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How to Infuse More Joy and Excitement Into Your Everyday Life

We often associate the word adventure (“an unusual and exciting or daring experience”) with an exotic vacation, extreme sports, backpacking around the world or a romantic date with a handsome, mysterious foreigner we met on the beach. No wonder why so many people feel like they are lacking adventures in their life!

Instead of waiting for the right time, the right sum of money, the right dose of courage to do something extreme, daring and unusual, why not start living life on a daily basis like an adventure?

Living with an adventurer mindset can create a magnificent shift and give birth to plenty of tiny but memorable adventures in our everyday life.

Here are 5 ways to start experiencing more adventures in our everyday life:
1. Try something new.

Practicing the same old rituals, meeting the same people, eating the same food, going out to the same place over and over, added to doing our everyday job and chores can make us feel drained.  Life can start feeling like the same old boring routine with a lack of excitement, thrill, and new experiences.

Challenge yourself try some different food, try Chinese, Indian, Thai or order something new at your favorite restaurant. Visit a new coffee spot in your town or talk to some strangers or foreigners on the way to your office. Learn something new like French, martial arts, playing an instrument or enroll in dance classes. Read a book from a different genre which you usually prefer, or watch an action movie or a thriller if you prefer comedies. Do something with your BFF or with your partner that you’ve never done before.

Keep in mind that variety is “the spice of life”, so spice it up with new things and experiences!

2. Dare to do something BOLD!

It doesn’t have to be bungee-jumping. Ask yourself what makes you uncomfortable? What makes your heart beat rise? What do you feel scared of?
Are you uncomfortable speaking in public? Give a speech or a workshop in your workplace or community.
Are you shy in front of cameras? Shoot your video and post it on YouTube.
Ask that cute guy whom you’ve been eying a long time for a date.
Start writing a blog and share your story, thoughts, dreams, and desires with the world.

Whatever you decide to do it is important that you push your limits and feel that you did something brave and special.

3. Celebrate every day as a special occasion.

Do you have a beautiful dress which you haven’t worn for a long time? Are you waiting for a special occasion to visit that hot new restaurant in the town or to surprise your partner with a gift?

Why wait so long for a special occasion? Instead, you can treat every day as a special occasion.

Wear that beautiful dress and have a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner today.

Visit that new hot-spot in the town today.

Surprise your partner or your BFF with a gift, today.

Tell people in your life how much they mean to you, today.

Buy yourself some flowers, treat yourself with dark chocolate, a spa treatment, manicure or some time alone today.

Every day can feel like a special occasion if you start your day with an intention of treating it like it is special.

4. Dare to pursue your dreams. 

Are you waiting for ‘someday’ to start working on your dreams? If you wait for someday, that day may never come. Start pursuing your dreams today, with the time, money and resources that you have at the moment.

If you are dreaming of becoming a writer, start writing a blog or an e-book. If you are dreaming of running your own business, start doing it as a hobby or the second stream of income. If you are dreaming of going to exotic vacation, start saving a few dollars a day and in a year or two it might happen!

Start journaling about your dream life, create a vision board, Pinterest board, read an inspiring or a self-help book, watch some good motivational videos, enroll in personal growth workshop, and get yourself into a proactive mode.

If you need clarity and assistance in goal setting, vision and motivation for achieving for pursuing your dreams you can hire a life, business or a health coach. It is easier than ever to find the resources and mentors to help you pursue your dreams.

5. Be more present in the now. 

The old Zen saying says, “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”

Being more present in the moment is the secret recipe for feeling more alive and experiencing more pleasure in our everyday life. Our mind can be constantly on the go with thousands of thoughts coming and going, that we can often miss so much beauty around us. We can miss the beautiful flower garden on the way to our office, the warmth of the sunshine, beautiful music played by a street musician, the scent of fresh baked bread spreading from the nearby bakery…

If you practice mindfulness and becoming more aware of your surroundings, even simple everyday experiences will start becoming richer, more pleasurable and more exciting.

About the author

Danijela Jokic Vaislay

Danijela Jokic Vaislay

Danijela Jokic Vaislay is a life coach and motivational speaker from Europe, based in India. Her tips on happiness, success, Law Of Attraction were featured and quotes in many international magazines and personal growth publications, including The Huffington Post, COSMOPOLITAN, and Mike Dooley's blog. Her mission is to help people all over the globe, via her articles, live events, and private 1 on 1 coaching via Skype, to get unstuck in life and manifest their wildest dreams into reality.

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