Beauty Comes From Within and That Includes the Beauty Products You Use!

Beauty Comes From Within and That Includes the Beauty Products You Use!

by Lauren Castle

You Are What You Eat. So is Your Skin.

Understanding the body from a holistic perspective means looking beyond the surface or a specific region, and into ourselves as a whole: the mind, body, and spirit. Turns out that what we place on our face is just as important as what we fill our tanks with. Because the skin is the largest eliminative organ, it has no “digestive system” and it often gives us clues as to what we need to work on from the inside out.

Skin and health expert, Nadine Artemis is the creator of Living Libations, a brand that believes in tapping into the natural resources of beauty, rather than applying them. Her products are of pristine quality, breathtaking elixirs mixed with optimal botanicals. As Nadine explains, don’t get caught up in the skin type hype, rather, investigate the precious resources the earth offers.

Feeding Your Skin from the Outside, In (the right way).

Your skin literally absorbs what you apply to it and brings those things into the bloodstream. In fact, you get more chlorine from showering versus drinking an 8 oz glass of water. The modern skin care routine promises to tighten pores, reduce wrinkles, and elevate self-esteem. The problem is, this mechanical mindset suppresses the beauty of the symbiotic system of our skin which is self-cleaning anyway. Just take a stroll into your local Body Shop and you will find a list of intriguing labels. Does “Dewberry” really exist?

Sadly, most of those bottles do not actually contain cucumber or pineapple. These chemically created creams we crave are often ladened with endocrine disrupters and parabens. Such a vicious cleaning cycle is fumigating the flora of our skin and actually scrubbing away the protective bacteria, sebum, and cells giving rise to acne, rosacea, and wrinkles. It’s time to step away from the bottles at the beauty counter and link up with the elements of the earth. Let’s explore these unconventional ideas and find some beauty solutions–naturally!

Before we unlock the secrets of the ancient gypsy cleansing ritual, here are some ways to begin your beauty ritual from within:

1. Iodine and Magnesium.

These are excellent elements that aid in skin and cellular health. Try taking them as supplements or eating foods rich in them such as seaweed or green, leafy vegetables.

2. Power of Pigments.

Eat plants rich in pigments like purple cabbage or cranberries.

3. Give dry brushing a try!

Add a drop of essential oil to your palm and glide oil over the bristles. Dry brush as usual and your skin will uptake all of those incredible nutrients. It will also upgrade your lymphatic system and aid in circulation.

4. Sunbathing is spectacular.

Catch the rays and be mindful what you are offering the sun. Slather on some coconut oil for a botanical plant boost with sun protectant elements.

5. Think of bacteria as your best beautician.

Maintain your microbiome and eat foods richly sourced in them like Kimchi or Kraut and supplement yourself in high-quality probiotic pills. Digestion is the direct door to every open pore. What you eat will excrete and if your colon is sluggish your skin will give you clues through clogged pores or even worse, acne.

6. Let your beauty products be your medicine.

Washing your face with oils sounds like a crazy idea, right? It is actually an incredible secret to glowing skin and it’s based on an ancient Gypsy ritual, but make sure to do it the right way. Not just any oil works.

Step 1: Purchase a high quality, organic face cloth (hemp is great).

Step 2: Dab the cloth in warm water and squirt oil.

Step 3: Gently Massage oil over your face with the cloth. Rinse if you like.

But what kind of oil do you use?

Coconut, olive, and jojoba oils are great choices. Just make sure they are of the highest quality. These types of oils are best because they do not go rancid as quickly. Jojoba, for instance, is fresh for 100 years as it is a liquid wax. It delivers phospholipids to the skin and is most similar to that of our own sebum. For more extensive elixirs check out Nadine’s divine mixes, like the soothing Sea Buckthorn.

Pro Tip: Essential oils can knock out zits and scars. Rosemary essential oils work wonders for those stubborn pimples.

Top 10 Beauty Tips

1. Don’t over exfoliate. It’s like leaving the front door open when you’re on vacation and it leaves your skin vulnerable to outside offenders and pathogens that disrupt the skin’s microbiome.

2. Antibacterial soaps and sanitizers breed super bugs and kill off the microbiome (your skin’s forcefield).

3. Never wash your face with soap. Just pits, bits and nail scrubbing (try olive oil bar soap to get that job done).

4. Stop the processed food cycle which contains: corn, gluten, sugar, soy, and canola oil. They oxidize skin aging and hyper pigment the skin too.

5. Not all “naturals” are natural. Stop applying questionable “naturals” like grape seed oil, peach kernel oil, and almond oil which create free radical damage and go rancid.

6. Be aware of “certified organic” which only has to be 80% organic and can have parabens too (they disrupt our endocrine system-ick!).

7. Glycerin is a temporary humectant, but it leads to water loss in skin cells. Avoid that at all costs.

8. Hylauronic acid is something we should get from foods, not apply to skin (it goes through a toxic process to get in that bottle).

9. Sun exposure IS a good thing. The sun is our best friend and leads to beautiful skin. Stay away from toxic sunscreens which separates UVA from UVB rays and bake your skin in carcinogens.

10. Sweat it out! Rethink your hygiene habits and look for a shower head filter to keep your water as clean as possible for those pores.

Lauren Castle

about the author

Lauren Castle

I am a seeker, storyteller, and questing soul. I set out for Los Angeles this Spring to debut in my first feature film as Faye in the 100% women made production, To the New Girl, and I am currently blogging about health and wellness for the news and media and the company,


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