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Why Every Woman Needs a F*ck off Buffer

by Ronja Koepke

Being financially free is something most of us can only dream off. But what does financially free really mean? Being able to buy whatever whenever? So what is a f*ck off buffer?

If we redefine financially free to “being able to walk away from any situation”. This doesn’t mean a life on the couch watching Netflix. But being able to say ‘no’ when needed and not need to stick around because you desperately need the money.

When I was younger I had several jobs while in school to support myself and there were situations I wish I could’ve walked away from. I was living pay check to pay check and spent many sleepless nights worrying about being able to pay all my bills.

I learned about the stock market and after I graduated university as a journalist I considered business school. But instead of spending money on school again, I decided to invest that money and see where it got me. Today I have stocks and bonds as well as investing in tech startups in Sweden. I started a podcast called Investpodden (the Investment podcast, and yep we have some english episodes!) to be able to ask pro’s how they do what they do and how normal people aka you and me – can do it too. Asking how to do things is not being weak, it’s being smart.

Saving money every month is great, investing them on a regular basis is even better. Reading up on how the stock market works is one of the best ways to have money working for you while you sleep. Yes, the market is volatile but having a long time plan and savings horizon is the way to go. Make sure you save enough money so you can live normally for at least 3 months in case you lose or have to walk away from your job. Working somewhere where you can’t stand another minute because you’re treated badly or the conditions aren’t what they should be isn’t healthy. Being able to walk away gives you a great sense of security and power.

Even though it’s not the 1950’s women are empowered and can have any career, this still has to be said – do yourself the favor of making sure you’re not staying with a partner just because you can’t afford the same lifestyle on your own. If it’s not a relationship you want to – or should be in, walk away. The ‘fuck off’ money you’ve saved up makes you independent. Independence is what makes you able to choose, choose your job, choose your life, choose your man or woman you want to spend your life with.

Starting now is the key, the earlier the better since time is of the essence. Your money will grow over time so starting when you’re as young as possible, even if it’s a small amount of money is the best way to get financially free.

Ronja Koepke

about the author

Ronja Koepke

Ronja Koepke is the co-founder of Investpodden, angel investor, writer, and entrepreneur.


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