kids, travel… that you may have thought you found the one.

Then, you started to see their weak spots or found something out you “shouldn’t have” and before you knew it, they closed the curtain to their life and either, ghosted you (leaving you hanging out of nowhere) or gas-lighted you (making you feel crazy for the truth you uncovered).

It’s definitely not easy dating a Magician who is living in their shadow, but one of the clear signs you are dating a Magician is if you feel swept away in a relationship and don’t feel your feet rooted to the ground. You feel the relationship is super passionate, but lacks depth. 

You may have either met an entourage that travels with this person or no one close to them at all. It’s really hard to get a feel of who this person trusts because they only want you to know so much and like the rush they get when people see them for who they WANT to be seen as, not necessarily who they really are.

I digress….

We will definitely dive into this energy as it relates to relationships a bit later, but let’s get into the point of today’s discussion!

The 8 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Work Long Term

1. An Imbalance of Power

2. Conflicting Values

3. Demeaning communication styles: toxic sarcasm, resentful jabs, consistent condescending remarks

4. Lack of personal interests

5. One partner has a dire need for external attention

6. Toxic masculine/Toxic Feminine behavior

7. Relationship built on whirlwind romance

8. The relationship isn’t practical – (logistics of love)


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Christal Fuentes

about the author

Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.


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