VIDEO: #1 Thing you need to do to start letting GO!

Past hurts … What a DRAG!

Raise your hand if you have ever been hurt in a relationship? Now, keep your hand up if this hurt is keeping you from giving fully in the relationship you are in now? OR if this past hurt is keeping you from getting into a new relationship?

All right, lets chat…

But first I need you to get in your body and out of your mind so lets take a deep DEEP breath in…. and exhale.

And again…

Ok so we ALL have experienced pain in our relationships right? I’m not just speaking intimately; I’m talking about ANY relationship.

Whether it is family, a best friend an EX, a past job or even the relationship you have with yourself.

How many times have we betrayed OURSELVES more than anyone who has ever hurt us?

The truth is we cause ourselves so much unneeded pain because we HOPE holding onto past hurts will serve us in some way. Then we restrict ourselves from our truth; we are afraid to be open; and we imprison ourselves by feeling stuck.

Here is what I have to say that will help you free yourself from your “baggage.” Also, please comment below any insights you’ve gained that could help the TLC community!

Love you! xxx


VIDEO: Who and WHAT get’s your Attention

The wheel of “priorities.” Who and WHAT get’s your attention

How to feel good about giving yourself more time.

Do you feel like you are drained with the request of others that you feel you have no time for yourself? Do you also find yourself prioritizing the wrong things and in the end it leaves you feeling stressed and frustrated?

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Trick or EAT smell my TREAT!

3 Ways to Share the Spooks and LOVE this Halloween!

WOW this year has been flying by! We are now going into the holiday season WEEEEEEE!

As a personal celebrator and activist of relationships, holidays are especially fun for me because it’s the time EVERYONE partakes in this passion of mine! Holidays are all about connection, love and celebration, which is what TLC, is allllll about! Happy girl I am!

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3 Ways To Have LUCK On Your Side

Last week, we talked about ways we could be stressing ourselves out. Were you able to acknowledge some of the things we discussed and do the practice I gave you so you’re not walking around like a STRESS BALL?

If not, you can watch last weeks video HERE! We got some great reviews from that video some of which were: 

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