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The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

This week’s TLC Reading Corner comes at a time when, quite frankly, our society can use it most.

If you haven’t noticed in your own life (which you WILL after reading this) you have most likely been able to see the attachments other people have to many different things. So much and so, their identities are often tied to those attachments.

For example, someone who “identifies” herself as vegan. Not a bad identity right? Actually, seems respectable that she may care about the treatment of animals. That’s IF… her attachment to this identity is at a Level Two (second lowest level of attachment).

The second level of attachment says, “since I value an animals life, I use this knowledge as a tool to make the choices I do in life.” But at the lowest levels of attachment, you’d rarely see this person disowning, preaching or harping on someone who doesn’t believe the same as her.

The problem is, most of us (in some way, shape or form) engage in higher levels of attachments that we often attach our “identities” to them.

Whether it be sports teams, diet labels, race, professions, religion, or currently we see it in this years presidential election.

The higher levels of attachments we have to any specific thing, the more our identity is tied to them which is why we may feel unhappy most of the time… Not to mention, a danger to others around us.

There were so many “ah-has” I took away reading this book, and honestly his teaching is something I am incorporating in my work because most of the emails I get, in some way shape or form, have to do with a high level of attachment to something that is contradicting our authentic self.

Speaking of self, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. has a new book out called, “The Mastery of Self,” and will be a book added to the TLC Book Giveaways we do monthly so make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list below!


Enjoy and happy TLC Thursday!

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