Let Your Intuition Guide You: A Simple Practice to Explore Your Intuitive Nature

Let Your Intuition Guide You: A Simple Practice to Explore Your Intuitive Nature

by Sammie Fleming

Many of us are being called more than ever to follow our hearts, and be guided by our intuition. This way of living can seem a little daunting at first, and understandably so, as feeling into your intuition is an art, that although we all have access to, still takes practice.

Many years ago, this intuitive, feeling-based, knowing side to us was revered and deemed credible. We would seek out the ‘wise women’ for advice and guidance. But in recent times, it is more common in the western world for the rational and tangible elements of life to be celebrated, and seen as legitimate.

But with the rise of consciousness, and the rise of the divine feminine, there is consequentially a rise in the desire to connect with out intuitive nature.

So, what is intuition? It is often described as a ‘gut feeling’, an instinct or hunch, a sense of knowing what to do – in an instant. It is defined it as “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.” (Oxford Dictionary)

We all experience intuition in our own unique ways, but it’s often a visceral sensation, an awareness that comes from your heart or your body, rather than your mind.

If we want to live heart-led and wildly fulfilling lives, it’s imperative that we tap into our intuition and understand how it can be used in our own day-to-day.

It’s an immense benefit in life to be able to listen to our minds, access our logic and left-brain intelligence, and combine that with the power of the innate knowing, our intuition.

I believe both to be of equal importance, and with understanding of both the intellect and the intuition, we can move through our lives with sureness and contentment, knowing we are taking the whole spectrum of our human experience into consideration.

In fact, Albert Einstein, the man we give props to for his intellect, once said

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.” 

It’s essential we allow ourselves the space to practice and become comfortable with listening in to our intuitive voice.

So in the spirit of embracing and practicing our intuition, I’d love to share with you an exercise I often share with my clients when they are eager to explore this side of themselves:

This practice takes about 10 minutes, so pour yourself a cuppa, get comfortable and let’s dive in.

1. First, bring a decision that needs to be made to the front of your mind.

It can be as simple as “Should I have that for dinner?” or as life-changing as, “Shall I take the job, or start my own business?”

2. Take a few moments to center yourself, breathe deep and connect in with your heart. Focus on the breath.
3. Bringing the first option front of mind, ask yourself:

“How would it feel to say YES to this?”

Feel into your body’s reactions – your heart rate, your belly, your breath. Notice how relaxed or tense your body becomes. Take your time with this; really let yourself feel it.

Mentally note what came up for you (or write it all down in a journal).

4. Letting that first option go from your mind, take another few moments to center yourself and clear the mind, focusing back on the breath.
5. Now bring the second option to mind. And again, ask yourself:

“How would it feel to say NO to this?”

Feeling into all of the same sensations; the heart rate, the breath, the belly. Notice how relaxed or tense your body becomes. Again noting this all down, either mentally or in a journal.

Perhaps your body’s responses are so clear that the decision is made in an instant.

Perhaps it takes a few tries to really hear your inner voice. Either way is perfectly ok.

Be gentle with yourself, especially if this is a new practice – allow yourself time to become comfortable with it.

Allow yourself space to get to know the sensations that rise up for you.

We are all wonderfully unique and with time, these feelings will become so familiar that you are able to tap into them whenever you need to access your intuition.

Sammie Fleming

about the author

Sammie Fleming

Sammie is a life coach who loves guiding women who are feeling stuck, stressed or overwhelmed - into a life of calm, ease, connection and clarity.
She is obsessed with the moon and weaves her passion of feminine cycles into her coaching, allowing her clients to understand, honor and align with their own rhythms. Sammie has a Bachelor of Communications and is a qualified and certified Beautiful You Life Coach.

Aesha SAYS:

Thank you sammie! X to me I just had such a magical moment! I was thinking yesterday about intuition and how I didn’t understand it I kept telling myself I need to look it up I need to find out what it really means . Maybe been following TLC for a month now and I was thinking I wonder if TLC will have anything on intuition. I forgot about that question I went to bed then when I woke I started thinking about that same question what does intuition mean. I was on snap chat watching christal and then bam your article popped up on her snap chat! I was like OMG! It felt so magical! I absolutely loved what you were saying sammie! And it definitely made sense to me and you helped me out cheers for that
Thank you xo
Sending lots of love your way x

    Sammie Fleming SAYS:

    Isn’t that some beautiful divine timing Aesha 🙂 Love it! There is a whole lot of power in asking for what you are ready to receive/learn about right? I’m so glad it made sense for you, and I hope it helps you to become more comfortable with your own intuition. Sending love your way! x

      Aesha SAYS:

      Thank you sammie 🙂

stampinwithsoul SAYS:

I love this! Im going to keep trying this to help me with a decision at the moment. I really want to change my course provider as Im currently studying my Bachelor or Psychology but really want to be studying my bachelor or counselling (coaching).
Im not enjoying the psychology side of things, I want more into death and trauma counselling, relationships, children type of counselling which Im not really getting from my current one. So I guess I kind of already know my answer haha but going to practice these steps before I come to my conclusion.
Thanks for a great article.
Kristy Petersen x

    Sammie Fleming SAYS:

    Thanks so much for sharing Kirsty, I totally resonate with making those kinds of decisions too 🙂 You are so welcome, and I hope this article helps you to find even more clarity. It’s always nice to really feel that you have made the right decision, and I hope this practice will help to solidify yours for you. Wishing you amazing learning and fulfilment, whichever road you choose to go down (although I have a feeling we already know 🙂 ). Sending love your way xo

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