How to Step Into Healthy Expressions of Our Masculine and Feminine with Alpha Tribe

How to Step Into Healthy Expressions of Our Masculine and Feminine with Alpha Tribe

by Christal Fuentes

Christal sits down with the beautiful men of Alpha Tribe to discuss the “new rules” of relationships – how masculine and feminine energies play into relationships – ways to step into healthy expressions of our masculine and feminine energies – keeping passion alive when dynamics change in relationships –  and how to discuss sexual issues with your partner.

Ok ladies, you are in for a REAL treat today. It’s time to bring some masculine energy into this space. I’m not talking about the toxic masculine energy that is masked as “Manly.”

… or you know, the patriarchal society as we know it to be now. (wounded masculinity)

We are talking beautiful, divine and powerful masculinity with three men whose life work is to uncover their divinity through authentic expression.

The first time I experienced Alpha Tribe was at a Sheila Kelley event. (She is my next dream guest on Talk. Listen. Change. by the way ladies and someone I’d love to have guest at one of our future events!)

I digress…

There was a part of the event where she had a group of very masculine men come so women can experience the safety and protection of the healthy masculine. At this event the women were able to express themselves fully. Whether that was to dance, to cry, to be held, to be angry, and the the presence of these men were neutral and safe.

They were there without judgment and allowed every single woman to be “seen.” Presence is a powerful force ladies. I think presence is the single key to re-establishing attraction and intimacy in relationships. Now, I’m not talking about an empty stare. Or a “uh-huh… I’m listening.” I’m talking about a soulful presence.

A presence that says: I see you. I hear you. I understand where you are coming from. And even if I don’t know the extent of your pain, you can trust that I will be here to protect you now.

That’s exactly what these beautiful men did at the event for these women. Now, just to preface, many of these women were very untrusting of men, rightfully so, because of past traumatic events. Events where the “wounded masculine” betrayed their trust. From the outside, it didn’t seem like these men had to do much to gain the trust of the women in this room, but standing in full presence is not easy. Presence is knowing who you are and not being afraid of what could come. Not being triggered.

These masculine men were not afraid of the tears, the hurt, the anger and of full expression of our sexuality. They stood firmly in who they were with an open heart and the women in the room could feel the love beaming out from them. Hence the reason they felt so trusting.

I think it’s very important to make the distinction between the masculine, which is healthy and protective, versus a wounded masculine which will hurt others when they are in pain.

I heard these men were going to be coming to do a practice with us, and I honestly didn’t think twice about it. I heard some women in the class before us say it was really hard for them but I didn’t even think to ask why.

I guess because I grew up with very healthy masculine presences around me. I grew up feeling completely protected by the men in my life, so I thankfully didn’t have trust issues with “men” or the masculine energy in general. Notice, I say men and masculine as separate entities because they are ladies. Masculine and feminine are not confined to gender. They are an energetic presence in all of us. Of course there is a CORE energy within us all but just because someone is a man does not mean their core has to be masculine. This is actually something we will be discussing more at The Art of Relationships event!

So, I walk into the room completely confident and excited to learn what the practice was going to be about. These guys walked in and something shifted in me…

My stomach dropped and all of the sudden, I felt afraid.


What happened? I’ve never experienced that before. I instantly felt like I wanted to crawl in a hole. But why?!

This feeling started a whole piece of my healing journey after the event, some of which I discussed in a past episode on Emotional Triggers. All I will say, my discovery lead my to the wounded masculine that was living within. Something I had to get to the root of, because I truly believe, a wounded masculine will restrict that beautiful feminine within you ladies. The only person hero is YOU.

Only when we heal the masculine will we set the feminine free. And vice-versa.

Today, we discuss this concept a bit deeper but we also go into:

  • The “new rules” of relationships
  • How to keep the passion alive with dynamics in relationships change
  • How to know if we are in a healthy expression of the masculine or feminine
  • What the Alpha Tribe thinks is killing relationships these days
  • How we can all step up in healthy ways in today’s cultural climate
  • What the divine masculine and feminine really means
  • The #1 thing men would like to tell the women they love
  • How to approach discussing sexual issues with your partner

… and so much more.

I can’t wait to introduce these beautiful men to you ladies. Please let us know what you thought of today’s episode and if you have a partner that is interested in growing or you would like to dive in deeper.

Without further ado, meet Justin, Michael, and David!


Founder of Sacred, Justin Patrick Pierce works with veteran and up-and-coming spiritual teachers, authors and facilitators to help them master their craft and bring their work to the world. As an international intimacy teacher and co-author of the best-selling book, The Awakened Woman’s Guide to Everlasting Love, Justin offers workshops, talks and private trainings for men and women around the world to help them overcome challenges in relationship, master the embodiments of polarity, and simultaneously pursue a life of purpose and love inside of long-term relationship. He teaches with his intimate partner, business partner and best friend, Londin Angel Winters.

For more information on working with Justin visit:


Combining training modalities from martial art, meditation, eastern philosophy, traditional western fitness, energetic polarity training, masculine/feminine archetypal embodiment, and breath work, Michael’s system is a revolutionary practice designed to empower one to identify, confront, and move beneath one’s perceptual conditioning, and ultimately, build a life that is aligned with the desires of one’s deepest heart.


His mission is to destroy the separation between business and spiritual practice. He weaves together ancient spiritual modalities and pragmatic business systems into what he calls the “Third Way”—not hiding on the mountaintop, nor losing oneself in the marketplace, but inhabiting both fully.

You can read more about his work at:


The Alpha Tribe host events and workshops! I always get asked by my ladies if I there are any men coaches… well here they are babes!! Make sure you check their work out! Coming up this November, they will be holding a weekend intensive for men.

Alpha Rising: Men’s Weekend Intensive November 3rd-4th – Topanga, CA

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Christal Fuentes

Christal is the Founder of The Ladies Coach. She lives and breathes her belief which is that you can’t find fulfillment in life without mastering the art of relationships.


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