Big Changes & Unlimited Opportunity - Your January 2019 Horoscope

Big Changes & Unlimited Opportunity – Your January 2019 Horoscope

by Lauren Claire Wolfgram

Theme of the Month

The theme this month is big changes and unlimited opportunity.

January Horoscope Overview

We have a lot of big celestial occurrences happening this month all of which are creating space and energy for a lot of clearing out of old patterns and starting fresh with new beginnings. Opportunities for big changes and shifts for the better may seem almost unlimited this month as it seems the whole of the universe has our back with making beneficial transformations in our lives.

The Best Crystal for January

The crystal of the month for January is Angel Aura Quartz!

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Aries this month take on projects and work on things that you can really be proud of. If it’s not something you can reflect on with pride then don’t put your energy into it. Also, it is time to be a little selfless this month but also very self-nurturing. Take some action to be a help for others but take time to make sure you are also in your best state as well.

Aries, in the area of love and relationships, take the time to tell the people who love you most that you sincerely appreciate their love for you. It’s too easy sometimes to take the ones we love for granted, but, every person sometimes needs a reminder of how much they mean to the people they love. Be that for someone in your life. Also be aware that there is a connection between organization and cleanliness of a home and smoothness in relationships. If you can tackle chores with ease you can probably tackle relationship messes as well.

Aries, in work and career, be mindful to take care of your reputation this month. You do not have to go around bragging, but just be aware of how you are perceived at work and how you can polish that perspective. One potential option is to do a little extra at work this month, maybe volunteer for a small side project or help out a co-worker. Going that extra mile certainly can’thurt.

Aries, overall this month, be proud of what you do, be appreciative of the ones who love you and go above and beyond at work to keep up that shiny reputation.

The Best Crystal for Aries This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Flower Amazonite

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Taurus, this month, find ways to get grounded! Take a walk in nature, if it is too chilly, make some carpet angels and really reconnect with the ground. Bring yourself into the present moment and don’t get caught up dwelling on either the past or the future. Have some conversations with your friends about your problems and you’ll be amazed how quickly they come up with valid solutions.

Taurus, in the area of love and relationships, you may suddenly find that you can completely see your partner’s point of view or you understand where they are coming from. Now that you know that, put some effort into fixing things they may have voiced are a problem for them. If you do not find you have this perspective shift, you may want to sit down and try to see things their way. It will give you insight into yourself in this relationship.

Taurus, in work this month, start building up the foundation for any career changes you are planning because it’s time to start getting the ball rolling. Also, do not put off non-work related problems or they could become work problems by stealing your focus and attention away from the projects you have going.

Taurus, overall this month get grounded, change your perspective and do not put off solving your problems.

The Best Crystal for Taurus This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Lodestone

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Gemini, this month, be honest with yourself about the changes you want to make even if those changes seem scary. It’s even harder to get yourself where you want to be in life if you can’t behonest with yourself about where you actually want to go. Make sure to push on and overcome any communication issues you run into this month as well.

Gemini, in the area of love and relationships, If you are feeling unsure about what you want and need from your relationship, then it’s time to dig a little deeper and figure out where the uncertainty is coming from. What are the real issues behind this confusion?

Gemini, in work and career, keep an eye out for other people’s hidden agendas coming to light, especially if they have to do with you. Also, take time to contemplate whether you may have your own hidden agendas and if so how they might effect others.

Gemini, overall this month, ask yourself the hard questions and be willing to work toward the changes you want.

The Best Crystal For Gemini This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Smoky Phantom Quartz

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Cancer, this month, overcome those feelings of sluggishness and make sure you follow through with commitments you made to yourself and others, especially in the area of health and wellness.

Cancer, in love and relationships, if you don’t want to deal with love right this minute then don’t. Take some you time and reschedule that relationship conversation for a later date. When that date rolls around you will be in a much better place and it will go much better after a bit of self-care.

Cancer, this month at work be kind to your body and give it what it needs to recuperate from the holidays so you can get back to work feeling fresh. If you need to go to bed early or eat a few healthier meals then do it.

Cancer, overall this month, honor commitments, tackle love at your own pace and make sure you take care of your body so you can operate well at work.

The Best Crystal for Cancer This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Rose Quartz

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Leo, this month, you will be feeling fresh and ready to take on life but make sure you stick to those New Year’s resolutions, especially any that have to do with prioritizing your health and well-being.

Leo, this month in love, ask and invite your special someone to get out and exercise with you. Not only will you be accomplishing your personal goals but you will get to spend extra time with them too. Also, it is okay to get busy at work just make sure you let your partner know that is the reason you are a bit romantically unavailable lately.

Leo, this month at work you will find yourself very inspired and ready to make your new ideas a reality. That will be a great motivator to get back to work; just make sure you spend time to focus on the little details once you get started on this new project.

Leo, overall this month, stick to the goals you have set for yourself while still making time for the other areas of your life.

The Best Crystal for Leo This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Zebra Jasper

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Virgo, this month, the investments you have put into your work and your friendships are really being appreciated. You will be hearing plenty of “thank you’s” and validation for your efforts. Good Job!

Virgo, in love this month do not be unnecessarily critical especially in the realm of relationships. If a spontaneous romantic opportunity arises, now is the best time to just go for it! You may find you are extremely compatible with your person of interest.

Virgo, at work, you know you work hard and are good at your job. However, this month you will be getting some actual concrete reminders of how much you are appreciated!

Virgo, overall this month, bask in a little appreciation for your efforts, be romantically spontaneous, and reap the benefits of your hard work.

The Best Crystal for Virgo This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Peridot

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Libra, this month, get extra rest while you can and act on what your body says it needs. Your body and health are the most important part of your life since they are the machine that allows you to do everything else.

Libra, in the realm of love and relationships, don’t push yourself to be lovey and romantic if you aren’t feeling it. Get some rest and self nurture instead and come back to your partner fresh when you’re ready. Look for patterns between your latest love affairs; are there any connections or some shared trait in all of them? How can this knowledge inform your love choices in the future?

Libra, at work, only throw yourself into your work when you are feeling high energy. Be gentle with yourself when you’re feeling low key and take care of yourself so you can come in fresh and do better the next day. Jobs and careers are marathons not sprints! If you push yourself too hard, you will burn out and your work will suffer.

Libra, overall this month, care for yourself and be gentle with your body: prioritize your self- care and health!

The Best Crystal for Libra This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Pink Fluorite

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Scorpio, this month is all about teamwork and collaboration. Good companionship of some kind is definitely in the works whether for romance or work is yet to be seen, maybe both? Make sure you maintain a realistic outlook, communicate well and do not get too lost in daydreams.

Scorpio, in the area of love and relationships, you are totally in sync with someone and, yes, you both have a lot of couple potential (and everyone can see it). Make sure you verbally communicate often to keep things running smoothly and heading in a good direction without confusion.

Scorpio, in work and career this month, a new collaboration between you and a colleague could be just what you need. Yes, you work well solo but you may find you work even better with this new person. They may fill in the places you’re lacking.

Scorpio, overall this month, collaborate and team up with people wherever possible and keep all avenues of communication very open.

The Best Crystal for Scorpio This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Blue Lace Agate

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Sagittarius, start the year off right by taking another look at your finances and maybe balancing your budget. Get all those responsibilities taken care of to start the new year off on the right foot, it may even turn out to be kind of fun.

Sagittarius, in love and relationships, once you have all your responsibilities figured out it will be a relief and a huge weight off your shoulders so you can focus on your special someone. Make sure you also focus on communication so you are both on the same page.

Sagittarius, in work and career, communication is definitely going to be key here, especially for you next big work project. Get practicing your communication skills right away.

Sagittarius, this month, get your responsibilities handled and focus on honing your communication skills.

The Best Crystal for Sagittarius This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Carnelian

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Capricorn, you are beginning the New Year in exactly the place you want to be: surrounded by all the people you specifically want by your side. Go ahead and make some new connections and plans for the future while you reflect on the past year. If you are worried about something ending, remember that endings are necessary so we can have new beginnings.

Capricorn, in love and relationships, be as present as possible as you connect with your person of interest. Your mind is still a little caught up on beginnings and endings, which is all right, just make sure it does not cause you to get stuck in limbo.

Capricorn, in work and career, you are really in position for your career to take off full blast so get ready for it and enjoy the ride! Take deep breaths too because it may be a bit nervewracking. It’s okay to be sad about a project ending after you’ve but so much into it. This ending means you get the chance to start something new.

Capricorn, overall this month, enjoy where you’re at, prepare for where you’re going and remember that beginnings and endings are all part of the circle of life.

The Best Crystal for Capricorn This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Black Onyx

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Aquarius, this month, stick to your New Years resolutions especially your exercise related ones, even if you’re feeling lazy. You are in a really wonderful place with your work routine and relationship space right now so enjoy them!

Aquarius, in love and relationships, taking care of yourself and your health are even more important than romance this month and may even make you feel better then romantic dates. An amazing romantic connection may pop up later in the month and you will be much more ready to pursue it if you put your self-care first early in the month.

Aquarius, in work and career, you are in a great place; just make sure you stay disciplined with regarding goals; that will put you one-step closer to making sure you achieve them. Now is the perfect time to really buckle down and pursue those career goals.

Aquarius, overall this month, prioritize your health and self-care, expect some new opportunities in love and really go get-em in your career field.

The Best Crystal for Aquarius This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Red Jasper

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Pisces, this month you may find you receive advice from someone with a lot more experience than you do; make sure you take it and thank them no matter what area of your life that adviceis for. You’ll be feeling pretty energetic this month so make sure you put that to good use and you’ll be amazed what you can get done.

Pisces, in the area of love and relationships, listen to your inner wisdom and ask yourself, are they right for you? Is this working? Is this a relationship you want to invest tons of time and emotion building up? Give yourself plenty of time to find what is right for you and make sure you set aside time for rejuvenation and self-care.

Pisces, at work, you have a talent for recognizing good advice and good sources for that advice; put it to use. Your creativity is really flowing this month so make sure you have a good outlet for it.

Pisces, overall this month, listen to good advice when you hear it including your own inner wisdom, evaluate what you want and put your skills to good use.

The Best Crystal for Pisces This Month

The crystal of the month for you is Rainbow Fluorite

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Lauren Claire Wolfgram

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Lauren Claire Wolfgram

Lauren Claire Wolfgram is a horoscope diva, artist and teacher at the Zen Rose Garden Global Personal Development Center. She loves to explore both the traditional Western Zodiac and the Chinese Zodiac. She also loves to sing, loves Anime, K-Pop and performs as a member of her K-Pop dance group in Las Vegas. She holds a B.A. in Art and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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