How to Work Through Deep Rooted Issues and Break Free from Blocks with Zen Rose Garden

by Christal Fuentes


If you read a recent article I did about 2016, you’d know that it was one of the most uncomfortable years for me, and although I wouldn’t say that it was the WORST year, I do understand how people would perceive this to be true.

For me, it was the year of instrumental growth. Like the deepest of deep growths. It opened parts of me I never knew I would be able to tap into. It showed me depths of myself that were necessary for me to access in order for me to expand my mission.

Depths that required me to embrace the darkness in my life.

Eeeek! Sounds scary right? But here’s what I learn to be true.

So many of us are so afraid of the dark that we continue to suppress the emotions that need to surface, then wonder why we sink into an emotional abyss.

As Iyanla Vanzant says,

“You can’t heal what you won’t face.”

Is it possible to do it on your own?… Of course!

But is it better to have people you trust to help you? ABSOLUTELY and there’s no one I trust more with this area than David and Heather, Founders of Zen Rose Garden.

Together, they help people to create pathways between the subconscious and conscious in order for these parts of the mind to be a powerhouse team instead of fighting with one another.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the roles that the subconscious and conscious mind plays… The subconscious mind is 80-90% of your mind, which controls your habits, beliefs and patterns. The conscious mind is 8-10% of your mind, which controls your daily tasks.

But here’s the thing, we aren’t even AWARE of the 80-90% that controls our lives… That is a HUGE fucking deal ladies because we are staying blindsided from the reasons why we keep experiencing emotional roller coasters, stay in depression, feel anxiety a thigh levels, and or, fear things we have no idea why….

After all, at the root of every negative emotion is FEAR.

In today’s video, we are going to learn:

+ How to ground ourselves in the middle chaos
+ How to begin healing after a traumatic event
+ Where does self-sabotaging behaviors come from
+ What is Depression and Anxiety REALLY?
+ How to experience a natural state of bliss

Here are some questions I have for you! Please COMMENT below:

1. In the video, David references “THE” mind instead of “your” mind or “our” mind. Why do you think that is?

2. What are the 3 things you should do when you find yourself in the middle of a chaotic state?

3. What does Heather say about feeling Peace in our lives?

4. What was an“Ah-ha” you got about Depression and Anxiety?

5. At the end of the video I asked them a question that stumped them! How would you answer?


Christal Fuentes

about the author

Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.

Dana Murphy SAYS:

My ah-ha was definitely “when you’re ignoring anger, you’re ignoring something that needs to change.” I’ve spent most of the time in all my adult relationships biting my tongue about things that anger me because as a woman, we often get titled “grumpy”, “b*tchy”, “naggy” if we show anger. (In my experience, anyway)
I shouldn’t have to deal with my anger internally and put it in a box in the back of my mind, only to have it explode a couple years down the road when I say “well, you did this thing in 2014 and because I didn’t get angry at it then, here I am having held on to that for 2 years and now lets have a huge fight about it”.
I have trouble with my boyfriend bringing up things that anger me basically because he takes my bringing it up as me initiating a fight, when in reality, I’m trying to deal with it there and then, fix it and move on. The opposite in my mind. How can I get him to approach these conflicts without getting offended and take it like I’m trying to start a fight?
I find myself dwelling on things that I should be long over, because when I brought it up to him, I don’t get the response I’m wanting and needing! Therefore I can’t “close out” the issue. It makes me feel like there are a million little boxes open in my mind flung across a room instead of the issues being solved and dealt with and packed away nicely in a “Open only when trying to learn from Past” box!

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    Thats so beautiful thank you for sharing this Dana XO!

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Dana, thank you so much! The only way you can honestly put these things into your “Open only when trying to learn from Past” box is if the emotional charged has been released. Otherwise, you’re still in the “Trying to feel supported and process through this crap” box. All of our emotions can be used like tools, we just have to know how to use the right tool for the right job. The trick is learning how to get angry without attacking and without dismissing your emotions. It takes practice, and patience.

      Dana SAYS:

      Definitely working on how to do this! Thanks! 🙂

Pamela SAYS:

Thanks Crystal for sharing this .
Absolutely loved this video !!
Love what they do.
Definitely made me feel relaxed watching and listening to what they had to say .
In Ireland everyone tends to hide their feelings , myself included.
I would love to meet you guys .
Do you do online sessions ?
Pamela xo.

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    Hi Pamela! Thank you for taking the time to watch. They absolutely do one-on-one coaching. Just visit them on our COACHES page! Their info is there! XOXO

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Pamela, thank you so much! We do sessions world wide, including Skype, Whats App, or whatever way you want to connect. Feelings are a skill to learn just like any other. At first it’ll be awkward and possibly scary, as anything is when we first start it. With time, as we get more proficient with the skill of feeling, we also become more efficient in processing those emotions.

      Pamela SAYS:

      I feel I’m a very emotional person . Definitely something I’m interested in doing . I have found your page on fb (I liked it ) so I will make contact through that and arrange the best way to do online sessions. If that is the best way ?

        ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

        Pamela, that works for us! We look forward to working with you!

Sarah SAYS:

Loved this! Thanks for taking the time to share xo

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    So glad you enjoyed Sarah! XO

      ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

      Sarah, thank you so much! Glad you got something out of it!


This video came at the perfect time, I have years of suppressed anger and just constantly functioning in a mild depression, I have been to conventional therapists but never really feeling anything was resolved and would leave even more deflated. Nice to know there are real healers out there, gives me hope to deal with my own issues. Thanks for sharing.

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Ash, thanks for watching and for your response! It takes some doing to learn how to feel again. And with so much suppressed anger, it helps to also understand that emotions cluster together in the mind. So, as we’re trying our best not to feel the “negative” emotions, we’re also suppressing our ability to feel the “positive” emotions until we get to a point of not being able to feel anything. Once we reach that “bottom”, we can experience something that hits so close to home that we “HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THIS”. From there, it’s tricky, though not impossible, to start turning on those feeling switches again. Each time, acclimating to the next layer of feeling until we have access to our full range of emotions again. It’s not an easy process, but if you experience a big enough “Why” the change and reemergence is inevitable.

Karen Brooks SAYS:

I am a customer and follower of David and Heather would like to see this video on YouTube with closed captions as I am deaf.

Callie Sutton SAYS:

Thanks for sharing this interview with us Christal! I can see why you call them your ‘energy healers’ now!
I especially loved the talking about the conscious and subconscious minds. What I took from it is that the thoughts in our conscious mind are what we hear day in and day out. It’s the ever-present voice in our head that we trust to interpret the world – what we think, say and do is all processed and reflected on by us consciously. But what actually is the bulk of who were are, the driving force behind what we do and think and our glasses for seeing the world – we are actually not aware of or in active control of… I feel this is very empowering as I can visualise that there’s a part of me beyond what I currently understand or am aware of that may hold the answers as to why I have the habits I do, why I have the particular struggles I do, etc. It’s like a source of inner wisdom just waiting to be tapped into!! 🙂

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Callie, thank you so much for watching, and for your response! The conscious mind you might think of as the driver, and the subconscious mind as the navigator. The subconscious holds all of our programming throughout our entire life. It’s always working as designed to bring us what we’ve programmed over the course of our life, through repetition. “Positive” or “Negative” is irrelevant to the subconscious mind. Issues come about when they’re not on the same team. Resolution happens when we get them to play together. There’s a tremendous wealth of inner wisdom, as we learn how to listen and get them to communicate with each other. It’s just like couples counseling or coaching! Treat it like you would want any healthy relationship to be, and witness the magic!

Megan SAYS:

Wow, wow, wow. Thankyou Christal, Heather and David for sharing this amazing interview and wealth of knowledge.
So many ah ha moments in this.
Love the concept of removing layers of an onion to see light. And healthing the body, mind and spirit. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see much more of this in practice in today’s society.
Understanding the primal brain and its instinct for survival gives such a clearer view of depression and shutting down negative feeling, experiences and emotions for protection in survival.
I think this makes it so very evident how we often instinctively repress our emotions, feelings and thoughts instinctively. Shutting down negative emotions for protection. Would be wonderful to have more awareness, although it’s definately getting out there, on the brains functions and instinct for survival from medical this is where many people will start their journey for assistance and help.
Heathers story of her candy, gave me goose bumps and really made me assess the child mind and their perception of feelings. Being a parent of three this is very eye opening.
I was unaware of the percentage of the subconscious mind, and was enlightening to hear how you help work through rewiring the subconscious and conscious mind in your therapy. Amazing!!!! Love love love every bit of this.
Hearing you say you follow your clients down the rabbit hole gave the most comforting and safe feeling. What an amazing way to follow a journey and guide people to the top.
I will carry with me some of the most empowering words from this
“Anger is an emotion that something is wrong and needs to change”
” your perception creates your reality”
I’m sure I will watch this again and again and takes notes in future.
David your childhood story of being in the dark and turning the lights on, wow, that got the old water works going, what an empowering story. Thankyou for sharing this.
Thankyou all for sharing and taking the time to put this together.
You are all beautiful souls and I know this will have shaped and helped all those that watched it.
Keep being beautiful amazing people xxxxxx

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Megan, You rock! This brings such a hidden gem that we hadn’t even intended to light. In our practice, we do coach coaches, but hadn’t even considered that avenue when we did this. Just goes to show how the universe creates so many facets as we walk in our flow. Life is so full of wonderful surprises like that! That memory of turning on the lights still holds so much positive charge for me, even as I read your comment, it brought that overwhelming gratitude to the surface again. We hope you continue getting more out of it, and that it helps you in your own work!

      Megan SAYS:

      Thankyou for your comment and kind words. It truly was enlightening to watch all you had to share.
      I will use your tools suggested in a chaotic state also and was amazed to hear this can be done in five minutes. Something I will try and encourage both myself and my young children to work through these emotions when needed. I truly think this will help young children validate and move through those emotions. Thankyou for this. Heather Christals question at the end had me thinking also haha but I love the concept of asking people their story and will use this in future conversations when meeting someone new. Thanks again

dreayerbe SAYS:

WOW! Simply… wow…
I definitely have to watch this video again, to take notes, to be able to answer those questions… because right now I’m in pure shock. I just wanted to thank you for sharing such an amazing video. You are all incredible humans and every single word of this video made an impact on me. Every single word resonated in a way and it’s full of valuable information.
Thank you for sharing your stories, thank you for opening up and thank you for such an AMAZING end to the video.
Love xxx

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    It warms my heart to hear that! Thank you for your time watching. Aren’t David and Heather amazing?! Like always, thank you for sharing XO

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and for your response! So glad you got so much out of it!

Jessica Stadler SAYS:

Watching this video today was so perfect for what I’m dealing with now. I have found that when I get in an uncontrolled moment that my past emotions come out and I lash out. Watching this helped me to realize the three steps to find out where those emotions are truly coming from and how to find peace with it. Being vulnerable and digging deeper to why I’m feeling these emotions and being aware that it is not my fault. I will definitely be looking into doing a future session with them so I can dig even deeper! Thank you!!!!

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Jessica thank you so much! Emotions can definitely be a tricky spot until we learn how to feel and express to get the inside and outside matched up again. Once they’re both on the same page though, we become an unstoppable powerhouse able to share what we’ve learned with others as a natural by product of our own journey and work! We would definitely love to work with you when you’re ready!

Melissa McMullin SAYS:

I loved this video. I will watch it over and over again, because I feel that with each new layer or door they talked about in the video, each topic they touched on will be different. So right now, with some soul searching and honest thinking, I have come to realize that vulnerability is my outward issue. I’ve been searching for a few weeks for some sort of direction, I knew I had a problem but I didn’t know what it was. I don’t feel that I’m an angry person, but I have some very deep-rooted fear coming forward. I lost my dad unexpectedly 2.5 years ago, and while we had a fantastic relationship at the time, it took a long time to overcome the bad relationship I had with him while I was growing up. Because I opened up to him at the time and we grew to have a great father-daughter relationship, after he died I closed off all feelings around him, I think because I was scared to feel vulnerable about it. So now, I’m afraid to feel vulnerable in any other aspect of my life because of the emptiness that was left when my dad died. That fear has held me back for 2.5 years now and this video is the first thing to make it click in my brain that I might be able to fix it. I’ve tried to stay emotionless for so long now that I just figured it was the way I am, but it was holding me back in such a big way that I’ve avoided all new friendships and familial relationships ever since. Thank you so much for this information and sharing your gift and talents with us. This is a huge day for me, all thanks to you and your work.

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Melissa, thank YOU for taking that courageous step towards your strength and power! I know first hand what it feels like to close off after a sudden death without even knowing you’re doing it, until something that should be emotional isn’t. Having my brother pass suddenly and spending the following 10 years without any direction on how to grieve, my mind did the best it could to protect me with what I had access to at the time. As you recognize that you’re safe enough to be vulnerable, you start building the strength and getting better at feeling all emotions. It takes time and patience with yourself, but it’s absolutely worth the journey.

Deborah Campbell SAYS:

I absolutely LOVED this video!! It is exactly what I need to hear as I feel so much of it resignated to where I am right now. I LITERALLY feel my unhealed self calling me to the work.
As for the questions!
1: I feel the mind is separate from who we are…our essence and soul. The mind is something can be utilise to better ourselves instead of it controlling us.
2: Acknowledge/ Validate/ Explore
….and breathe ????
3: Peace in our lives is out natural state!!
4: My “Ah Ha” about depression and anxiety for me was circular thinking and not addressing the true underlying cause at the root level. These feeling of depression and anxiety mask fear which is stemmed from either a childhood wound or a cellular wound passed down (deep huh!!, Id love to explore generational wounds!)
5: I would ask what I could do at a personal level to help change the worlds “state” of consciousness.
As always Christal, amazing amazing amazing. I LOVE THESE GUYS!!! I’m looking them up right now!!! ????❤????????????

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Deborah, thank you so much for watching and for your feedback! In response to your question at the end, any and all change to the outside world begins inside. In order to change the worlds “state” of consciousness, continue improving your own “state” of consciousness. Learn more, explore more, grow more. The by product of doing our own internal work is that as we learn more and grow more we naturally share more with those around us who are ready. It’s a beautiful cycle of facing our own crap, fears, doubts, etc, growing more learning more from that experience, then sharing that growth, our stories, with others who are ready to venture where you’ve been. Then we reach another layer of stuff that gets triggered. Go into the cave and face our darkness, and emerge on the other side more enlightened and evolved every time we choose to face those fears. Wash, rinse, repeat.

      Deborah Campbell SAYS:

      Thank you so much for your reply! I love you guys and I’d love to delve into this work “boots and all!”
      I’m so excited about this year as I feel it is time. I feel it. Times up Deb!!! Already I have been blessed and I’m so so excited to see where this goes and what I can bring to the world!!!!!
      Thank you for the extra reminder of this daily practice. look out for an email!!????????????

        ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

        Deborah, we look forward to the email! Thank you again!

Yuliana SAYS:

I was so ready for this, definitely needed it, have been looking for some answers for a while now and I know I have so much work to do, but I feel like you guys are my door and I will be in touch.
Thank you Christal for sharing your tools towards freeing our spirit and finding cleaning our pool of peace.
Ps. Loved to hear your stories too! ????

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Yuliana, thank you for watching, and responding! When we’re ready the way opens. We would be honored to help you open your doors when you’re ready!

Nancy SAYS:

Wow! Christal, you really know how to hold an interview! I was so amazed by the knowledge I gained from this! So amazing how our entire life really does form who we are. I do believe life is about a choice and this is just confirmation that it is; however it is not easy to work on these issues if you have no clue there is an issue or how to handle them! I had several ah ha moments. The interview was great all around! It was funny, enlightening, emotional and spiritual. I cried and laughed with y’all lol, just awesome! Thank you for sharing all that y’all did and it was as Christal says an amazing “Free session” lol. I’ve never gotten to know someone so well in an interview. ????

    Christal Fuentes SAYS:

    Awww! Thank you babe! I am so amazed by them and so excited you got something out of this! They really threw down the knowledge! <3 <3 <3

      Nancy SAYS:

      So not what I thought it was going to be….. Lol the crystals! Lmao

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Nancy, thank you! Christal certainly does know how to hold an interview! Two of the most important and powerful tools in life are perception and intention! We have power over both!

Chelsea SAYS:

Thank you so much Christal and Zen Rose Garden! To be honest when I first seen this I scrolled past thinking I don’t have enough time but I’m so glad I decided to make the time to sit down and listen! I’ve already learnt so much from you Christal and this has just opened up a whole new side I’ve never realized. There’s so much I’ve come to notice what habits and ways of living I do now that stem from that little girl I once was not having any idea what was happening and why or what these emotions were. My question is now I’ve gone through and pin pointed some very emotional times in my child hood with different people and experiences how do I overcome them what is my next step to move on and change my ways as an adult now? Thank you again xx

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Chelsea, thank you for creating the time! It’s funny hos Spirit guides us sometimes to do things that are important, to “make the time”, even if our conscious mind doesn’t think it’s important. One guideline to improvement is to treat that little girl inside as if you are her own perfect mother and listen to her, hold space for her to experience the emotions as if she is you’re own perfect daughter. Be the parents she wanted and hold space for her to experience what she couldn’t as a child. It may not be easy or pretty to let her go into the emotions, but it will always be worth it on the other side of the release.

Megan SAYS:

I have 2 kids and I yell at them. I hate that I yell at them. I know I do it because my mom yelled at me. It’s a habit I’ve been trying to break for a long time. Well after I watched this interview I realized I need to go back and face the way being yelled at made me feel. I’ve started to do this through my daily meditation. I’ve seen improvement alread. I know I still have a long way to but I am surprised at the instant improvement in the amount of yelling and also how I feel. Thank you

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Megan, thank you for your response, and honesty! One of the greatest things we can do as we’re changing habits is to stop kicking our own butts and start making changes. No matter how small, any change is the start of healing. Continue with the intention to release those old patterns and beliefs that aren’t even your own. Imagine yourself at the age your kids are. What would you feel like being yelled at then? You can take 5 minutes by yourself (with practice you’ll get better and faster at it), and experience the frustrations and emotions to clear them. Once that part is done, you can come with clarity to express what you really want with your kids. The key is clearing the emotional response that is getting in the way of the genuine communication. Keep aiming at genuine expression, and you will eventually hit the mark (repeatedly)!

Jessica SAYS:

Totally did not know what to expect I was just curious after watching your snaps today…. That was AMAZING! I called my gf and my mom right away and said follow TLC and watch this video ! Seriously incredible !! Will be looking into doing a Skype session sometime most definitely ! You all had my mind blown many times throughout the interview. Every single word I felt connected to and I was so surprised by that. Never knew the differences of different types of therapy and this was just absolutely amazing. David’s near death experience brought tears to my eyes when he “turned on the light” I don’t even know why some things I was touched by but my heart just felt peace. And then Heather says Peace is a natural occurring state. That is so beautiful. I can go on and on about this interview and how you all have taught me so much and I didn’t expect to learn.
Thank you so much for your time !! You are heard and I wana keep hearing! Lol. Please know how appreciated I am of you guys for doing this Free session ! Sharing with all my gfs.

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Jessica, thank you! It’s wonderful to hear how much of an impact this interview is having on so many people! One of our goals is to reach more people and to help more people, so thank you for sharing! We would love to do a Skype session whenever you’re ready!

      Jessica SAYS:

      How do you charge ? Is it per session or per hour ? And curious on the price.. Do you have details on that posted somewhere ?

Rachel SAYS:

Firstly ????
Just so much wow.
I took so much from this, the lessons, the quotes, Davids experience with death, that was a seriously powerful moment and it was so ground breaking for me. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone that truly vulnerable at any point in my life and we are blessed to have had David share his experience with us.
In relation to the questions:
I think David refers to THE mind as opposed to YOURS or OURS because of the emotional, primal nature of it. Our BRAINS are logical and calculative however our minds are emotional and are driven by our root emotions LOVE and FEAR. These root emotions can be so strong that our logical and reasoning brain can’t always function effectively and as a result don’t always act in a logical way
When we find ourselves in a chaotic state, we need to take 5 minutes. First and foremost is to awknowledge the state you are in. Awknowlegde it’s there, then validate it. It is OK to feel how you are feeling right now and then you explore it. Why am I feeling this way, what’s going on? After that you can rewire and reset.
Peace is a naturally occurring state. For this reason it is not something that is found by looking but by cleaning through the mud at the bottom of the swimming pool to find clarity. And once there is clarity, there will be peace.
My ah ha moment around anxiety and depression…. well where do I start ????
I learnt that even though NOW I may have mended relationships with people, my inner child is still hurt and when my inner child is experiencing emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt etc, it is often difficult to rationalise this even with my adult self because my inner child has not got the tools to manage these emotions. So even though I attend traditional therapy NOW, I need to allow myself to go back to my inner child and allow her to FEEL and VALIDATE all of those emotions and EXPLORE where they are coming from and why.
Another ah ha moment was when David talks about how the mind protects us from pain. It will do whatever it can to avoid pain and this really resonated with me and then linked wonderfully with the quote “ignoring anger means you’re ignoring something that needs to change” because identifying what lies beneath us can cause us pain and that is something our brain wants to avoid!
Finally, my question to Heather and David would be “what is the meaning of life”?!?!?
I love an open ended question and this one can take you anywhere.
Thank you so much for this insightful video.
Love and light to you always xxx

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Rachel, thank you so much for sharing your insight! 5 minutes can be absolutely life changing, if you’re willing to open up to that vulnerability. It takes courage, and practice, but it is ALWAYS worth it on the other side of the release.
    Ah, the “meaning of life”… what we’ve come to so far is that the meaning of life, first off, is what you make it. Beyond that, we find that the entire purpose of life and every experience we’ve ever had is to learn and grow on the path of discovering who we truly are underneath the traumas, reactions, and issues we carry on the surface.
    Which brings me to another things that every single person has to face (and this is regardless of sexual preference or identity), every single person has to find a way to come out of their own “closet”, the place they hide because it “feels safe”, and come out into the light to find the strength and courage to embrace who they are in their truth and express that to the world around them. When you achieve that self acceptance, nobody can take your identity or strength away.
    Again, Rachel, thank you for sharing!

Anna SAYS:

Wow, been following you for awhile now and never watched a video until tonight… I learned so much by learning from the Zen Rose Garden. I am also creating something similar on my journey here… I am studying hypnotherapy and energy healing and find it so fascinating.
My website is
Thank you for sharing and
Keep doing what you do best!

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Anna, thank you!

Kristy Petersen SAYS:

Ok hopefully my wifi is set up by Monday… so I can have a date with my bath some candles and this video!! I’m literally dying to watch it, but can’t on my phone as it uses too much data! I feel like a kid in a candy shop being tortured haha. Bring on Monday and some wifi ????????✨

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Kristy, Awesome! We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Jaclyn Sharp SAYS:

LOVED this interview!! I’ve been patiently waiting to hear from you both! My question is, what is the different between energy healers (what I believe you’ve been referred to) and a Reiki healer? Are they similar? I’m interested in this type of session, and I prefer face to face, but in my area anytime I look for an energy healer I am directed to reiki. Any suggestions / input is VERY appreciated!!
Keep up the INCREDIBLE content TLC!

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Jaclyn, thanks for watching, and asking such a great question! Energy healers, reiki healers, life coaches, they’re all different types of “healers” or guides. People that provide support on your path. The key is to find someone that you resonate with and try different things until you find what works for you.
    Reiki is a specific modality of healing that is typically more quiet and energetically supportive. You can experience some amazing things by exploring that modality (which is one of many modalities that we incorporate into every session).
    One main key is to find someone that you resonate with that supports your journey. Another key to recognize is that YOUR path is YOUR path every person along your journey will have pieces for you, but ultimately you’re in charge of your own path.
    If someone works well for you, work with them until that changes. If that changes, it’s simply time to move to the next phase of your journey. Be fluid in your journey.
    Let your soul or inner wisdom guide you to the right people, places and experiences for the path you’re on right now. Don’t hold onto the past, but remember that it’s brought you where you are now, honoring every step as sacred.

Kristy Petersen SAYS:

Ok where was my warning to have a box of tissues handy?? Wow I first started crying half way through this when I realised I need to have a session with you guys, I know I’m holding onto anger, I also don’t trust easy and am worried what if I have a session but don’t feel comfortable to be raw and honest… this has happened to me when I had to change counsellors I had built trust in my first one and then my second one I found myself just going in and not being honest and just pretending I guess…
Wheb David started on his story from when he was younger oh my god tears flowing along with you guys… I also so often feel “alone” even though I’m not I have 4 kids lol but can totally relate to that feeling.
Can’t wait to watch the video on crystals and to see more and more from David & Heather ????????✨????

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Kristy, so glad you got to watch! Great to connect! It does take some time for your mind to “test” a new person. There’s a part of your brain that has the sole purpose of keeping you safe. That part is always checking for threat or safety, and either opens up more or closes down depending on whether it feels safe enough. Is this person hearing me, or trying to fix me? That part of your mind is an amazing thing, and does an amazing job. It’s possible that either you weren’t ready, or that part didn’t feel safe enough to take it to the next level. Take your time, and keep aiming for your goal. You will get there, no matter how long it takes.

plantbasedcaits SAYS:

I loved this video! I definitely was opeing a door or 2 whilst watching and the tears were flowing, but in a self healing way. I feel like I’ve already made progress.
The process of allowing to experience the emtion and validate it really resonated with me.
Will definitely be re-watching and taking some notes.
Thank you for such a beautful video xxx

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Cait, thank you so much for watching and commenting! It’s so awesome to see so many people opening those doors, and taking those steps towards emotional freedom. Not only emotional freedom, but super ninja weaponry mastering of our own emotional arsenal!

nicole SAYS:

I love every moment and word shard in this video, so inspiring! All three of you have such exptrodianry perceptions of the world, body, mind and spirit and that’s something I truely conect with. I loved every metaphor use to describe or explain something, they were all so powerful and true.
Personally the part that I connected to most was when you spoke about traumatic experiences and how you get clients to open up to you, from my own personal experiences just your interview alone made me feel connected and wanting to open up and share with you my traumatic past that I know effects me each day in so many ways, my behaviors, attitudes, habits and perception. That for me is truely comforting knowingthere is someone out there that understands and gets it. I have never been able to cconnect, trust or feel safe with my counsellor or social worker. (I don’t go anymore). I am only a young adult but due to my life growing up I am a lot mature and wiser for my age, I had to grow up faster than I should have.
I also love the part when you’d spoke of how the stress of one situation, incident or truma can effect your physical health asweel. For me now I have seizures due to stress known as pseudoseizure, these seizures can last from seconds to 7 minutes. I’m completely unconscious, I often stop breathing to the point I lose all colour in my lips and skin. So I have some insight into the way it feels to lose control over your body due to you mental state.
You’s are all truly extrodinary people. x

    ZenRoseGarden SAYS:

    Nicole, thank you so much for watching and sharing! Powerful story! You certainly know more than most about the challenges. Those are what lead you to the growth! Wishing you the very best on your journey!

Meg Cathro SAYS:

I have been saving this video for what I thought was going to be the time I was ‘focused and engaged’. In fact I believe I ended up watching this today because this is exactly what I needed to hear and understand right now. The majority of this video I had a-ha moments and all I could think was “when can I get from NZ to USA to see these guys” I need this! I’m so ready to open those doors I just can’t seem to find ‘how’ to do it! Thank you for this, I can’t wait to watch other videos and connect with you all in other ways. Fantastic morning for me 🙂 x

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