How to Break Free from Taboos That Are Restricting Your Feminine Power

How to Break Free from Taboos That Are Restricting Your Feminine Power

by Celine Remy

Love Yourself First …and you will open the door to being loved by others.

We cannot find outside what we lack inside ourselves. Many women dream of being loved and understood, but pay very little attention to learning to love themselves.

For centuries, women’s sexuality has been repressed. As a result, most of us approach our bodies and sexuality with fear, shame and guilt. Our goal-oriented society pressures us to increase our performance and achievements on the surface level of life. This promotes a mentality of self- sacrifice that drives us to focus outside of ourselves for our self-worth and sense of satisfaction. And the media forces us to compare ourselves with photos of perfect, air-brushed, teenage models that leave no room for finding the unique beauty that is waiting to radiate from each of us.

It is time to take a break and listen to ourselves. It is time to feel and experience our feminine needs and desires, and to remember the beauty within that truly inspires and nourishes us. It is time to inspire the inner beauty that radiates from within, by giving our body and soul the nourishment and love it needs and deserves.

Sensual Awakening

Studies have shown that specific exercises, including daily self-massage with breathing techniques, not only tone up the body, but also support the body’s ability to maintain health, wake up our feminine essence, and stimulate the production of endorphins, the body’s own happiness hormones.

Endorphins reduce stress, lower blood pressure, decrease pain and boost the immune system. Endorphins flow freely in a happy, vibrant, healthy body and bring a delightful sensation of well-being that translates into a radiance and confidence that is the pillar of attraction and beauty.

Ancient Practice From China

The Taoists developed a system for accessing and connecting to the Earth’s energy and power. Today, I want to share with you my favorite tool to awaken our sensual woman within.

By practicing this “sexual” exercise, we can reduce our menstrual symptoms, augment our pleasure and vitality, increase our energy, develop self-confidence and nurture self-love.

Most women think they need to relax more, but I believe we simply need to open and surrender more. The following practice, when done properly can give you the keys to unlock those places within, where a woman’s true power lies waiting.

Let’s explore a powerful practice for empowerment and health:

The Breast Massage

Our breasts are a source of nourishing and healing qualities. They are also how we penetrate the world, with our nourishing energy. A simple daily massage routine will help you get in touch with the magical power of your breasts. By touching our breasts we can come into our heart, allowing ourselves to open and soften, and empower and release all the beauty of being a woman.

Your breasts are the gateway to your creativity and attractive power, and you must awaken them to feel more sexually alive.

So which qualities do you hold within your breasts and put forward?

I have a few questions that might reveal your relationship with your breasts.
– Do you like your breasts?

– Do you touch and caress them yourself?

– How do they feel?

– How do they look to you?

– Do you like it when someone else is touching, stroking, adoring your breasts?

If your answers show any negativity toward your breasts, then it’s time to release the issues trapped in your tissues.

In our busy lives we rarely take the time to connect with our bodies and get to know ourselves. We know so little about our basic biology.

Remember breasts are very sensitive, soft and tender. Many small blood vessels, nerve cells, milk glands, and lymph vessels build a complex system inside the breasts, which need to be treated carefully and lovingly. So always use a soft, tender touch.

From the Taoist perspective the liver plays a key role in breasts health. The liver’s important task is to move chi (life force) and blood within the body. A feeling of “pulling” in the breasts and little knots are always somehow connected to the liver. So don’t overload your system with toxic substances.

The breasts are dependent on blood and lymph circulation, and receive no help from muscle and joint activity to promote circulation and lymph drainage. Unhealthy toxins can be stored in breast tissue; just as it can be stored in muscle tissue. These toxins can build to unhealthy levels.

We love our breasts to be healthy, so let’s take care of them daily.

By doing simple modification to your lifestyle you can create important prevention:

– Get rid of your constricting bra (specially the ones with the underwire), they block the lymphatic drainage and create an accumulation of toxic substances

– Exercise daily or at least for 4 hours a week

– Discard chemicals skincare, hair colorings, deodorants with aluminum

– Avoid EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) as much as possible

– Eat organic, whole foods

– Sleep in total darkness to favor the production of melatonin

– Stay away from synthetic hormones

– Massage your breasts daily

In our polluted environment, unhealthy toxins accumulate and get stored in breast tissue. These toxins can damage breast tissues. Massage can help remove toxins and prevent problems that come from prolonged exposure.

Basic breast massage in 4-steps:

Heat up your hands by rubbing them together. Infuse them with loving energy.

Then cup your breasts and breathe into them for a minute, until you feel them pulsing and becoming more alive, smile to your breasts.\

With your hands covering your breasts, rotate gently and slowly, clockwise and then counterclockwise while keeping your hands in place.

End with placing one hand on your heart, one on your sex and feel the flow.

A New Paradigm of Sensuality

This practice breaks the taboos that undervalue feminine power and sexuality. We need to give permission to the real woman to emerge from within. We have the power to transform ourselves and our reality, and to inspire the souls around us.

Reignite your sensual feminine self, bring this ancient practice into your modern life. Reclaim your free expression and rediscover the joy locked deep within.

Celebrate your sensuality. Your pleasure is essential to this world. Come back to yourself and remember who you truly are: a vibrant, sensual woman.

That’s the new feminism: a strong woman who is fierce and yet soft, expressing her superpowers of attraction and creativity from her core.

Celine Remy

about the author

Celine Remy

Céline Remy is the creator of "The Irresistible Woman" and offers a unique body-based methodology to crack open her clients through pleasure. She brings a ridiculous amount of joy and laughter in everything she does and wants for everyone to have deep sexual connections and fulfilling lives.


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