10 Signs He Is the Wrong Guy for You

10 Signs He Is the Wrong Guy for You

by Christal Fuentes

Are you dating someone and there seem to be red flags or you aren’t sure if he is the wrong guy for you?

Here are 10 Signs He is Definitely the Wrong Guy for you:

1. He becomes too controlling

If you find yourself in a situation where he is trying to dictate what you wear, who you talk to or invade your privacy such as your phone or emails, those are definite red flags that you could be dating the wrong guy.

2. You don’t feel good about yourself when you are around him

What is your energy like when you are around him, do you light up when you are around him, or do you find your light being dimmed by that person. You know how you feel, so be truthful. And if you feel that most of the time your light is being dimmed, you could be dating the wrong guy.

3. He’s not attentive

When you are with him, is he present with you. Now, I understand we can’t give a person 100% attention ALL the time, but if a majority of the time if he is distracted by other things when you are together, this could be a sure sign that you are dating the wrong guy.

4. He’s not kind to service staff

This one is a huge one for me, I feel you can tell a lot about a person that they don’t usually show you otherwise while dating. But if a guy disrespects service staff in any way, this could be a sign he could do the same to you eventually and if you see this, it is possibly a sign you are dating the wrong guy.

5. He lacks ambition or passion

Here at TLC we focus a lot on passion. And since we do, I think it’s equally important the guy we date shares the same enthusiasm for life. He doesn’t always need to know where he’s going, but having the enthusiasm to act upon things he loves is definitely important.

6. He’s a “Show-er”

If the guy you are dating constantly shows off what he has, what he does, and who he knows, he probably needs more attention than you can give him alone. And if you see this ladies, it could be an absolute sign you are dating the wrong guy.

7. He never wants to meet your friends OR never takes you around his friends

If you have been dating a guy for a while and every time he is supposed to meet your friends, he bails? OR he NEVER introduces you to his friends, it could be a sure sign he’s not that into you…

8. He never finds time for you

If the guy you’re “dating” can NEVER make time for you… Don’t waste YOUR time.

9. His Instagram/Facebook are private and you haven’t been accepted

Ummm…. sketchballs!

10. He doesn’t keep his word

I believe it so unbelievably important that a guy keeps his word. Not to say it’s not equally important for a woman to do it as well, but as a man, if they say they are going to do something and they do it, it shows unbelievable commitment and power



Christal Fuentes

about the author

Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.

Kristy Petersen SAYS:

Great quiz for people in relationships ships. I’m loving all the quizzes on TLC… let’s be honest I love everything on TLC but do really love the quizzes haha.
Kristy xx

Kelsey Dahlstrom SAYS:

Damn it, we need to take this down. I don’t need every other women knowing my man is a 90% fabulous ????

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