Weight Loss: Can We Not with These 3 Things

Weight Loss: Can We Not with These 3 Things

by Katie Lupke

The world of fitness and nutrition has never been more confusing! With the rise of social media, Influencers, and YouTubers, we’re constantly bombarded with ‘revolutionary’ new ways to lose weight and ‘build a booty’. In a world where keto is the new cool, it’s time we got our BS detector out and start separating fact from fiction.

Here are my top 3 do’s and don’ts to WIN BIG with weight loss.


The Fad Diets

We’ve all been there. Sure, you have a crazy stressful job which leaves no time for the gym and puts you on first name terms with the pizza boy. Maybe you’ve just had a baby. Or maybe you just have a really big sweet tooth. There are a million and one ways to gain weight, and if you spend time perusing the internet, it seems there are a million and one ways to lose it too.

Sure, there are thousands of diets out there; Atkins, 5:2, alkaline, the cabbage soup diet, the baby food diet, the five-bite diet (yes, this really does exist). Do you know what all of these diets have in common? They put your body into a calorie deficit which means your body has to use its excess stores of fat (and muscle) as fuel.

So many of these diets reduce calories to a dangerously low level, leaving your body undernourished and wanting.

You live in a constant state of feeling deprived. So you drop the pounds initially, but what happens when the diet ends? You reach for the cookie jar and the crisp packets and the chocolate, OH THE CHOCOLATE. 

It’s a vicious circle which leaves you right back where you started. 
Preach moderation, not deprivation and break the cycle, today.

Expecting Results, Like, Yesterday

This is the hardest thing in the world to accept, but it’s the most important if you want to get results that last. 

Fad diets and extreme workout regimes will get you results fast, right? But the thing is, anything that comes to you overnight, can leave you just as quickly.

Consistently sticking to a sustainable way of eating, and a sustainable way of training will take you longer to reach your goals. It will require determination and a clear vision of where you want to be. But it will get you there. And the best bit? It’ll last a lifetime.

Fearing The Journey

We seem to believe our bodies in their current state are the end-point, the finished product, the way we are destined to be for the rest of our lives. This automatically puts a barrier in our head that nothing can change. But we don’t exist in a static world. Our bodies are like a fluid; they have, and will continue to change state over and over again throughout our lifetime as we accommodate changes in our lives.

But remember, we are never defined by our current state. 

We are never too far from our goals. Any body or lifestyle transformation is achievable with the right tools, & the right vision.


Backing Science & Have a Plan

It has been proven time and time again, that weight loss is achieved by eating fewer calories than your body uses up. It’s that simple. Its the base behind any diet. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to restrict or deprive yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to cut carbs, not eat after 6, or go all zero-sugar.

You simply have to be mindful of what you are eating. I have clients who lose weight and tone while enjoying chocolate every day, and wine on the weekends. It’s just a simple case of balance, and it’s so easy to achieve with a little bit of planning and understanding.

Staying Accountable & Know Your Why

No journey is 100% linear, and there will always be bumps in the road. There will be times when you cannot get yourself out of bed in the morning (HELLO snooze button; my biggest nemesis & friend). There will be times when you lose sight of why you even started on this journey.

You’ll think you aren’t making progress and you will be ready to throw in the towel. 

There are so many ways to combat this; book a group class, buddy up with a friend with a similar goal, invest in a coach, join an online community. It provides support and hey, don’t we all need a cheerleader every once in a while?!

Don’t forget to stay accountable to yourself, too. Find your WHY. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to get healthy? Gaining clarity on your why, and creating a vision in your head of WHERE you want to be, will push you through the toughest of workouts. And HOLY F*** will it be worth it!

Believing You Can

See the thing is, losing weight and getting healthy is EASY. 

Like the pulling-my-hair-out-in-frustration-at-the-diet-industry kind of easy. 

But we’re an impatient lot. We jump on the latest fad diet, workout every day for a week and expect poppin’ abs and a booty Beyonce would be proud of. When that doesn’t happen we lose faith in our ability to ever reach our goals because it seems too HARD.

Let me tell you something. Giving birth is HARD. Fighting cancer is HARD. Losing a loved one is HARD. You know what’s not hard? Eating well, and exercising often. Actually, it’s a gift that should be celebrated. To gain some perspective, shift your mindset, and choose your hard.

Katie Lupke

about the author

Katie Lupke

My name is Katie Lupke; I'm a Doctor, Personal Trainer, and in my spare time, a Masters Student in Sports Medicine. Oh, and I'm also in training to become a Sports Nutritionist! I'm fiercely passionate about a balanced approach to life & the ability to achieve whatever goals you may have, without restriction or deprivation. I am the creator & brains behind The Lupke Way; a no-BS approach to fitness and nutrition featuring non-restrictive recipe plans and evidence-based workouts. I also run the Facebook Group ‘Learn Yourself Lean | The Healthy Way’, empowering women to make educated & informed decisions about their lifestyle.


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