How Fruit, a Shaman and Reiki Saved My Life

How Fruit, a Shaman and Reiki Saved My Life

by Erin Simone

I declared January 2014 as my true rock bottom. I thought I had already hit it, dozens of times prior, but that was me lying to myself. Everyone says you’ll know it when you hit it and they were right; I had unequivocally reached it.

It was the most defining point in my life. I had just experienced the most gut-wrenching heartbreak, I was starting to develop all sorts of new physical ailments and the crushing depression I had been carrying around for years (that was always seemingly a source of comfort), was no longer serving its purpose. The only thing I felt that was good in my life was my job; I was very lucky. But, my days consisted of going to work, crying on the way home and curling up into a ball for hours on end, crying.

I will never forget the day I woke up and heard a little voice inside my head tell me this: You can choose to live or die.

I know, it sounds so morbid, yet simple. But in my mind, I truly felt those were my only options and sadly, I was prepared to carry out the dying. But, I made the resounding choice to say YES and finally mean it. One way or another I was going to seek the help that would once and for all admonish or at least quiet the intrusive demons inside of my head. I was finally ready to live and not just exist in this world because merely existing, can make you feel like you are living a slow death…

I was fortunate enough to go see Tony Robbins at this time. It truly was a life-changing experience but I knew deep down I wasn’t capable of implementing what I learned. I wanted to change more than anything but I didn’t know HOW and I didn’t know what was stopping me. Here I was presented with the most amazing opportunity and I couldn’t make the most out of it–beyond frustrating.  I became an overnight vegan, well vegetarian if you count the milk chocolate chips that were keeping me company on the daily. But no meat, fish, eggs or other dairy and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I ended up becoming a full-fledged vegan a year later and haven’t looked back since.

Enter David and Heather, founders of Zen Rose Garden: My reiki healers, life coaches, energy healers, hypnotherapists and life SAVIORS. Truly, I would not be writing this article today without their love, kindness, support and incredible wealth of knowledge. One might say serendipity led me to them, pure luck.

But no, when you finally make a decision, a genuine decision that the universe is able to recognize as you FINALLY ready to overcome your own BS once and for all, it will align you with exactly what you need to catapult you to your next level.

As the trite saying goes,

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, my commencement of my spiritual and emotional journey with them has been the most difficult yet most rewarding process of my life. Your body remembers EVERYTHING. So yes, everything you stuffed down emotionally as a child, teenager, young adult, it’s still there waiting to be dealt with. When you bring those emotions to the surface, you have to relive the pain once again in order to free it, there is no other way.

So I embarked on an incredible emotional rollercoaster, experiencing painful emotions I didn’t realize I was still carrying around. As a child, teenager and young adult, I suffered greatly with numerous physical ailments: arthritis, debilitating intestinal issues, female problems and extreme nausea. And yep, all these ailments surfaced, relentlessly (fortunately on and off) throughout the process.  Physical pain and emotional pain are not separate entities; in order to heal one, I had to heal the other.

BUT…let me tell you, I am in a place now that I only dreamed of. No matter how much physical or emotional pain I experienced in my life, I always, ALWAYS, kept the slightest bit of faith I would figure out how to obtain my happiness. Apparently, my soul knew something I didn’t, thank God.

So where does the shaman tie into this? Let me preface by saying, there are a lot of self-proclaimed shamans out there, however, I was fortunate enough to find a legitimate one. There were two times throughout my work with Zen Rose Garden where I felt compelled to go even deeper into the journey and seeing a shaman just felt like the right move. And wow, it was INTENSE, mind-blowingly intense. I have no idea what transpired in those sessions with him. All I know is that my mind and body purged what was no longer needed deep in the crevices of my soul.

And for the next 3 weeks after those sessions, I experienced even more intense purging but I also felt unbelievably amazing.

Everything is energy: thoughts, feeling, emotions.  You typically don’t realize the weight of the burden until it’s released, that I know for sure.  

And the fruit, we can’t forget about the fruit! Very often, when you embark on your spiritual journey, your need for the heavy food you once consumed disappears. And why is that?  Because very often we are eating food to numb ourselves, not to nourish. And there were many times I slipped up and tried numbing myself out and eating the foods that once comforted me. But I found after a certain point the food numbing didn’t serve it’s purpose like it used too; I had come too far, in a good way. I began craving lighter and lighter foods, and fruit, in my opinion, is the lightest, most life-giving and cleanest food one can eat. It’s extremely cleansing for the mind and body and your body doesn’t have to work too hard to digest it.

I used to be the world’s biggest chocoholic. I used to keep a bar of chocolate by my bedside and consume it first thing in the morning, yep, it was that bad. I don’t crave sweets anymore, not in the slightest. I crave fruit! I know, I know, everyone thinks fruit makes you fat, causes candida, etc. Two of my favorite mentors to dispel these theories are Dr. Robert Morse and Anthony William. I can only speak from my experience and implore you to do your own research on how fruit could potentially change your life.

So is my healing journey over? I would say the dirty work is over so-to-speak; I’ve deep-cleaned the nooks and crannies. But I still constantly do touch-ups. I am always learning, growing and experiencing new situations in life.

The difference now is I am equipped with the proper tools to navigate through foreseeable difficulties.

In fact, the universe recently tested me after I came back with such a high from another Tony Robbins seminar. What would have typically knocked me on my feet has only managed to sway me. I am still working through the lesson(s) I needed from this experience and I still feel sadness, but if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that I have always possessed far…FAR more strength than I ever gave myself credit for. And if you’re reading this, you have more strength than you realize too.  One of the most beautiful gifts in this life is the power of choice. At any given moment, we all have the choice to say enough is enough, dammit, I’m not living like this anymore.
Only you can decide when your breaking point is.

Health and love to everyone who took the time to read this.  I am telling you, whatever dream life you envision in your mind is one you can have.  There is a reason you have held onto that dream for this long. Yes, you will have to go through some growing pains first but it’s better than living in a perpetual holding pattern the rest of your life…

Erin Simone

about the author

Erin Simone

My name is Erin Simone and I work, breathe and eat as a plant-based chef. Eating amazing, organic and health-healing foods is such a beautiful way to live! Quite simply, the more nourished, clean and healthy your body becomes, the more abundant your life will truly be.

Kristy Petersen SAYS:

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, I am totally the bedside chocoholic…I really need more fruit in my diet, your story has made me so excited for Tony Robbins in May this year (Thanks to Christal & Andrew). I am also saving my $ for a session with David and Heather I hope, well know I one day will be able to tell and share a similar experience.
Kristy xx

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    Wasn’t this beautiful Kristy! I’m so happy Erin Simone shared her journey with us and I am so excited for you to go to TONY he’s extraordinary! XO

      Linette SAYS:

      Didn’t know where to comment at but this is an amazing article Simone. I’m so proud of you your story is very inspiring .Im almost 50 and hope to get where your at right now the heavy food eating habits in your article hit home with me deeply. I want my spirit to feel light and want to only crave light healthy foods. I’m working on it thanks for the pure insight.
      Much love to you Simone ????❤

        Simone SAYS:

        Thank you so much Linette; your kind words mean so much to me ☺️. We’re all on our own path and everything unfolds at the exact time(s) they should. Sometimes we want things to unfold faster but then perhaps we would miss the lesson. I know that everything you seek in this life can be yours. You are in my thoughts…☺️????✨

    Simone SAYS:

    Kristy, thanks so much for sharing. I’m so happy you get to attend Tony! Everything in your life unfolds as it should when it should…your timing is perfect:). xo

Casey Jane SAYS:

Great post Simone – I think decent food is one of the best things you can do for your mental state. It’s been almost 2 years now since I have been a veg, and never looked back. I swear making the change really did change my life! X

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    Thank you for sharing Casey! XO

    Simone SAYS:

    Thank you Casey! Love hearing how life-changing it was to make this decision from another veg! With love, Simone

Jennifer SAYS:

Thank you for sharing! Sometimes you just need certain things at certain points of your year and I needed this! Thank you so much again!

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this babe. It’s so true… we all will reach a point where we have to decide if how we are currently existing is catering to our overall dream and if it’s not, we need those shakeups to reassess! Thank you for sharing! XO

    Simone SAYS:

    I’m so glad this resonated with you Jennifer! ☺️✨????

Greta SAYS:

Thank you for sharing Erin! I feel so fortunate to have all these resources at my fingertips. I know everything I read or listen is storing away in my brain for the times that I may need them. Thank you to TLC for investing in our lives even from the other side of the world ❤️

    Simone SAYS:

    Thank you so much Greta:). TLC is an amazing platform and it warms my heart to hear how useful it has been for you! ☺️ xo

Megan Rodriguez SAYS:

Wow! For starters thank you for sharing! I’ve been crying on my iPad reading this. I feel like I’m ready for a change myself but I can’t find the motivation. I’ve been taking baby steps like working out and eating…. better lol. But I want more. This article is a sign of hope to me. Thank you so much!!

    Simone SAYS:

    Hi Megan, I love hearing this! You’ll know when you’re truly ready to make a leap of no return. But in the meantime, taking baby steps is just as impactful to your goals so don’t feel like they are not significant. Your goals and YOU matter! ????

Deborah Campbell SAYS:

Thank you so much Erin!! I really really resonated with this, especially the Tony Robbins thing. I have an upcoming amazing opportunity to experience him thanks to Christal and I’m deep down fearful that I won’t be able to put into practice what I KNOW will work. I have a constant desire to go deeper, cleanse and purge generational wounds and cellular memory.
I can’t wait to see him. And I’ve recently been drawn closer to changing my diet because I have illnesses that seem to be “resistant” to medical treatment and are classed as “incurable”. However, I’m like “oh hell no! I’m gonna fix myself!!!!”
I really loved he part about reiki and shaman healing. I wish I was in the US so I could see David and Heather. I love them and I start my day with Bed head diaries among others lol
The ladies coach obviously too❤????
Thank you for sharing your story, your amazing and I’m really proud of you for this.
Many women I’m sure will all hold their hands high and say “yes! I understand this!” So you’ve helped me and I’m sure many many others. I can’t wait for Tony Robbins. I might look more closely at your way of nourishing the body with foods as I feel this is one of a few paths I need to take in order to thrive and live to my highest.
Much love and light
Thank you ❤❤❤

    Simone SAYS:

    Wow Deborah, you have brought me to tears, thank you for your unbelievable kindness! It’s easy to walk into a Tony Robbins seminar and think, “This is it, I’m going to make a complete 180 in my life.” I’m certainly guilty of that all or nothing mentality but it’s deadly.
    My best advice is to focus on the amazing opportunity at hand and your openness and receptivity to even going to something like this rather than thinking it’s “do or die.” Surrender yourself to what is possible and I promise you will get a lot more out of it than you can imagine:).
    It all starts in the mind and your physical ailments will surly follow in those wellness footsteps. You sound determined and so intelligent Deborah and I know beautiful things are on the horizon for you. Most importantly, be honest with YOURSELF, as very often we tell more lies to ourselves than anyone else and that’s what holds us back. Love & Health ☺️????

youcandoit95 SAYS:

I loved reading this article because it was raw and personal. You are an inspiration <3 putting yourself out there and writing an article is so brave, and you are helping so many people (myself included), so thank you! xoxoxo

    Simone SAYS:

    Wow, your words mean so much to me, thank you! I’m beyond grateful my words rang true to you and wish you so much love and happiness on your path! ????


Great article! Where do you start with trying to do something like this? I am in Australia and have limited resources but would like to try. I have always felt there was something I needed to do to feel “lighter” and happier, and feel like this could be it. (I hope this makes sense, I’ve been sitting here for 10 mins trying to work out how to write what I wanted to say, haha)

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    It makes TOTAL sense Amy! My suggestion would be to start really small and take the focus OFF what others have done to you, and or, what others might think of you for focusing on YOU. It’s time to “Self-fully” take time catering to your wants and needs and that might mean finding someone that’s willing to take you into the dark parts of you to HEAL some things you’ve overlooked. Zen Rose Garden are absolutely brilliant at that and available to our ladies if you wanted to work with them! But besides that, just know you have a HUGE community of women rooting for your happiness and we are here for you always! XO!

Vanessa SAYS:

Thank you for this article, it really resonated with me! I’m very happy for you that you found your happiness! Do you mind sharing the shaman that you went to? I’ve been heavily thinking about going to one for the past year and after reading this article decided it’s time 🙂

    Simone SAYS:

    Hi Vanessa, thank you so much for your kind words! His name is Sean Wei Mah…he is incredible. I say, if you feel pulled to see a shaman, follow what your soul is calling for. His email is and his phone number is (702) 686-4780. Just took this info off the business card he gave me. Good luck ✨????

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