VIDEO: How To Be a Better Person… for YOU!

How has your first week of 2015 been?

Like always, being that its a NEW Year and all… I see so many magazine articles and posts about goals with titles such as “New year, New you..” and as cool as that may be to some (not me)… I always hope to read something that will actually be some PRACTICAL advice we are able to actually USE in order to sustain the “New You” concept.

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VIDEO: Gear Up With Love

Can you believe how fast 2014 came and went? I’m still wrapping my head around it!

Now, no one has the ability to control time but we do have the ability to control what we DO with our time to really make it worth while.

… And that’s what we are going to do STARTING NOW!

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VIDEO: Are you buying presents out of fear?

So we are exactly ONE week away from Christmas? How are you feeling? Have you gotten most of your shopping done? Or are you like me and go literally 30 minutes before its time to pass the presents out HAHA!

I just want to check in though because as beautiful as the Holidays are, it is also notorious for most us to feel stressed. I know I have and it truly struck curiosity in me to find out why.

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VIDEO: 3 VERY simple ways to stay HEALTHY (Mentally/Physically) during the Holidays!

We are in our last month of the year and with Christmas and New Years coming, I KNOW its gonna get busy for you especially if you got a whole-lotta plans.

I hear so many of us doing future talk like, “next year I’m gonna start working on my health,” or “Just wait, JANUARY is going to be the time I start…”

As beautiful as these intentions are ladies, and trust me, I’m a big fan of pigging out on the holidays, I do believe we can do small things to keep our mind, body and spirit semi-healthy so that we don’t make ourself sick at the beginning of the year.

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VIDEO: A Special Message to YOU!

I know not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, but no matter where you are in the world, I want to say I am so THANKFUL for you and your support this past year!

I have learned so much from you all and love each and every one of you. 2015 is going to FILLED with amazingness as I only want to make TLC better for you!!

I’m going to fill my belly up with loads of PIE but no matter where you are, what’s happening in your life, or what you are doing this very moment, YOU are LOVED!

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4 Ways to handle a not so fun family member

Every year Thanksgiving brings families together from all over the country, sometimes the world, family members that you usually go without seeing the whole year.

I mean… we all know life keeps us busy and unable to truly catch up with the ones we love as much as we’d like to so THANK GOODNESS for Thanksgiving!! That solves all our problems right? Well, the truth is … it absolutely DOESN’T if there’s someone in your family you wouldn’t necessarily like to see.

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VIDEO: Who and WHAT get’s your Attention

The wheel of “priorities.” Who and WHAT get’s your attention

How to feel good about giving yourself more time.

Do you feel like you are drained with the request of others that you feel you have no time for yourself? Do you also find yourself prioritizing the wrong things and in the end it leaves you feeling stressed and frustrated?

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Trick or EAT smell my TREAT!

3 Ways to Share the Spooks and LOVE this Halloween!

WOW this year has been flying by! We are now going into the holiday season WEEEEEEE!

As a personal celebrator and activist of relationships, holidays are especially fun for me because it’s the time EVERYONE partakes in this passion of mine! Holidays are all about connection, love and celebration, which is what TLC, is allllll about! Happy girl I am!

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