"I Deserve It All"– 3 Ways to Actually Believe This is True

“I Deserve It All”– 3 Ways to Actually Believe This is True

by Will Aylward

My heart melted the first time I saw him in real life. He looked like a tiny angel. Although he was asleep, I couldn’t resist cautiously picking him up and holding him in my arms for a long overdue cuddle. He had that new-baby-smell. This boy is perfect, I thought to myself as I kissed his forehead and whispered softly ‘’welcome to the world, little man’’.

Oliver is my nephew and arrived in the World in April. I struggle to put my feelings towards him into words, this is a new level of love for me. Whilst holding him during our first meeting, it felt as though time stood still, as I enjoyed feeling the gentle rise and fall of his tiny chest against mine. Thoughts came to me like;

‘’You are wonderful’’. ‘’You are one of a kind’’. ‘’You deserve it all, kiddo’’.

If you’re lucky enough to have children in your life, these feelings and thoughts of pure adoration won’t be unfamiliar to you. However, if you’re like most people, it’s unlikely feelings and thoughts of pure adoration towards yourself will be familiar. Most of us (unconsciously) limit the amount of love, success, happiness, and money we experience in our life.

But why? We live in a world of absolute Abundance. Are we not all worthy and deserving of the abundance of life? I believe we are. However, when you think about the limiting messages we hear growing up, it’s no wonder we would begin to restrict what we receive.

Did you ever hear things like this? Love yourself, but don’t be arrogant. All good things must come to an end. Don’t be greedy. On top of the limiting messages we hear growing up, the situations and events we experience in our early years shape our beliefs too.

The child born into poverty, making sense of why some classmates have more than him, will falsely conclude ‘’oh, I mustn’t deserve money or nice things then’’.

The child who is deprived of love or mistreated will falsely conclude ‘’oh, I mustn’t deserve love then’’.

Experts believe by the age of seven, we have formed our view of the world. This suggests, unconsciously, right now, we are walking around living by beliefs we formed as children before the age of 7.

No wonder we can find ourselves stuck:

we are living life from the limiting beliefs we created in our childhood.

So how then do we install this powerful truth that we deserve it all?

Here are 3 ideas:

1. Affirm ‘’I deserve it all’ to yourself constantly

Our subconscious mind learns through repetition so to install any new belief we must affirm it time and time again. The easiest way to do this is simply to think to yourself ‘’I deserve it all’’. Anytime you notice a gap between your thoughts, say to yourself ‘’I deserve it all’’. Say this to yourself before going into an important meeting. Say this when you wake up and when you close your eyes last thing at night.

There may be some resistance to accepting this affirmation, but this is only a sign to continue rather than stop! Trust in time and through repetition, your brilliant mind will absorb and believe the affirmation. Because your mind doesn’t care whether a statement is true, false, helpful or unhelpful, it just accepts. Just imagine how powerful you will feel, living your life-affirming this to yourself? How more empowering than the usual nonsensical doubts and fears we tend to think about!

Another great way to affirm this belief (or any other belief for that matter) is to have it written down and on display. I like to personalize both my phone and laptop’s background screens by displaying powerful affirming words. Imagine the number of times you glance at just your phone screen alone on a daily basis.

You can also write on post-it notes and make them visible at various places around your home and place of work.

2. Receive openly and with gratitude

Whether you wish to feel more deserving of Love, success, happiness, money or all of them, invite more into your life by receiving openly and with gratitude. Decide from now, you’ll place no limits on what you are willing to have in your life.

Bring to mind a picture of you when you were a baby. When you were a new addition to the world. When you were tiny, unique and adorable. As you imagine this little you, could you ever imagine placing limits on what this perfect being deserves? Of course not. You’re here for a reason. You are a child of the Universe. You deserve it all.

As well as receiving openly, appreciate what you have now as this will make it easier for more abundance to show up in your life.

What we appreciate grows.

When someone pays you a loving compliment, rather than rejecting it, just say ‘’thank you’’. When a golden opportunity presents itself, welcome it with open arms and tell yourself ‘’I deserve this’’.

3. Ask yourself – what would the person who believes they deserve it all, do?

This idea is about acting in ways someone who truly believes they deserve it all would. Affirming to yourself ‘’I deserve it all’’ is a powerful start: coupled with aligned action and you’ll soon be living this truth.

Our most over-looked power is the power of choice. The truth is, right now, at this moment we can begin to make different choices. Choices about how to wish to show up in the world. Choices about who we spend our precious time. Choices about how we live our days, and ultimately life.

If you ever feel stuck, at a crossroads, ask yourself this question.

What would the person who believes they deserve it all do?

Your answers might just lead to different choices. At the end of the day, remember this…

Love, success, happiness & money: You deserve it all.

Will Aylward

about the author

Will Aylward

Will helps people around the world to feel more confident, calm, and fulfilled, without them having to fake it. He is a Coach, Hypnotherapist, Writer and the Author of Becoming Unstuck: Your Step by Step Guide to Taking Charge of Your Life.


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