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5 Ways to Exude More Confidence on a First Date

by Sarah Bogdanski

First dates are pretty much inevitable if you are out there trying to meet someone. It has to start somewhere, right?
Dating can be downright nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few simple ways you can be more confident while you date and are trying to put your best self forward for possible love.

Here are 5 Ways to exude more confidence on a first date:

1. Be Vocal About the Meeting Spot

When you and your date are deciding where to meet, take the reigns and recommend a place that works for you and your comfort level. For instance, if you’re into a rocking dive bar or love a swanky martini lounge, recommend a great place you know. Or maybe you’re a walk in the park kind of gal or know an amazing, quaint cafe that is quiet and an ideal location to chat and sip some lattes. No matter the location, going somewhere you already know and like can be ideal if you want to set the bar for being comfortable and in a place you know you’ll feel confident.

2. Keep it Positive

We all have areas of our life that aren’t perfect. While it’s OK to share those things with someone eventually, keep it light and positive on the first date (or first several dates) and accentuate the positive things about you and your life. Not only does the positive language and communication make for great, uplifting conversation, but it will also help get you into a positive, confident mindset.

3. Be Curious and Ask Questions

Many times, when we’re nervous and not feeling very confident, two things tend to happen. We either shut down completely, or we talk incessantly. The purpose of the date is to get to know each other – so if you’re feeling nervous at first – remember to be curious and ask your date open-ended questions. Doing this can help kickstart the conversation and before you know it, you’ll probably forget your nervousness and jump in to share more too.

4. Be Yourself

First dates are all about impressions – looking, feeling and presenting your best self. While you should want to be your best, you also must stay true to you. Otherwise, you might feel uncomfortable, and this is when feeling unconfident rears it’s ugly head. For instance, if you have a goofy laugh, don’t be afraid to let it out and share that joy! Don’t conceal your quarks, because they are the real beauty of YOU.

5. Remember…It’s JUST a Date!

That’s right. It’s just a date. Not a marriage proposal, not open heart surgery, and not flying a rocket to the moon. It’s a tiny sliver of time where you will get to hang with another human being, who experiences life just like the rest of us, regarding having fears, hopes, dreams and the like. When you remember not to take it so seriously and look at it through a lens of something lighter, the date already becomes more fun because you take the pressure off. As you head out the door to, literally tell yourself…”It’s just a date!”.

I’d love to hear your ideas! Please share any ways you exude confidence in your dating life, so others reading can learn more from you too!

Sarah Sarah Bogdanski

about the author

Sarah Bogdanski

Sarah Bogdanski is an NYU Certified Coach. She works with ambitious women who want to make positive changes in their life, career, and relationships. She's passionate about helping others create a life that is extraordinary, true to her motto: "master your relationships, master your life."


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