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3 Ways to Stay Aligned to Your Goals!

by Amanda Marit

Have you ever set goals or a resolution for yourself only to never follow through on it? I’m with you! Guilty party of 1 over here. Often times, a goal sounds totally doable at the initial thought of it, but when it comes down to actually taking action… it gets so overwhelming that it sometimes seems easier to run off and just avoid the whole topic altogether. Over time I have found that this is, in fact, surmountable. We can follow through if we know exactly what to do to align ourselves with it with ease.

Check out the 3 following ways to help you stay aligned with your goals:

1. Set an intention for how you want to feel. 

Yes, feel. We set these awesome tangible goals, but we forget that how we feel along the way as well as how we feel once we get there actually means more. The goals we have in the first place exist so that when we achieve them we will feel happy. What if we set an intention every morning when we woke up for how we want to feel that day? In the beginning, it might take some reminders, but after some repetition, it becomes a regular habit. In the beginning to make it easier try leaving a sticky note out where you can see it as a daily reminder.

2. Focus on taking baby steps.

We would never be expected to climb a mountain before we learned to walk. We often shy away from our goals because it seems like a lot of “work.” Try taking a small step in the right direction each day. Those small steps add up to something so much bigger than you can even see right now.

3. Ask yourself this question:

“How would I feel if I was in the same place as I am today 1 year from now?”Dun dun dun. This question honestly sucks to ask yourself, but at the same time, it’s the perfect inspiration to help get you moving! I use it to start a fire under my feet as well as to remind myself exactly why I started.

If you apply these 3 tools to any resolution or goal you step for yourself, you will be in mighty good shape! The secret to success is the intention, feeling good, and taking small inspired action steps each day. When everything is aligned you will be well on your way to achieving your goals and then some.

It’s okay if you don’t even know exactly how to get there, all you need to do is start walking and the staircase will continue to reveal itself to you as you move along. I hope this serves you on your path!
Sending you love and light!

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Amanda Marit

about the author

Amanda Marit

I have a passion for helping women step into their inner confidence and truly feel LIT up about life + believe that anything is possible! Who you really are at your core is a confident, vibrant, inspired person with no limits to what you can create in your life! I believe we all have the potential within us LET GO of what's holding us back from feeling this way. I want to help you feel ON FIRE with you who are and where you're headed. We'll create it all together.


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