Get Your Invitation to the Secret Society of the Divine Feminine

Get Your Invitation to the Secret Society of the Divine Feminine

by Angelica Tapia

Maybe you’ve heard the term “Divine Feminine” and you still feel a little confused because it feels like something unattainable… Something powerful women have, a secret society of some sorts and you haven’t received the invitation.

The truth is there is no secret society and you ALREADY have the invitation!

The mere fact that you were born a woman automatically grants you access to the divine powerful energy within.

The Goddess lives within you, she wants to be seen and heard. Will you allow her to step forward? All you need is to unlock the key and remember everything that’s within you. In order to truly embody this energy, you must have self-love and self-awareness. Taking the time to explore YOU. This is not selfish, it’s a must. Get to know your mind, your body, your fears, your wounds and your desires. Get to know your truth.

As we allow for this self-reflection, we bring forth the Divine Feminine energy. First, we awaken the divine feminine. Second, we heal the divine feminine and third, we embody the divine feminine. This embodiment is subtle yet immensely vital in our lives. Without this connection, we are out of touch with the core of who we are as women. Our emotions, our dreams, our natural intuitive senses become lost.

She is nurturing, inviting, creative, compassionate and sensual. On the other hand, she is also like the ocean- turbulent and fierce roaring with all her fury. It is an energy of strength that has no need to boast. Just like the ocean, she can hold a thousand ships, and just as easily slip through your fingers. She will slip through the fingers of men that do not honor her. This is the Goddess energy within all women.

When we as women embody this energy we become a very attractive force to men. Men are drawn to the feminine energy for her gentleness, her softness, her vulnerability, and compassion. Her love and caring heart is evident. She has a sense of self and is empowered in many ways. This strength is truly a force to be reckoned with. This energy is of high vibration and when we vibrate at this level we will attract an equal match!

We attract what we put out into the universe. If we vibrate at a lower frequency, we will attract a match at that frequency. Quite often relationships are an opportunity for growth and healing. An opportunity to learn more about ourselves through our partner, who in reality is our mirror.

There is a reason you attracted this person into your life and if real love is present there will be an opportunity for growth.

An amazing opportunity to heal your past wounds and uncover parts of yourself that no longer serve you. As you grow together a life long union is not just a beautiful dream but also a reality.

I believe that when we embody the Divine Feminine energy we can create miracles in our life and absolutely attract the love of our life!

We are all on our own special journey. I teach women how to connect to their Divine Feminine energy so that they can live a truly empowered and joyful life. A life filled with love acceptance and strength.

Here are some ways to tap into your Divine Feminine and attract the partner of your dreams:

Know your story and know it well
  • Do not be a victim of your story instead be empowered by it. Have discernment while revisiting the past.
  • Where in your story were you a willing partner?
  • Where could you have taken more responsibility and ownership?
  • Was there a time that you did not honor your truth?
  • Where have you grown?
  • Do you value yourself?
  • Do you believe that you are strong and capable of healing yourself of past wounds?
Make a commitment to yourself

Commit to loving yourself fully. Loving every aspect of who you are. The light and the dark. A true acceptance of ourselves can sometimes be painful, yet we must love ourselves through the pain. Commit to your inner healing, the shadow parts of you that long to be released, the old limiting thoughts and patterns.

Celebrate your sensuality

Explore who you are as a sensual being, drop any guilt or shame. Release the chains that have kept the divine feminine in bondage. You are a sensual woman, a creator; your womb is a sacred space.

Honor your strength

Your strength comes from life experiences and the many ways you have overcome adversity. The way you will continue to overcome adversity. Always speak your truth. There is no wallowing in self-pity, disempowering thoughts should be taken care of quickly and toxic relationships must be released for your wellbeing and happiness.

Show love, compassion, and wisdom

You have an infinite amount of love and wisdom; you hold the mysteries of the universe. You are a radiant light and all that is near you cannot help but desire to stay in your presence. Everyday harness this love and compassion, hold it in your heart and give freely to those around you.

Sending love light and goddess energy to all the beautiful divine women reading this today.
Angelica Tapia

about the author

Angelica Tapia

Angelica is a Life Coach that helps women live a more fulfilled and empowered life by guiding them through relationships, personal power, and spirituality. By helping women tap into and connect with their divine feminine energy they are able to attract the love they desire, the job they desire, and the life they desire! She is certified in Reiki Healing, Holistic Health, Crystal and Energy Healing. Her mission is to bring emotional healing and empowerment to women all over the world.

Heal the Goddess within.

Kristy Petersen SAYS:

What a powerful yet beautifully written article! I was captivated by every word. Hope we get to see more of you.
Kristy x

    Angelica SAYS:

    Hi Kristy! I’m so happy you enjoyed this article, thank you for your lovely words and yes I would love to contribute more empowering articles to this amazing platform! xoxo

    Angelica SAYS:

    Thank you Kristy!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and yes I look forward to contributing more in the future!

Kerry SAYS:

Wow!!! Just reading this has made me feel so empowered and ready to heal and heal unleash my inner Goddess!!! Thank you so much for your words of inspiration. I look forward to learning more from you.
Kerry. X

    Angelica SAYS:

    Thank you Kerry, so happy you enjoyed the article! Yes unleash your inner Goddess!! xoxox

Kerry SAYS:

Wow!!! Just reading this has made me feel so empowered and ready to heal and unleash my inner Goddess!!! Thank you so much for your words of inspiration. I look forward to learning more from you.
Kerry. X

Kathrin Zenkina SAYS:

INCREDIBLE article!! Beautifully written. Thank you Angelica for sharing your tips on how to tap into my Divine Feminine <3

    Angelica SAYS:

    Thank you Kathrin! So happy you enjoyed the article! xoxox

Karina SAYS:

Absoulelty loved this article! So beautifully written!

    Angelica SAYS:

    Happy you enjoyed this article Karina! Thank you! xoxo

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