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Are You Dating a Real Man or a Boy?

by Christal Fuentes

Today, we are going to get real about WHO you are dating, because I’ve been getting email after email about the so-called “men” in your life and let me tell you… I think we need a bit of help defining what it actually means to be a man.

There’s a huge difference between dating a real man and dating a boy, but too often we are confusing the two and trying to build a life with a boy who is NOT capable of a sustainable relationship.

Now, you are definitely not off the hook as I truly believe that if you are dating a boy, then there is some unresolved issues within yourself that are keeping the little girl in you running the show INSTEAD of the woman in you… But that’s a video for another day.

In today’s video, I’m going to help you get clear on whether you are in fact dating a real man… or if you are setting yourself up for failure because you are trying to build a life with someone who’s just NOT capable sustaining the type of love you desire.

Why is this all important?

Because we are trying to “make” house with someone who can only “play” house and then get frustrated and hurt when years down the line, you both want different things.

The truth is, the signs have always been there (most the time) we just choose to not pay attention to them. NOT anymore! It ain’t cute anymore to play as if we don’t know our partners. We do! And it’s time to take responsibility for the relationships we allow in our lives.


The characteristics of a REAL man:

-A REAL man knows his worth and in turn, knows the worth of his partner. He’s not going to settle for anything short of what knows he deserves and that’s EXACTLY what you want, why? Because he will also know the value of who he’s with!

-A REAL man will NOT play games. This on and off again crap I hear going on in relationships only happens when you are in a relationship with a boy, NOT a man.

-A REAL man is certain of who he is and won’t feel the need to suppress, restrict or belittle his partner. If you are with someone who tries to control you, manipulate you to get what he wants, or feels the need to say hurtful things, it is a sure sign of unresolved fear, that a BOY wouldn’t even know how to process…

-A REAL man will take responsibility for his wrongdoings. Humility and vulnerability is at the core of a full man. A BOY will backlash and turn the table on you without taking ownership of his actions.

-A REAL man will see a grander vision for the relationship and will want to share his world with you. A BOY can’t see a grander vision and will rarely discuss plans with you in them.

-A REAL man is the true definition of confident. A BOY is arrogant and cocky. Remember we’ve discussed before the difference between confidence and arrogance ladies. Confidence comes from trust and self-love… while arrogance and cockiness is a compensation for the lack of love within.

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Christal Fuentes

about the author

Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.

Guidance with Natalia SAYS:

Love this, can you also do one about women and the child within? <33

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    I absolutely can! XO

Sienna SAYS:

I loved hearing you talk about the differences between the “boy” and a “man”!! Especially the point where you said a man will take responsibility for his actions, but boy will turn it all on you. Can’t wait to hear the next video about the role we play in this!! ????❤️ Xx

Sarah Dcruz SAYS:


Christine Nakama SAYS:

I always love your content. Your clear and to the point “coaching”(advice, counseling and understanding) is always an “aha” moment. I first saw you on a snapchat takeover you did for Ashy Bines. I’ve been a fan ever since! A lot of your topics help me to understand where I was at in past relationships. My current relationship is amazing and I’m so humbled and grateful everday. When I hear you speak of issues and problems in relationships I’m always reminded of how far I’ve come. It only took about 3 decades!?!? Lol. I could have used your wisdom all those years ago!! I have 2 grown daughters and I rave about you all the time to them. I don’t always comment or give feedback but today I felt like a good day to do so. Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day! ????

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    OMG! Thank you so much Christine this warms my heart. I am so glad this content can help and that Ashy brought us together. Sending all my love your way! XO

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