How to Consciously Tune Into Your Body in Order to Give Her What She Needs with Bethanne Founder of Edible Goddess

How to Consciously Tune Into Your Body in Order to Give Her What She Needs with Bethanne Founder of Edible Goddess

by Christal Fuentes

Christal sits down for an emotional interview with Bethanne, creator of Edible Goddess, to discuss what it means to consciously tune into your body – How to adjust your hormones naturally after getting off the pill – Power herbs that support fertility – Emotional and spiritual blocks – Past lives and levels of consciousness

OMG! This episode was like honey to my soul. I truly believe this episode was the session I needed.

Yup, your girl got coached and I loved every minute of it. I was literally brought to tears with some of the truth Bethanne was speaking.

Bethanne is all about conscious consumption and is an advocate for women’s vitality. Speaking to her was a spiritual experience. She is such champion for the feminine. She is able to intuitively dissect the blocks that could be happening emotionally and physically and give you simple practices that may help get to the root of it.

I actually didn’t think we were going to go in as deep as we did, but when discussions are heart lead, they will give your soul precisely what it needs. In every interview, I prepare with a set of questions I want to come through to help guide the content, but like I said, once you open space for your heart to guide, you will create a soul to soul connection.

I truly believe she intuitively knew what my spirit needed to receive.. hint hint… we talked fertility and trying to conceive!

This can be a very sensitive topic especially for women who have struggled to get pregnant and silently suffer and ache at the thought that it might never happen.

I have no problem sharing that Andrew and I are actively trying to start our own family. I will also open up and say that it hasn’t been easy. Not in the physical sense, but more so emotionally. Growing up I never wanted kids. I actually didn’t see myself having a child at all until later in our relationship. Andrew is just such a magnificent man I couldn’t imagine a child not experiencing him.

So, we decided to start trying. UGH! I hate that word.

Trying…. it just sets people up to feel like shit, especially with something as beautiful and miraculous as bringing a child into the world. Bringing a human being in the world is no easy feat. Your journey is going to look completely different to others and the word trying opens it up for people to check your progress like there is some sort of normal process…

I am personally open to what is to come. We all have our own wants, feelings and experiences, but Andrew and I are ok if a child is not in the cards for us. In the meantime, we are trying… we are going to keep our minds, bodies (well my body) and hearts open for that special being that wants to come through.

There’s a sense of freeness in the openness. WITH THAT SAID, for all my ladies who have struggled with conceiving, I want you to know, you are more than enough and loved, and I hope today’s discussion can help in some way.

Also, if you know someone is in the works of “trying” to conceive, please give them their space without requesting a progress report. I believe couples should be able to move at their own time and speed. Please give people their freedom and leave your advice only if asked. We never know what our fellow sisters are doing or have tried. What worked for you might not work for others. So send your love and be there should they need your support.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

+ Some of my own spiritual and emotional blocks
+ Adjusting your hormones naturally after getting off the pill, supplement
+ Herbs to use that support fertility
+ How to consciously tune into your body in order to give her what she needs, top superfoods to incorporate into your daily diet

Ladies, meet my new Goddess sister Bethanne, the creator of Edible Goddess.

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Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.


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